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Serenity stared at the man standing before her in complete shock. Sweet Selene, he looked just like Diana. "Nephew?"

Milliardo gave her a small bow and a hesitant smile. "Aunt Serenity, I presume."

She rushed to him, not caring that she was a mess. Her hair was still down from her night's rest, and she was dressed only in a simple white healer's shift. She embraced him tightly to her, and only pulled away when she felt him stiffen. "What's wrong, nephew?"

"My daughter," he replied without emotion. "What is your verdict?"

Serenity frowned and sighed. God, it was too fucking early for this, and she hadn't even had her coffee yet. This trait was one her daughter shared with her; they were not morning people in the slightest. "We'll talk, I promise. Come with me."


"Heard you got your ass handed to you," a feminine voice said softly from the shadows.

"Who in the hell is there?" Hyler snapped. He raised his head to look, but it hurt to do so. He gasped when the former Queen Relena stepped out and gave him a mocking little bow. "You. What do you want? And for that matter, how in the hell did you get in here?"

Relena shrugged. "I dated Heero Yuy for several years, Hyler. You learn a few things when you live with a well-trained soldier. As for what I want… I want to help you." She frowned when he laughed at her. "I require Heero, though, as payment."

"Payment!" Hyler laughed even harder at the idea.

"Yes," Relena replied, an obvious edge to her voice. "Payment."


Ami's eyes opened at the feel of a warm mouth against her own. She slowly responded to the kiss, and felt him jump in surprise. "Morning," she chuckled, when he pulled away.

"Morning," he replied, with obvious pleasure. Damn, he'd only given in to the urge to kiss her because he thought she'd been asleep. He blinked in surprise when the blue-haired genius raised her head a little and brushed her lips against his. Well, it was no longer just morning. It was a good morning. "How's the leg? I already called for the queen."

"It hurts," she admitted. She drew back the quilt and noted with relief that Wufei had possessed the sense to cover it with treated gauze so the burn wouldn't stick to any cloth. "And I'm running a fever. That's normal," she added, when his brow furrowed with concern. "Thank you, Wufei," she said with a blush. "I know I can be stubborn sometimes."

"Sometimes?" He snorted. In his experience, she was stubborn all the time. He bent his head to kiss her again, and slipped his tongue into her mouth when she opened to him willingly.

"Did you want a healer, or do you need some private time first?" A quiet voice asked, jerking them both away from each other. Queen Serenity noted Ami's blush with amusement before approaching the bed.

"Your Highness, sorry," the doctor chuckled. "I didn't hear you knock."

"I didn't," Serenity laughed. She carefully removed the gauze around Ami's leg, and didn't hesitate to begin the healing. The skin was scarred when she pulled her hand away, but it was mended. "Sorry, you know I can't do much of anything about burn scars."

Ami nodded. "I know, it's alright."

Wufei noted the flash of self-consciousness on her face when she covered her leg with the blanket, but kept his mouth shut. She'd be beautiful even if she was covered in scars.


Michiru gasped with pleasure at the feel of a soft mouth against her throat. "Three times wasn't enough last night, Ruka?" She chuckled.

"Never enough," the guard mumbled against her breast. "If I didn't have to meet Serenity in the war room in ten minutes…"

"Well, then, I suggest you don't start anything that you can't finish." Michiru grinned at her when Haruka raised her head.

"Fine," she sputtered. She rolled off of her girlfriend and started to get dressed in normal street clothes. Her guard uniform had been ruined during the battle, as had Michiru's, so they would be wearing whatever they could find until new ones could be made. She eyed Michiru appreciatively when the other guard stood and stretched like a cat. "Mich, get some clothes on," Haruka said roughly.

She grinned mischeviously. "What, Ruka? You don't like looking at me naked?" She teased.

"I like it too much. And we're going to be an hour late if you stay naked much longer."

"An hour, huh? Think pretty highly of yourself, there, don't you?" Michiru put on a sports bra and shrugged into a simple dress. "Have you seen my underwear?"

Haruka grinned. "Better find a new pair, love. I kind of destroyed those last night."

