"Quiet gir!" Zim demanded. Zim was working on his ever lasting plan for world domination.

"But I don't wannnnna!" Gir screech, swinging from the overhead lighting.

"Gir! Stop that!" Zim said slamming down his fist.

Gir jumped down from the ceiling. "Whatever you say MASTAH!"

"Thank you…" Zim said, more to himself than to gir.

Gir grabbed a juice box and sat on one of zim's machine thingies. "Gir! Is the greatest, Gir! Is the best. I said, Gir! Is the great-"zim cut gir off.

"I can't concentrate with you, with you singing." Zim spat out.

"Who peed in your cheerios zim?" Gir said angrily before storming out.

"Be-BOP!" Zim heard, before something snickered and ran across the floor.

Zim decided to ignore it. Not even two minutes later he hears it again.

"GIR!" he yells in the direction he last heard the commotion.

Gir tucks and rolls to his feet, knocking over a vase in the process. "Oops" gir said, shrugging. Zim smacked his palm to his face.

Gir walks over to the table where zim is sitting at. "Food."

"What?" Zim says looking over at gir.

"I'm Hungry. Got any waffles?"

"Nope." Zim doesn't hesitate to answer.


Zim shakes his head in response.

Gir reaches over and pushes zim out of his chair, knocking him to the floor. "Your it!" He screams before running off in the other direction.

Gir sat spinning on the floor in circles. "Lalalala" he said singing along to the fish hooks theme song. Zim cut the TV off, right as Gir's favorite part of the theme song came on. "WAHHH! WAH! WAH!" Gir wailed. He began making snow angels on the carpet as he wailed.

"Stop that!" Zim yelled. Almost admittedly he stopped.

"Stop that." He repeated in a mocking tone.

"stop what?" Zim asked, confused.

"stop what?" Gir asked innocently. Zim scratched his head. Gir followed his every movement.

"Gir what are-"Zim began. Gir cut him off with the same words.

"GIR!" Zim screeched.

"GIRRR!" Gir screeched louder.

They were caught in a stare off.

Zim broke the stare off first, with a gruff. And began to exit the room.

"Ha!" Gir yelled at his retreating body. "I like this game." Gir smiled.

Zim walked into his backyard, and slammed the door.

He paced for a long minute thinking. "I wish, Gir had some place with a lot of working room, and someone just like him to play with." He sighed and went back into his house.

"Zim, lets play a game" Gir suggested.

"No, gir, go away." Zim said.

"Ah, c'mon." Gir smiled up at him.

Zim gave in…

35 Minutes later:

"I WIN AGAIN!" Gir said running circles around zim.

"YOU LIEEE!" Zim yelled, and it got quiet.

"I still win…" gir said b-boxing out of the room.

"Waffles!" Zim yelled, and listened for the usually "whooo" of gir's voice that usually followed. "Gir, I said wafffffles!" Zim tried again. After the third time, Zim checked the living room and all over the house. Where was gir?

"What is it?" DeeDee asked.

"Could be a Standard Information Retrieval." Dexter answered.

"oohhh…What is it?" DeeDee asked again.

" A special alien type thingy." Dexter answered in a clueless tone. DeeDee nodded hopefully catching on.

"I must conduct a series of test on it, to find out where it came from and what it wants."
DeeDee poked it.

"Don't poke it! It could have some type of radio active function." Dexter said picking it up careful not to let it touch his skin or clothing.

He walked back into his lab, closing the doors in DeeDee's face. He could hear faint sounds of DeeDee demanding to be let in.

Once inside he began to test different things to see if it would respond.

Gir felt something poking him in his spine…He opened his eyes to a pale, red curly haired boy, with glasses. When the boy realized he was awake, his eyes squinted, studying him. Gir's eyes got wide as he jumped up and started screaming as if he had just woken up from a nightmare. After a minute or two of just screaming, he finally stopped.

"What are you?" the boy asked curious.

When gir didn't respond he, tried again. "Where do you come from." No response.

Finally he decided on a different tack tick.

"My name's Dexter and this is my Laboratory." Dexter said gesturing towards the silver, almost blue lab behind him.