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"That dream sounded pretty interesting."

Rei rolled over and shook her head, snuggling against Heero after looking at the clock. It was only three-thirty damn it, she didn't need to be up for another half-hour, and she was milking it for all it was worth. "Don't remember much of it," she lied.

Heero sighed. This was getting old, and fast. She did know that he knew she was lying, right? And having little to no tolerance for liars, he was being pretty fucking patient, considering that this had gone on for a few days. "Rei, what was the dream about?"

The princess of Mars mumbled something incoherent and just buried her face in his chest.

"I know you're awake, Rei," he said flatly. "Was the dream about me?"

She sighed and nodded a little. "You were in it, yes."

"But it wasn't about me?"

"Yes and no."

"Are you going to tell me about it?"

Rei finally rose up on her elbow and regarded him as seriously as she could at three-thirty in the morning after only four hours of sleep. "No," she finally answered, after a long moment. "It's not something you should worry about," she continued. "It really isn't. So could you please just drop it and let me go back to sleep?"

Heero frowned, but nodded. "I don't like you keeping things from me, Rei," he told her flatly. "You'll tell me soon?"

"And I don't like keeping things from you. I'll tell you eventually, I promise. I just don't want to talk about it, and I'm tired, damn it," she finished with a hint of a whine.

"Fine," Heero huffed. "Just don't lie to me anymore, alright?" His expression gentled a little when she wrapped an arm around him and kissed his neck. "It's really nothing bad, right?"

"Pht. You're so paranoid, Yuy. It's nothing bad, I swear. I just don't want to talk about it, ok? Now shut the fuck up and let me sleep for the rest of my half hour," she ordered tiredly.


"Where do you think you're going?"

Ami blushed and tipped her head towards the door while she searched for her panties. "We wanted to keep this a secret for a while, right? I thought I'd better head back to my own room."

"Bullshit," Wufei snorted. "Get your ass back in bed, woman."

"But Wufei, what if someone walks in?"

The Altron pilot regarded her seriously for a moment, then cracked a smile. "I thought you were supposed to be a genius, Ami." When she simply gave him a puzzled look, he leaned forward and whispered, "lock the door."

"Oh." Ami turned crimson at the thought of such a simple solution, and did as he suggested before crawling back into his bed. "I should have thought of that, sorry."

Wufei chuckled good-naturedly and rolled her on top of him. "It's alright, it just means that I've fucked you stupid. I'm pretty proud of that."

Ami smiled a little, and timidly stroked his chest, still in awe of the fact that she'd finally taken the plunge with a man… and not just any man, but with the most sensual male she'd ever laid eyes on. And besides being in awe of that fact, she was more than just a little in awe of the man, himself.

"You alright?" He asked with a touch of worry. God, please don't let her be upset with me. He nearly let out a loud sigh of relief when she smiled shyly and gave a tiny nod. That shyness was just one of the things about her that was ridiculously attractive; he was determined to enjoy it as long as possible before it faded due to familiarity.

Wufei ran his hands through her short blue hair when she laid her head on his chest, that tiny smile still on her face. "You're perfect, you know that?"

Ami giggled. "And you're so full of shit your eyes are turning brown," she teased. She relaxed, stretching out, completely flush against that wonderfully hard body, as his hands began to trail up and down her back. She gasped when something hard suddenly pressed against her thigh.

"Sorry," Wufei grumbled, "I know you're too sore."

Ami's eyes softened and she shook her head. "No, it's not that. It's just that everything I learned in psychology about sex seems to be grossly incorrect. Most men shouldn't be ready to go again that quickly."

"Quickly? It's been five hours, woman."

"Yes, but we—" She felt her face grow hot in embarrassment. "—I mean, six times in one night, Wufei? That's superhuman, or something. You should be recorded in a medical journal. How could you possibly want more after last night?"

Wufei grinned at her unintentional comment and slid her up his chest a little to rub against her. "I always want you," he said flatly. He smiled lazily when she looked up at him, her face beet red.

"Oh." Ami simply didn't know what else to say to such a bold statement, and found herself wanting to give in to him, despite the ache between her legs. She lifted her hips just a little, and joined their bodies slowly. "And now?" She whispered.

"Always," he repeated, taking her hips in his hands as she began to move. "You're not too sore?"

Ami nodded a little. "I'm sore, yes. But this feels good more than it hurts," she replied shyly. "Just go slow."

"Woman, I'll gladly do whatever you want."


