I have to lie

A prof. membrane abuse parody

To the tune of Alyssa lies

My little sis made a new friend just today

On the playground at skool, between the tires and the swings

But, she came to me with tear-filled eyes

And she said to me "Dib, I have to lie."

Well, I knew just what that girl meant

And I just knew how bad my little sis had been hurt

And the things her friend couldn't see

I wasn't ready when I said, "you can tell me."

And she said,

"I have to lie everyday in the classroom.

I have to lie to Alyssa too.

I have to lie to the teachers

As I try to cover every bruise."

My little sis laid her head down that night to go to sleep

And through the wall, I heard her say a prayer so soft and sweet

"God bless my bro and my dad

And my new friend Alyssa

You know I need you bad

Because I have to lie

In the classroom

I have to lie to Alyssa too

I have to lie to the teachers

As I try to cover every bruise."

I had the worst night of sleeping years

As I tried to think of a way to calm her fears

Zim did exactly what he had to do

When the tallest got us on Monday, she hadn't heard the news

My little sis asked me where our daddy was at

The lump in my throat grew bigger with every question that she asked

Till I felt the tears run down my face

And I said "Gaz, our daddy won't be seein' us today

We don't have to lie

Anymore to the classrooms

You don't have to lie

To Alyssa Blue

We will lie

With the tallest

because now we can become Irkens too.

Tears filled my eyes

As my little sis asked me why

We had to lie

Oh, Dibby, oh Dibby tell me why

We had to lie?

(A/N: if you're wondering, the Irkens killed the professor. So, Dib and Gaz became the tallest's children. Isn't life great when child abuse is stopped? Be like Zim. Tell if you think something's going on)