Michiru had the grace to blush, and slid a new pair up her long legs. She did it a lot slower than necessary, drawing a gaze of longing from her girlfriend. Gods, how long had she waited for Haruka to look at her like that? Months? Years? Forever? "Ruka, I love you," she said quietly.

Haruka's gaze softened at the sight of Michiru's face. "Love you too, beautiful."


Duo slipped back into the cot he'd shared with Usagi overnight and snuggled up to her.

One of the guards had tried to make him separate from her when he'd pushed his cot up against hers, but Duo had drawn his gun and threatened the guard's life if he didn't fuck off. He was a healer, he had every right to be sleeping with the healers, and he'd also pointed out that no one else in that room would be better suited to protecting the princess.

Usagi had simply rolled her eyes while Duo unbraided his hair and told the guards to just go away. She'd explained that Duo had a long day, and that it was hardly the end of the world if he wanted to sleep close to her. It was also quite impossible for anything inappropriate to happen while they were sleeping in a room full of hundreds of people. She hadn't argued when Duo yanked her against him and buried his face in her hair possessively. She'd used her light to soothe his temper before they'd both drifted off to sleep.

"Where did you go?" She asked sleepily.

"Meeting with the others," he yawned. "We're all going back today. Don't worry, you're still coming with us."

"Why didn't you wake me?" Usagi groaned. "Mother must have been so mad."

Duo shook his head and made little circles along her back with his fingertips. "No, I told her you were drained from all the healing, and that I'd fill you in on everything. She actually thanked me for my concern for you," he snorted. "The Princess Guards will stay for now to set up defenses and join us later. Your mother will contact you, Zechs, or Rei telepathically if there's an attack, and we'll immediately teleport back here to help defend against it. She wants you girls all trained in flying the mobile suits, and Rei needs to get back home. She had a dream that the Prof is doing something in one of her barns."

"We're taking the fight to them, aren't we?"

"Yeah. Too many civilians here. Everyone's trained to fight, but we don't want a huge battle on our hands when there could be young children and elderly people in the line of fire." He sat back up and started unloading all of his guns on the blanket before pulling out the small kit he used to clean them.

Usagi sat up and chuckled at the sight of all of those guns. "You know, Duo, your power is a lot more effective than any gun."

"Yeah, but I don't use it like a reflex yet. Guns, I do. The gun is like a part of my body, and I can draw it quickly and fire even faster. With extremely good accuracy, too. My powers… I have to concentrate on those. There's a delay before I can unleash them, three times as long as it would take me to pull and fire a gun. I'll continue training as a Saturn, but for now, I'll put my faith in my weapons."

"Spoken like a Maxwell," Rei snorted, and plopped down next to her brother. She plucked one of his guns from the blanket, and soon they were both moving in synch with each other, unloading, cleaning, oiling, and reloading.

"You riding with Heero?" Duo asked.

"Of course. Why, you wanted your sissy to ride with you?" Rei giggled.

Duo winked at her as his hands did their familiar task without him even needing to look. "I was hoping a certain moonrabbit would join me."

Usagi finally spoke; she'd been watching their duet with fascination. Sweet Selene, they really could be twins. "Sure. I think we're all too weak to teleport, anyway, and I wouldn't want to ask anyone else to help us raise the required power."

"You'll have to sit on his lap or stand just behind the seat in the cockpit," Rei informed her. "The Deathscythe, Zero, and Heavyarms' cockpits are all too small to really support passengers.

Usagi chuckled. "I take it that certain girls are riding with certain guys, then?"

Rei shook her head crossly. "No, apparently Trowa and Minako are… I don't know what it is," she admitted. "Mako's riding with her brother, and Mina's gonna ride with Quatre. You should have seen Wufei's face when Ami suggested she take a shuttle. I think she's nervous about being alone with him."

Usagi laughed. "That's just her way. I heard about what happened last night and this morning. Mother walked in on them kissing. She'll likely try and avoid him now, out of fear of getting too close to a man."


"I thought I'd come and say goodbye," Rei said softly.

Hiroto turned and regarded his granddaughter solemnly. "You'll be coming back soon, right?" He'd known this day was going to come, but there had been no way to prepare him for it.