Quatre was growing frustrated with Makoto. He'd kissed her a few a times since their return from Okinawa, but she had grown skittish lately. She'd avoided being alone with him, and while she had eagerly returned his kisses, she grew timid whenever he'd tried to go a little further. God, he wanted her so badly it felt like his head was going to explode. He had never been one to give over to lust, but that busty Amazon was turning him into a sex-starved beast.

And she seemed oblivious to it, too. Quatre wasn't going to label her as a cocktease, because he had only realized that morning that she was likely a virgin. It fit, since she was dodging his advances at every turn, but how in the hell could such a gorgeous creature still be untouched? He sighed with longing as he took a sip of the strong coffee that Rei had brewed for all the early-risers that helped her with the milking and the chickens.

"You alright, Q-man?" Duo asked. He strode into the kitchen, poured a cup of java, and since Heero wasn't in the room, he drank it black. "God, this is diesel fuel," he sputtered, and hurried to put a couple spoonfuls of sugar in it. He noted that Quatre had ignored him, and flicked his braid behind his back. "So, what's wrong? Looks like love to me."

The pilot of Sandrock glanced up at Duo and shook his head. "You wouldn't understand," he said gloomily.

"Why not? I'm having my own troubles, if you hadn't noticed." It certainly wasn't like Usagi had noticed his advances. Ok, fine. She'd totally noticed, she was just hell-bent on ignoring them.

"Yeah, but you're enjoying the chase." Quatre took a sip of his drink and knew he was right when he saw Duo wearing a little smirk. "See?"

"Ok, I'll admit, it is pretty fun chasing Usa's skirt. It'll just be that much better when I finally make that little moon princess all mine." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, and smiled privately when he made Quatre smile, just as he'd intended. "Just think of how wonderful it'll be when she gives in to you, Q-man."

"I can't seem to get more than a few little kisses here and there," he admitted. "Then she suddenly realizes something she had to do, or finds another excuse to run away."

"Seduce her, Quatre." Duo stepped up and gave him a friendly punch to the shoulder. "Dude, you're one of the ballsiest motherfuckers I've ever known." After the episode with Quatre flying Wing Zero, it was true. "You may seem all soft and sweet on the outside, but on the inside, you're fucking hardcore. Show her that, and she won't run. I guarantee it."

"What if I come on too strong, and she gets freaked out? I don't want to hurt her, Duo. I really care for this girl."

Duo rolled his eyes and sat down at the table across from him. "Listen to me, man. If she balks at the He-Man thing, you can always apologize and say you couldn't help yourself, that she's just so damn beautiful that you got caught up in the moment. Chicks eat that shit up."

While Quatre couldn't stand Duo's attitude about women half the time, he had to admit that his friend was right. If it didn't work, he could back out gracefully with a compliment, by way of an apology. Mako had wandered off after they'd finished their morning chores, so he figured he'd just go find her. "Thanks, Duo," Quatre said.

"Anytime, man. And if you get any ideas that might help me get my little moonrabbit, I'm all ears." He noted the glint of resolve in Quatre's eyes when the other man nodded at him, and grinned with pleasure. "Somebody's getting laid tonight!" He said with glee, once he heard Quatre close the front door behind him.

He sighed after a minute. "Wish it was me." While the other guys assumed his chasing of the moon princess was only to put another notch in his belt, his intentions were quite the opposite. Something about her smile, her laugh, her quirkiness, made him ache to hold her, to keep her safe. It was alright, though, it didn't matter what everyone else thought, so long as Usagi knew his feelings for her were genuine. Somehow, he just had to make her realize that.

Quatre went around the house to the back steps, which led down into the basement and the rooms that the guys were quartered in. He took a fast shower, since he'd been out with the animals all morning, and threw on some fresh clothes. Nothing fancy, just a white button-down shirt that accentuated his physique and a pair of black slacks. He studied himself in the mirror. He was no longer that skinny blonde fourteen year old from AC 195. He'd prided himself on taking care of his body, just as the other pilots had, and he'd grown into a man that any woman would drool over. "Alright, Mako," he said to his reflection, "mission accepted."

He found her in the barn closest to the house, which Rei had set up as a small gym. Makoto was going to work on the heavy bag, and judging by the way she'd just kicked it, something was really bothering her. Quatre studied his prey quietly, the way she moved, the sweat that was dripping down her face, her neck, then trailing down into the shadows of her sports bra. Wow, he thought, as his eyes travelled down her body, noting that she probably wasn't wearing any underwear beneath that very small pair of workout shorts. He slipped his hands into his pockets when she turned and glared at him. "What?"

"Nothing you did," she managed, and gave the bag one more punch for good measure, hitting it so hard that it smacked the wall behind it. Makoto bit the Velcro holding on her black fighting gloves, and yanked it back roughly. "Duo made a few comments when I was coming in from the barn, and I thought I'd blow off some steam." She shoved her gloves in her gym bag with a huff. The workout had only managed to rile her even further.

