[Disclaimer] Everything Twilight belongs to Mrs. Stephenie Meyer but lovely Lilly is mine

[A/N] Welcome to the sequel of 'What the heart needs'. I have decided to give this a try because writing this is what makes me happy and I need to make myself happy far more often.

On the other hand I'm terribly nervous and worried whether people will like the idea of this Lilly and Jane centered story-line. OC's aren't everyone's cup of tea but I really love Lilly's character so much that I just had to give her a voice somehow.

There will be drama, there will be fluff and because I can't manage to write a smut-free story there will be lemons at some point too.

**Chapter 1**

"Open the damn door now before I break the lock, Lilly!"

"No! I don't want to see you now. Leave me alone!"

I heard her fumbling around on the lock for a few moments and figured out that it wouldn't be such a good idea to let her destroy it with her lack of fine motor skills.

Slowly I stood up from my bed and wiped my running nose on the sleeve of my shirt before I turned the key around.

A moment later it opened and mom wrapped her arms around me. She cried and I sobbed desperately against her shoulder. Both of us weren't good at handling ugly scenes like this and I was glad that at least I hadn't broken something again during my earlier outburst.

"I'm sorry, honey but you have to understand that I'm doing this to protect you."

I sniffed and pulled a wrinkled tissue out of the pocket of my jeans to clean my nose before I spoke up again. My voice came out like a hoarsely whisper and almost broke when the first words left my lips.

"But he's my father. You can't forbid me to see him if I want to."

"Your father is dangerous. You were too young back then to remember…,"

"I do remember." I told her, wrapping my arms around my knees.

"I remember the police being here in the night and that the two of you yelled at each other."

She sat down next to me and put one arm around my shoulder.

"It's complicated. Maybe you'll understand that better when you are older. I don't want you to see him because I don't want him to hurt you with anything he could say."

"You've been telling me this 'when you're older story' for almost ten years now. I'm kind of tired of it. Let me visit him when Aunt Rose goes to see him next time."

"No, I'm not giving you my permission for that and that's my last word."


"Lilly, honey, trust me it is better this way."

Better for you or me?

I bit my own tongue to keep me from making a stupid comment that would lead to me getting grounded longer than I already was.

Like him, I thought. I'm a fucking prisoner in this house just like my father is a prisoner in jail and there is nothing that I can do to change things for either one of us.


"Hey, did you cry?" Jane asked me worriedly, putting a wisp of my long hair behind my ear.

I nodded my head and sighed deeply.

"Guess my eyes look ugly now. I should have put a cold towel on them afterwards."

She pulled me closer against her body and planted a soft kiss on my closed eyelids, her lips touching my skin so lightly that the tenderness of this small caress brought tears to my eyes again.

"Your eyes could never look ugly to me, gioia, but I'm sorry that you're not feeling good. Did you fight with your mother again?"

"How come you already know about this? Did she mention something to you when she let you in?"

"No, she didn't but her eyes are red and puffy like yours too and so I just put two and two together."

"You're pretty observing, aren't you?"

I took her hand in mine and planted several feather light kisses on each of her knuckles.

"I'm just paying attention to you and everything that has to do with you because I care about you."

"Jane…," I started hesitantly, unsure how to find the right words for what I was going to ask her now.

"Yes, Lilly?" she whispered, resting her head in my lap. My fingertips stroked down her cheekbone until they touched the edge of her full lower lip.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Please, don't suggest that I could talk to your mother about whatever kind of problem you're having with each other. In case you haven't recognized it yet. She's not really fond of me."

"Hmm, yes I know. It hasn't got anything to do with her although it would probably be easier if she liked you a bit more."

I leaned down and kissed her mouth, enjoying the unfamiliar tingly feeling deep inside my belly when the tip of her tongue nudged gently against my upper lip.

"Are we together now?"

"Isn't that obvious?" she mumbled, cupping my face between her dainty hands to pull me closer to her. When I felt her warm lips on mine again a pleasant shiver went down my spine.

"Please, I really need to know officially."

She sighed deeply and sat up again, taking my hand in hers to rub small circles over the tiny flower on my wrist.

"You always want to know everything, don't you? That's so you…,"

"And it's so you to answer with a question in return instead of just answering mine like normal people would do it."

A low chuckle left her throat before she shoved the small silver ring down her thumb and placed it on my palm.

"Here, I want you to have it to remember that you belong to me now – officially."

I closed my hand around the ring and wrapped my arms around her neck, to kiss the soft skin right beneath her hairline.

"I love you, Lilly. God, I can't believe you're finally mine…like really mine."

