Everyone Falls

What is this, a Rory/11 fic in the middle of a DW drought?

Crazy, I know. And it's a little cheerful there, AND there's no Amy bashing!

I might be on drugs.

Everyone falls in love with the Doctor, regardless of sexual orientation. That's just the kind of man he was. Rose, Martha, Donna, Jack, Amy... Rory.

They were alone, for the first time in a long while. "Doctor?" Rory asked, hesitant, unsure. "How many declarations of love have you had?"

The Doctor looked up at him in surprise. "More than you, Rory Pond, I'm sure." He answered in a manner that was solely the Doctor's, serious and mocking and humorous all at once.

Rory didn't push the matter any further.

Everyone fell in love with the Doctor, at least a little bit. In one way or the other.

At first, it was like Rory and the Doctor were best friends, brothers. Stepping into the TARDIS and going off to adventure, Rory felt completely at ease, like he had done this before (like, maybe, he was meant to do this).

He would do anything for the Doctor, and he knew Amy felt the same. But the Amy told him that she and the Doctor were best friends, nothing more, and Rory felt suddenly, abruptly, alone.

Because, when he though about it, that wasn't really how he felt about the Doctor at all.

Everyone fell in love with the Doctor, eventually. It became a fact of life, and everyday feeling that you learned to deal with, ignore.

Rory learned to live with it, of course. He loved Amy, he really did, and he knew there would never be anything there with the strange man. He loved Amy, he did, and he would never do anything that could hurt her.

So he made sure he was alone when he couldn't stop his brain, and he was extra careful that the name he called out was Amy's, and only hers.

Since she always jumped around, and the Doctor was always talking, no one noticed that Rory stared maybe a little more intensely than necessary, that he found every excuse to be near the other man.

After all, Rory was married, and that wasn't going to change.

Everyone fell in love with the Doctor.

Late one night, Rory found himself wandering the TARDIS, trying to clear his head. It was useless, of course, when everything he passed reminded him of the man he was trying to forget. The TARDIS belonged to the Doctor, and the Doctor belonged to the TARDIS, and there was no separating them.

As always when he was lost (or just not paying attention), Rory ended up in the control room. The Doctor was there, as always, tinkering under the console, doing something or other. Rory watched for a while, just looking.

He turned back to the darkness of the hall behind him, intending to go back to his bed and his wife. Footsteps sounded behind him, softly, quietly, and Rory tensed, not turning.

"You know, Rory," came the Doctor's voice, unsure and close. "I fall in love with all of my companions, some more than others."

There was a pause while neither man moved, and then Rory heard the Doctor walk slowly back to his console and resume tinkering. His shoulders slowly relaxed and he half-turned back to the control room. Another pause, and Rory walked over to join the Doctor at the console in silence.

Amy could wait. She was asleep, after all.