Duo? Why hadn't he mentioned that before? Quatre suddenly smelled something fishy, but wasn't about to voice his suspicions. "What did he say?" He didn't have to ask again when she blushed fiercely and shook her head in response. Apparently he'd touched on the very subject Quatre had come out here to address. "Feel like taking it out on a male?" He offered, and slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

"Huh?" She asked in alarm, and fought not to back away from him. However, Makoto couldn't force her eyes from him as his shirt slowly opened, baring his skin. He was a lot more muscular than she'd imagined, and when he removed the shirt and draped it over a leg machine, she licked her lips at the sight of his bulging arms, his rippling back.

He smiled just a little bit while his back was to her. Apparently she wasn't the only one with sex on the brain, if she'd taken his offer to spar the wrong way. He could feel her little flutter of arousal as she checked him out. Maybe he should have tried this sooner. "I meant, would you like to try some hand-to-hand with another person? I find it helps relieve stress." So do other things, he added silently.

"Oh. Of course that's what you meant," she said quickly. She wiped off the sweat, and threw her towel over a bench. "What style do you prefer?"

Missionary. Quatre shrugged, and turned to face her, moving to the mats on the floor. "Surprise me. I'll try to counter with whatever you throw at me."

"Ok, pretty boy," she said lightly, suddenly switching from deer in the headlights to confident fighter. "You asked for it." She was tall, and had always favored using her legs when fighting, then switching to holds and punches once she had her opponent on the ground. But Quatre was four inches taller than her, so she would have to resort to low sweeps and kicks. She had to admit to herself that it was refreshing to have a man that was taller than her for once. She always hated being taller than her previous boyfriends and it was usually what ended most of her relationships. She reveled in the sudden thought that she could actually wear heels and not tower over him.

"You going to hit me, or stare at me?" Quatre asked, easing into a familiar sparring stance that he used with Trowa.

"Just sizing you up," she said primly, and slid her left foot back into a comfortable crouch.

"Size doesn't matter much, you know. A tiny ninja can be just as deadly."

Makoto snorted. "Think pretty highly of yourself, huh?" She flew at him suddenly in a flurry of kicks, and yelled in frustration when he grabbed one of her legs, flipped her, and pinned her to the mat on her stomach. "Damn, that was pretty fast," she said breathlessly.

"Don't worry; I'm not fast when it counts. Unless you want me to be, of course." He grinned when she scrambled to her feet in a hurry to get out of his grasp. "What, scared of the pretty boy?" He beckoned her with a single finger. "Come on, babe," he taunted, emulating Duo.

"Oh, you're so getting your ass kicked," Makoto growled. She went at him again, this time mixing in punches with her kicks. She smirked when he grunted at the connection of her foot with his knee. But when she followed up with a punch aimed at his face, her arm was grabbed, she was spun in place, and she found herself standing with her back to him, being held firmly against that rock-hard chest. She bit her lip in pain when he flexed his arm; he was an awful lot stronger than her, she had to admit. The submission hold he had her in was new to her, so she wasn't exactly sure how to break it. "Let me go," she said with a snarl.

"Say uncle," he whispered in her ear, letting his breath tickle her skin. His tongue barely grazed against the lobe before he bent his head to kiss her throat.

Ignoring his attempt to make her knees weak, she threw her elbow into his solar plexus, lowered her center of gravity, and spilled him over her back and onto the floor. He still had a good grip on her, however, so they rolled around and tussled until she got her legs wrapped around his neck. "Your turn. Say uncle."

He gave her a saucy wink when her thighs tightened. What a way to go. He looked right into the gap between her shorts and her legs, and studied it carefully. He'd been right about her lack of panties, and suddenly barked out a laugh. "Nice underwear." He kissed her inner thigh, flicking his tongue out to taste her skin, and felt her little ripple of pleasure mixed with astonishment. Good, this was working. Quatre kissed a little higher, grazing his tongue against her, less than an inch from the junction of her thighs. "Let me taste you, Mako," he whispered hoarsely.

Makoto's face flushed crimson, and she crawled backwards to get her crotch out of his line of sight and away from his mouth. The spots where he'd kissed her burned, but in a good way, and she found herself wanting to let him continue.

"I was enjoying the view, for what it's worth." And if you'd held still, I would have taken you with my mouth. Too bad she'd missed out on that opportunity, he'd been told by the few women he'd been with that he was quite skilled in that department.

"It's the only one you're gonna get," she growled.