Rei nodded, and hugged him to her tightly. "I'll come back as soon as I can, I promise. And if there's another attack, the other princesses and I will teleport here to help. For now, though, here." She pressed a communicator into his hand, and pointed to a green button. "It's untraceable, and bounces its signals off of satellites. You'll be able to see me and talk to me anytime you want to. Wufei, too."

Grandfather Hino beamed. "Thank you, child. Where is your cousin, anyway?"

Rei rolled her eyes and snorted. "Trying to woo Ami-chan. Apparently she's been skittish since this morning. At least it's entertaining."

"You'll call me when he finally gets a piece, right?" He grinned when Rei just gaped at him.

"Grandpa!" She shrieked. "God, you're such a pervert!"


"So, how long until we land?" Rei asked, just after they'd taken off.

"A few hours," Heero said simply.

"Well, I have an idea, if you're game." She grinned when he winked at her. "You had the same idea, I take it?"

Heero pushed a few buttons, and the screen informed him that all incoming calls were blocked. "Now… just how are we going to christen my Gundam?"

Rei rose up and straddled him. "Well, I figured the Zero had about as much room as the Hell, so…" she leaned down and nibbled his ear before dropping her voice to a whisper. "…I didn't wear any underwear." She gasped with pleasure when hiked up her skirt, and she quickly took care of his pants. "Ah, I see the Perfect Soldier also had the foresight to go commando."

Heero gave her his trademark smirk before lowering her onto him. "Great minds think alike."


"HEY! Get your hands off my brother!"

Usagi and Duo both jumped and turned their heads towards the vidscreen before erupting into laughter. "Did you hack my system, baby sister?" The pilot of Hell asked with a grin.

"Actually, no, Heero did," she replied with a grin. "We thought we would see what… or who… you were doing."

Duo snorted. "No, I'm being a good boy," he replied with a roll of his eyes. "I tried to call you earlier, but you were blocking incomings, Heero."

"I was busy," Heero replied flatly.

Duo waggled his eyebrows. "Doing what, might I ask?"

"Your sister." Heero's eyes danced with laughter when Duo dramatically gagged and Usagi giggled against his shoulder.

"For three hours, dude?" Duo gagged again when Heero simply nodded and his sister blushed. "God, Yuy, you're a fucking animal."

Rei trailed her hand down Heero's chest and smiled dreamily. "Yeah, he is."

"What, you want some more?" He nipped at her neck when her hand travelled a little lower, just out of Duo's view.

"Alright, that's enough!" Duo whined.

"Just fucking with you, brother!" Rei said with a grin.

"I wasn't," Heero stated, and swung Rei over to straddle him again before pushing the button that cut off all calls.

Duo was grateful to see them disappear from his screen, and buried his face against Usagi's shoulder. "Hold me, moonrabbit, I think I'm scarred for life."

Usagi continued to laugh, as she had been during most of the exchange. "Aw, poor Duo. What can I do to make it better?"

"You could give me a kiss," he mumbled against her.

"Not a chance."


"You guys wanna break it up and pay attention!" Duo snapped.

Rei turned her head to look at the screen and Heero peeked around her to see what was going on. "Oh, fuck," she gasped, when she saw the radar. It was blinking brightly with dozens of dots, and they were quickly closing in on them. She slid out of Heero's lap, grateful that they'd only been kissing, and moved to get out of his way.

"Yeah, oh fuck is right, baby sister. Better hang onto something."

"Holy Mother, I hate this part," she grumbled. She assumed the position she'd learned from flying with Duo, and sat on the floor behind the cockpit chair, linking her legs around the bars underneath it. "Do you thing, Heero, I won't get hurt even if we have to go vertical." Well, not hurt badly, anyway. If he went straight up fast enough, she'd hit the floor with just as much force when he righted the Zero, but she'd been through it before.

Rei wished she could see the screen; she was just itching to get into the fight when it started, but she didn't want to distract Heero from piloting. At least his flying was a bit smoother than her brother's. She flew around a bit and even lost her hold on the bars for a split second when they unexpectedly went vertical, but she could tell he was trying his best not to injure his passenger. "How are we doing?" She finally asked.

"Fine," he said unemotionally. It wasn't like a few dozen mobile suits were any match for five Gundams, but they were certainly fast. He sliced through another Taurus like it was hot butter, and for the first time in several minutes, found himself without an opponent. "Hell, are we all clear?"

