Title: Say Your Right Words

Fandom: Sherlock BBC

Pairing: John/Sherlock


Word Count: 300

Notes: Unbetaed.

Say Your Right Words:

I love you. Eight letters, three words, easy to spell, and easy to say in theory. Despite all this, despite the knowledge that John Watson was his heart, the words got stuck during their journey from his brain to his lips, or during their journey from his hands to the touch keys of his phone.

He couldn't say them and instead ended up snapping at John or rambling about his latest experiments. This last time, he looked into John's eyes, ready to blurt them out only to throw his hands up in frustration. Thankfully, Lestrade called with a case for them both.

It proved a nice distraction, at least until a building blew up with John inside. He'd left John there while he'd run off on a new lead.

He'd been prevented from going inside and searching through the rubble, by well meaning but idiotic police officers. What did it matter if he died or was injured, without John.

He'd been wrapped up in an orange shock blanket and he clutched it around his shoulders, feeling more lost and alone than he'd ever felt before in his life. 'John,' his mind cried, 'John, mine, I love you...'

He sat in the hospital now. The word's pouring from his lips, an endless litany of love in the various languages he'd learned. I love you, Je t'aime , Ich liebe dich, Te amo, Ti amo. John's eyes opened, his hand squeezed Sherlock's weakly.

"I love you too," he whispered hoarsely.

It was without a doubt the best words he'd ever heard. Better than the words: serial homicides, serial killer, we have a case for you. Better than a lifetime supply of cadavers for his experiments.

John was alive. John loved him. He loved John. The words had finally come out right.