When she left the mat and started packing her gym bag, he frowned. "What? I never knew you to be a quitter, Mako." He leaned against the wall, arms folded over his chest, and tried to look as enticing as possible.

Her head snapped around and she glared at him. Why was he suddenly being mean to her? Had Duo said something to him about their argument? She'd said some things in haste to Rei's brother, but she didn't mean them; she was just nervous about getting close to a man. Every time she did, she wound up with her heart broken, and she simply didn't want that to happen this time. True, Quatre had treated her with nothing but respect, and lately he was so passionate when he kissed her… no, he was just like the others, he only wanted one thing. `

"Mako," Quatre said gently, and slowly approached her. He could feel the emotions rolling off of her in waves; his gift of empathy was just as open now as when he'd walked in the gym. "Whomever hurt you in the past… he isn't me. I didn't intend to hurt your feelings, I was just joking around. Well, mostly joking," he allowed. "I can't seem to help myself around you; you're so gorgeous it makes me crazy." He knew he'd won her over when her eyes smiled, even if her mouth didn't. Thank you, Duo, for that awesome line.

"Pervert," she said with a roll of her eyes. She did manage to smile a little, though. She sighed heavily when his arms enfolded her from behind, and couldn't help but notice his sweat-slicked muscles rubbing against the skin that her bra didn't cover. "Fine," she groaned in mock annoyance. "Get on the mat so I can kick your ass." She tossed her bag back onto the bench and moved to where he was already waiting for her.

"I promise to keep my mouth to myself if you want to use that leg hold again," he said, crossing his heart. "I rather enjoyed having your thighs wrapped around my face." Now only if you'd sit on it. He grinned when she blushed at the innuendo, and quickly dodged when she came at him. "You'll have to move faster than that, baby."

"I'll get you," she said, bordering on teasing. She had to admit that this was fun, finally having someone to train with. Rei would work out with her on occasion, but the farm kept her so busy that all of her spare time was spent with Heero. All of the other girls whined that she hit too hard.

He didn't move when she punched at him again. He grabbed both of her arms and expertly pinned them between their bodies, pulling her tight against him. "Uncle?" He asked.

"Never." She swept her leg around his ankle and gave it a sharp tug so that she fell on top of him. "Damn it," she sputtered, when it didn't break the hold he had her in. She was on top, but she was definitely not in the dominant position. She wasn't surprised when he quickly rolled on top of her. She fought to free her arms, and managed to slip them out of his grasp, only to find them pinned to either side of her head.

"Uncle?" He asked playfully. "You can't get out of this one, Mako, I easily weigh fifty pounds more than you."

Yeah, fifty pounds of pure muscle. She managed not to shiver at the thought of all of that muscle, bare and pressing her against the mat. "Nope. I'll get out of it one way or the other." She gasped when his mouth lowered so that he was breathing against her neck. Ok, now those muscles were impossible to ignore.

"No, you won't," he promised softly. "But I don't have the slightest problem with being on top of you." Quatre lowered himself so that his chest was pressing against hers, and ran his lips against the base of her throat.

Makoto suddenly felt the urge to rock her hips against his, to capture his mouth with her own. She pushed it back down to wherever it had come from, and wiggled to get free, but it only seemed to excite him further. She could already feel him, hard as a rock, pressing against the gap between her thigh and her shorts. God, I should have worn underwear.

Quatre noted when her lips parted to say uncle, but he brought his mouth down on hers to keep her from speaking the word. Oh no, you're not getting out of it that easily. He could feel her arousal as he ground his hips against her possessively and kissed her like he'd wanted to truly kiss her since he'd first met her; he'd been holding back everything whenever he'd kissed her before, but he wanted her to know, just this once, how much he wanted her.

Mako wasn't sure how to react when he kissed her; it was nothing she'd ever experienced before. It wasn't one of those chaste little kisses he'd been giving her, with just a hint of tongue. It wasn't even one of the more passionate kisses he'd given her back on Okinawa, and since they'd returned. God, and she'd thought that had been intense. This was a kiss that made something primal in her claw its way to the surface. It was hard, rough, and full of need. It was a brutal mating of their mouths, a savage dance of their tongues.

This was a kiss that made her feel like a woman.

She was suddenly aware of her body in ways she never had been; she felt hot and uncomfortable, and her clothes, as scant as they were, were only making things worse. Her waist rose off the floor involuntarily when he growled low in his throat and pressed his hips against hers in a display of dominance.

