Hey guyz! It's been quite a long time, and I thought I could try my hand at writing about the next generation of Hogwarts students.

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James Sirius Potter's Detention Lines

Crime: Opening the chamber of Secrets. Multiple times.
Detention line: A tour of the Chamber of Secrets is NOT part of the History of Magic syllabus.
Staff: Professor McGonagall.
Comments: How on earth did you get in there in the first place?

Crime: Target-practice with Dungbombs.
Detention line: "An unsuspecting Argus Filch does not equal dungbomb target."
Staff: Argus Filch.
Comments: If I could have my own way, you'ld be dangling from the ceiling by your thumbs.

Crime: Bringing an acromantula into the campus.
Detention line: Trying to tame any of Aragog's descendants is not an acceptable Care of Magical creatures assignment. Even if it pleases Professor Hagrid.
Staff: Professor McGonagall.
Comments: Only if I could hand detentions to Hagrid too.

Crime: Flying in the Castle.
Detention line: The Firebolt is not a suitable means of transportation to get to classes. Or into the girl's dormitory.
Staff: Professor Slughorn.
Comments: The boy is definitely James Potter's grandson.

Crime: Jinxing students in the corridor.
Detention line: I will not put a Stretching Jinx on a Slytherin because he is short. Or for any other reason.
Staff: Professor Longbottom.
Comments: Can't really blame you. Your father went around Petrifying people.

Crime: Wandering the corridors after midnight.
Detention line: The Room of Requirement is not to be considered as an alternate lodging option. Or a place to host a slumber party.
Staff: Professor McGonagall.
Comments: How come Filch didn't alert me?

Crime: (same as detention line)
Detention line: I will not place a Silencing Charm on Filch, or on anybody else who sees me in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Staff: Professor McGonagall.
Comments: Ah. That's why.

Crime: Taking advantage of innocent first years.
Detention line: Watching a group of 1st years tackle the Whomping Willow is not a rewarding way to spend the afternoon.
Staff: Professor McGonagall.
Comments: You told them that the WWW opened a branch in the Shreiking Shack? And they actually believed you?

Crime: Interrupting a Ministry inspection.
Detention line: I will not ask Peeves to turn invisible and make noises of hooves everytime Umbridge is in the Castle. Not even if the results are entertaining.
Staff: Professor Flitwick.
Comments: Nevertheless, she had it coming.

Crime: Hitting a Slytherin with the Jelly legs curse. While holding 3 wands.
Detention line: If it is my idea of fun, it's probably not a wise decision to put it into action. The same goes for spells I think are amusing.
Staff: Professor Flitwick.
Comments: How do you come up with these things?

Crime: (same as detention line)
Detention line: Quiddich is the only sport allowed at Hogwarts. Bungee-jumping from the Astronomy Tower will earn me nothing but a detention.
Staff: Madam Hooch.
Comments: And since when did you care about credit on extra-curricular activities?

Crime: Sabotaging Mrs. Norris.
Detention line: Turning Mrs. Norris pink and purple for Valentine's Day is a bad idea. Asking Filch if he had any colour preferences does not help my case.
Staff: Argus Filch.
Comments: -

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