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Summary: This story of the lion King has many things we know but, what if things were different in many ways?

The Lion King My version one

Chapter 1: Introductions

It was another beautiful 83 degree day in the Pridelands. If humans were around they would definitely want to vacation here because of the warm weather and gorgeous scenery. All the commotion was about the latest birthing of the new lion cubs for the great pride. Duma and his wife Paka just gave birth to twins Kula and Chumvi Ni who is a rouge lion impregnated Sarabi's half sister Tisa leaving Mufasa as the adopted father of Tojo who would be born in three days according to the eccentric and mysterious shaman Rafiki. This is also to be the same day that Mufasa and Sarabi's son Simba is due to be born. A lioness named Kamili was expecting the birth of her twin daughters Tama and Kiara in two weeks time. All were excited except for Scar, Mufasa's younger brother who was brooding somewhere in the back of the huge monolith that served as the prides home for many generations. Little did the pride know that they would gain a new pregnant member later that evening that was approaching from the southeast and that this new addition would change all their lives forever.

"Well this is the place I heard about" the lone pregnant cream colored lioness spoke out loud as she was walking. I hope this pride is as kind as I heard and will let me join them. She thought as she was getting closer to the giant stone monument.

"Halt" a blue Red-billed Hornbill with white under belly feathers approached the lone lioness "These are the lands of King Mufasa what brings you here" the bird squawked. My name is Sarafina and my former pride was destroyed by a fire and my father was the former king of that pride and I was to take his place as future queen Unfortunelly all were lost including my beloved husband who was the last I saw alive before…. before….before" the lioness couldn't compose herself in that she broke down in tears in front of the Hornbill. Come; come now I am sure the King will hear you out as the majordomo spoke in a soft tone as he comforted the cream colored lioness. So the two went to the base of pride rock where King Mufasa and some other lioness stepped out of the cave to see this new lion.

"Your majesty I bring you princess Sarafina of the" Sunfire pride as she interrupted since she never mentioned the name to Zazu as the lioness bowed before the king. Princess Sarafina asked "what brings you to my pride?" the king boomed loudly like "Darth Vador." Your Majesty I have recently lost my husband and my pride to a horrible fire and earthquake." "I am with cub any time now and I humbly ask to join your pride since I for once have no where to go. I have heard that this pride has good lions here and so here I am," she said sadly. As soon as that was said Scar out of no where, came running out of and started protesting. Mufasa I protest. She may be a spy to take us over." Mufasa turned to his brother and said what do you mean Scar." "Well look at her she's different from the rest of us how can we trust her," Scar protested. "Your majesty Sarafina interrupted. Mufasa turned back to Sarafina. If I was a killer, then I would have killed you in your sleep and not seek asylum from you now." Sarafina callously said

Mufasa looked at Sarafina's apple-green eyes" and saw the honesty in her heart. "Sarafina" the king said. "Yes, your majesty" Sarafina quickly replied. "I see you're with cub?" the king asked. He called his wife to approach. The pregnant Sarabi approached her husband slowly and asks "who do we have here, my love." Sarabi this is former princess Sarafina, she is with cub and is seeking to join our pride. Mufasa said. "A girl your Majesty is what I was told on my last check up from my old shaman." Sarafina interrupted. "Oh" Sarabi says. Sarafina a moment alone with my mate if you please." The queen says softly. Of course, your highness as the cream colored lioness walks to a secluded side waiting for their answer. Meanwhile Scar and the other lioness decide to leave since the strange lioness is not a threat to the pride. Scar on the hand leaves to his back cave with silent protest to sleep with his girlfriend Zira.

After a few moments of private conversation, the King and Queen went back to Sarafina and called her attention. "Sarafina the Queen and I have agreed that you may join our pride under two conditions says the King". One: since you say your cub to be is female and you were former royalty then you must have her betrothed to my son to be. And two, once you have fully recovered you must contribute and hunt with the other lionesses. This pride is not a lazy one and everyone has a part. We don't hunt for sport. We hunt only for what we need. You see this pride believes in respect and balance in "The Great Circle of Life" Mufasa spoke. What say you?" Sarafina then weakly said "Your Majesties". Mufasa please, the King replied. I am not one for formalities," the king interrupted. "As well as I," the Queen chimed in. "Please call me Sarabi and my husband Mufasa" the queen said softly. "Yes, of course Sarabi….. Mufasa" she said and bowed. "Continue" Mufasa spoke. I am honored to have my daughter be betrothed to your son. I will do my best to support this pride to my fullest and respect all the creatures to the balance of "The Great Circle of Life" Sarafina spoke confidently to the King and Queen. Welcome to our family and the pride the King said with a giant smile.