When he finally broke away from her, he felt a little smile breaking through, despite the haze of need fogging his mind... or was that her need he felt, too? She looked groggy, drunk, and every bit as beautiful as he had ever seen her. I did that. Damn right. He couldn't help but feel a little proud at his accomplishment of turning Makoto into a trembling, gasping puddle of goo. God, she made him feel like a man. At that thought, he possessively caught her throat between his teeth, and when she gasped with pleasure, he nibbled his way down to where her bra met bare skin. He bit down on the hem of the cloth and tugged at it like a frustrated animal.

Makoto blinked and looked down at him. "You'll need your hands for that," she said, unable to keep the hint of nerves out of her voice.

She felt frozen in place by the dominating stare he gave her when he looked up. "Don't you dare move," he warned.

"I won't," she gasped, and wondered just what he'd do if she tried to get away. Her arms were suddenly free, and she felt him slide his hands around her back, and pull them both up in a sitting position. The clasp on her back suddenly parted, and her breath caught in her throat when she felt the cotton float to the floor. "Quatre," she whispered, when his eyes wandered down her body. His eyes held a steely, possessive edge that sent a shiver travelling down her that stopped to burn between her legs. He kissed her then, and she was on her back again, their bare skin sliding when it made contact. She had never felt so soft, so vulnerable, in her entire life.

Her hands clutched desperately at his back when his mouth went lower to worship the skin her bra had been hiding. "We need to stop," she suddenly moaned, but her words were accompanied by a needy grinding of her hips against his.

"No," he growled against her breast. "We definitely don't need to stop." He thrust against her primally when her hips moved against his, and shifted his hands lower to slip her shorts down. He wasn't surprised when she actually helped him by lifting her back a little. She had been talking with her brain, her insecurities. She wanted him; she just wouldn't admit it to herself.

All that separated them now were his pants, but he waited. If she truly wasn't ready, she'd stop him once she realized she was naked. And once nothing separated them but air, he didn't think he could stop. Quatre focused on caressing every inch of the newly bared skin, and kissing her until she was drunk on him. The next words that came out of his mouth were the hardest he'd ever said in his life. "Mako," he gasped. He knew he couldn't wait another moment to make love to her, if he did, he thought he'd die of a heart attack.

Makoto's eyes cracked open when he suddenly stopped the onslaught of kisses. He was still stroking her skin in a way that made her burn, but she could think just a little as long as his lips stayed away from hers. "Huh?" She asked dumbly.

He was the old, gentle Quatre again… or at least as close to his gentle self as possible while he was that aroused. "I won't break your heart if you say no." He had to say those words, especially after she'd already asked him to stop once. He smiled at the blank, glazed look in her eyes, and knew that if he kissed her right then, he could have her without resistance. The fact that she wanted him was overwhelming his Venusian gift. And God, he wanted her, too. "Say yes," he whispered in her ear, and pressed himself against her. One of his hands moved on its own to the clasp on his pants when she kissed his neck, trailing her way to his collarbone. It was now his turn to moan with pleasure at the feel of her mouth on his skin. One swift motion with his fingers, and he was free, and pressing against her, hard and naked and all hers.

Makoto whimpered with need and pressed against him as she wrapped one long leg around his waist. She dug her nails into his muscular backside and growled in frustration when he suddenly pulled away a little. Apparently his plan had worked a little too well.

Fuck it. When her other leg wrapped around his waist to lock him against her, he sank into her and kissed her like he'd die if he didn't. To her credit, she only gave a small grunt at his invasion. "Not a tiny ninja," she gasped in pain, when he thrust through her barrier.

Oh, but it's very deadly. "Shh, it only hurts for a second. Then it'll feel incredible," he assured her. His hands wandered again while he kissed her and waited for the hurt to subside. "Tell me when you're ready," he groaned, fighting for the self-control he needed not to simply take her hard and fast, like he wanted to. Slow and easy the first time; next time he could have her how he wanted. He just prayed she would adjust to him quickly; he was going to burn up if he had to wait much longer to move inside of her.

Makoto sighed when his tongue stroked her neck, just over her pulse, and sent it racing again before lowering once more to her breasts. She arched into him a little, and when he moved, she gasped in surprise at how wonderful it felt. "Ready," she whispered.


Duo sighed, and pushed away the envy that threatened to fill him when he heard the sounds of heated lovemaking coming from just inside the door. There was a hurried whisper from Quatre, something he couldn't hear, and it was followed with a woman's soft moan of surrender. "Good for you, Quatre." He smiled sadly, wishing with all his soul that it was him and Usagi in there instead. He walked away just as he heard Makoto gasp Quatre's name. He wasn't there to eavesdrop, only to check on his friend's success. "Soon, my little moonrabbit," he promised. "Soon."

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