She leaned back against the pillows on my bed and I rested my head against her chest, while she started playing with the messy curls of my hair.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner how you felt about me?"

"Because I was scared to lose you completely if you hadn't returned my feelings and I couldn't handle that."

"You could never lose me." I whispered, shoving the ring down my middle finger.

"I can't imagine being apart from you. The last three months were so horrible because you wouldn't speak to me."

"I know and I can't tell you how sorry I am about that. But I was so…so…,"

"Pissed at me for dating your brother," I finished hesitantly while I started fumbling with the bracelet around my right wrist.

"I was going to say heart-broken but pissed is working too, I guess."

I finally managed to open the clasp of my bracelet and handed it to her.

"Here, I want you to wear it to remember that I'm all yours now."

"Thanks, gioia," she whispered before she cupped my face tenderly between her hands to kiss me again.

The door to my room was opened so abruptly that I didn't have time to pull away from Jane's mouth fast enough.

"Lilly, do you and Jane want to have some bro…, ups sorry. I probably should have knocked."

With that she closed the door behind her and I waited for my face to return to its usual ivory color.

"You're the only person I know that blushes."

I pulled my hair over my shoulder to use it like a protective curtain.

"No, don't try to hide it. I think it's cute."


"Quick, we don't have much time before your mother comes back from picking up your sister and Cara."


"Last time I checked you were dating Alec and now I find you kissing his sister in your room. Did I miss something?" she asked me curiously, sitting down next to me on the couch.

I sighed deeply and took a small sip from the diet coke in front of me.

"Alec and I broke off because…, well, we just broke off and now Jane and I are together…like together-together."

"Lovely. I'm really happy that you finally discovered that you belong to her. Jane has been drooling over you like a love-sick puppy without you noticing it for almost two years now. I felt so bad for the poor girl…,"

"You knew?" I stumbled out, almost dropping the content of my glass all over the table.

"You sound surprised."

"Because that's what I am. How come you noticed that she was in love with me and I didn't?"

"I'm older than you and wiser. Plus it's always easier to see if you're not inside the snow globe yourself."

"Can I ask you something, momma? Did you always know that mom loves you?"

"No, I didn't but I guess it was the same for her too. When we got together everything was so complicated for the two of us."

She sighed deeply and rubbed her fingertip over the metal of her wedding ring.

"Love always brings out the best in people; don't let anyone tell you different."

"I know…or I don't, but I hopefully will someday."

"When are you going to see her again?" she asked me when we heard the key turning in the lock.

"I'm not sure. It's not like I want her to spend her entire holidays here with me inside the house while I'm grounded."

"You really like her a lot, don't you? I can tell because you care more about her enjoying her holidays than about what you want for yourself."

The door opened and Zoe jumped right into my arms.

"Oh Lilly, I'm never going to talk to Cara again."

I tried my best not to roll my eyes at that. My little sister and her bestie decided that they didn't want to talk to each other anymore about twice a week. Then they always figured out how much they miss the other one and begged our mothers and Cara's parents to let them play together again.

"Why did you fight with Cara?"

"Because she told me that she gets to decide what we're going to play because she's my aunt. I told her that I get to decide what we are going to play because I'm older than her and then she cried. She always cries. Cara is such a baby."

She kneeled down next to Fido on the ground and rested her head against his fluffy fur.

"When you and Jane were little who of you did decide what you would play, she or you?"

"Jane," I answered, playing with the small silver ring on my middle finger.

"Because she's older than you?"

"No, because Jane used to be a little witch back then," My mother mumbled sitting down on the edge of the armchair.

"She always used to command your sister around and I never got why she would let her treat her this way."

"You don't get a lot of things." I snarled at her, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

"Don't be like that, Lilly. I know that you're just moody because of the grounding thing. It's supposed to teach you a lesson."

The tattoo would still be on my wrist after this punishment and I wondered if she was aware of this fact.

"Maybe we should un-ground her. It has been long enough, don't you think?"

She stood up from the couch and hugged mom from behind. Then she leaned forward and whispered something into her ear that was too low for me to understand it. Whatever it was it made her giggle until her eyes met mine again and she cleared her throat before she spoke up.

"Fine, I un-ground you, but you have to promise me not to do something like the tattoo-thing again. No piercings, tattoos and sure as hell no alcohol or drugs."

"Do I look like a potential junkie to you?"

"Please, I just want to make sure that you don't get yourself in trouble."

"Kay, I promise to keep away from the drinks although I don't know how to handle my dull teenage existence sober."

And just with that, I was finally free again.