The Day of Simba, Tojo and Nala's birth

This was magnificent day for the Queen, Sarafina and Tisa because today the three cubs would be born. Scar was absolutely furious that his brother's son was born. "Damn that kid couldn't have been a still born. Now I'll never be king Scar was scoffing to himself. Zira who appeared from the main sleeping cave asked Scar what he was talking about.

"It's my damn brother and his stupid cub." Scar scoffed. Zira spoke next "what will you do my love." Nothing at the moment, I will have to conceive a plan to rid of him as scar was talking and walking towards the dark elephant graveyard, Zira then looks as he leaves and says "you're not going to those stupid Hyenas." Thick head as they may be I may need them in the future, I don't know what? Scar says as he walks away from his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the three mothers and surrounding lioness were cooing the new arrivals. Mufasa and Duma were the only males that were only celebrating since scar was missing and Ni was unwelcome rouge. No one except Mufasa knows that the rouge was Tojo's real father. "That's my boy" Mufasa was laughing with Duma. "Simba will make a fine king Mufasa" Duma said.

Sarafina was cooing here baby daughter Nala as she was sleeping. Then Simba and Nala both opened there eyes at the same time. Rafiki who happened to still be there as Shaman doctor looks at the pair and says those two will make great monarchs. I predict that little Tojo will become very important to those two. The baboon/mandrill hybrid said. As he laughed maniacally.

Simba was the first to walk around and the entire lioness were cheering as he got up walking around for the first time in his life. He walks over to little Nala, starts sniffing here as she stares back, and smiles at him. Sarafina and Sarabi look at each other with huge smiles.

"You know I think we made the right choice betrothing them Sarabi" the cream collard lioness says knowingly. "I agree to that Sarabi" says cheerfully.

Amazingly the two cubs started to stare at each other for the longest times until Sarafina decides that it was time for Nala's bath. "Come on Nala its time for you bath and it's off to bed," Sarafiana says to here daughter. Same for you young man you have a big day tomorrow Sarabi says to Simba.

Scar returned from his ridicules trip from the gloomy elephant graveyard that evening. Mufasa sees his brother wondering in to his cave and looks at his brother.

"Scar I know your were in that graveyard doing who knows what" the king boomed.

"Why it is crime to go for a walk: Scar says darkly

No brother its just you do this a lot all the time and I don't like it. Mufasa said

Why can't you just leave me alone brother. Scar responds

"Taka" Mufasa says in a murmur before getting to finish his sentence scar snarls and says "I told you not to call that name anymore." "Damn it Scar why you can't be your old self again and the happy Taka you once were." Mufasa says while raising his voice. "That name has no meaning to me anymore not after the water buffalo incident and you know it." Father told me to take charge of the situation and you disobeyed that's why you have that dreadful blemish. So what dose that son of a bitch do to repay me for saving your ass, he makes it worse scar replies. "Don't talk about father like that he was only trying to teach you a lesson for disobeying his instructions. Mufasa retorts back. "Well if you didn't have to be fathers golden boy then maybe" Just drop it scar it's in the past. Mufasa angrily interrupts.

Well what ever brothers just don't screw things up scar says sarcastically.

Brothers just remember this that I am king and you will never be. Said Mufasa. What ever

Also don't forget tomorrow is Simba's presentation to the people so I need you their as part of the royal family. "What ever" as scar leaves to his separate cave in the back?

Simba's presentation

The next morning was just as stunning as always as all the animals of the Pridelands were gathering to Pride Rock for Simba's presentation as the new future king of the pride lands. It was a nice 82 degrees that morning and was supposed to top out at 85 that day. Rafiki gathered all the animals as he has done before When Mufasa was presented to the kingdom.

"Good morning my Son" as Sarabi licks clean her boy. "Today a big day son" as Mufasa walks in to great his son. Simba smiles at his father and burrows himself back into his mothers arms as he try's to go back to sleep.

Rafiki comes in and shakes his magical cane to wake Simba up again. Simba turns and smiles at the baoon/mandril hybrid. The monkey dusts the kid with ceremonial dirt and Simba then sneezes. The hybrid Monkey anoints the lion cub with ceremonial fruit juice and carries him away to be presentation. Mufasa and Sarabi smile as his son faces the outside world for the first time in his life and is not sure what is going on while this happening. Zazu fly's in and bows to the king and Simba is presentenced to all the animals of the kingdom. Then the Sun burst threw the clouds and as a signs from the heavens the animals all take their respected bow to the future king. The celebration took place the whole day as the commoners were going home the royal family kept the celebration going with elephant as rare and tasty feast that would last all for several days.

Everyone is happy except for an angry Scar who lurks in the shadows of his back cave.

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