"Yeah, buddy, I think we're kosher."


"We're good. Mako's a bit banged up, but she'll be alright."

Heero nodded, and gave his sister a tiny smirk. She had some bruises on her arms and shoulders, but she looked more annoyed than injured. "Sandrock?"

"Thanks, Zero, we're good."

"Altron?" Heero turned his Gundam to find the Altron not too far from him. It seemed fine, but Wufei wasn't responding. "Altron!" He snapped.

"What, Zero!" Wufei answered angrily.

He blinked at first, not immediately sure why Wufei was answering verbally, but had yet to show his face. Heero heard Ami chuckle in the background and tried not to laugh. "Well, as you were, then."

"Shut the fuck up, Yuy."


The girls all gratefully stretched once they landed at Rei's base, having been graciously allowed to swing down before the pilots. Usagi immediately healed Makoto's bruises, which had been inflicted from Trowa being forced to move the Heavyarms quickly to dodge an incoming missile. The princess of Jupiter hadn't been hanging onto anything when it had happened, and had rolled around in the cockpit for a few moments.

Ami blushed when the other girls grinned knowingly at her. Her hair was disheveled, her shirt was wrinkled, and she had what suspiciously looked like a love bite on her shoulder.

"So, how far did you get?" Minako asked conspiratorially.

The doctor huffed a little and rolled her eyes. "Is it really any of your business, Mina-chan?"

"As the princess of love and beauty, it most certainly is," she stated firmly. She crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot impatiently when Ami didn't answer right away.

"Second base," she finally sighed. "Satisfied?"

Minako frowned. "No, I was hoping to hear that you'd christened the Altron."

"Heero and I christened the Zero," Rei offered with a wink.

"See, now that's the kind of initiative I'm talking about!" The Venusian said with a grin and a friendly slap to Rei's back. "How about you, Usa?"

Usagi just laughed at her. "Seriously, Mina-chan? My mother would beat me three different shades of black and blue!"

"Ok, fine, Usagi is exempt," Mina sighed. "Damn it, no one ever lets me play matchmaker," she grumbled.

"Because you suck at it," Makoto chuckled. "Not your fault, though, maybe that has something to do with not completing the—"

"Shut up, Mako!" Mina suddenly fumed. For a moment, she looked like she was going to beat her friend senseless.

"Hey, guys, let's not start this. The guys are coming," Usagi said firmly.

Rei kissed Heero when he landed, and took the bundle he was holding. "Thanks, sexy man." She held the black bundle out to Duo. "Put this on every morning. You can only take it off in the house, understood?"

Shinigami sputtered and glared at his sister when he unfolded the bulletproof vest. "What the shit is this, Rei!" He hissed at her. "I don't need a bulletproof vest! It's… it's cowardly!"

"I saw it in the sacred flame," she said just as quietly. "If you're not wearing that, you'll die."

"Bullshit." He shoved it back into her hands and stomped away when she tried to give it back.

"I'll talk to him," Usagi offered.

Rei nodded sadly. "Just not outside, Usagi. In the house. In the vision, it happened outside." She closed her eyes again, and saw her brother fall, saw Usagi pull the gun from his body and shoot the assassin. "Inside," she repeated.

"Understood, Rei-chan."


Zechs sighed with relief when he touched the Epyon down on Rei's base, and stored it in a hangar. He immediately headed to the house to see his wife, and grinned when he grabbed her from behind, making her jump.

"How many years has it been," Noin grumbled, "and you can still sneak up on me? It's simply not fair, you know." Then she realized why Zechs had left in the first place, and ran a hand protectively over her flat stomach. "What did she say?"

"Aunt Serenity said that she won't take the child, that she could simply never do that to kin." Zechs buried his face in her hair for a moment and breathed in the smell of her, the smell of home. "I was made to understand, though, that if she develops her Plutonian powers, there would be a major issue."

Noin nodded, and relaxed against his hard chest. "At least we won't have to worry about that for a few years. We can train her in whatever else she has, Moon, Mercury, or Uranus, and just never tell her about the rest."

"My thoughts exactly."

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