1*Author's Note*

Hey, this is my first story, so please don't hate. Oh and whenever you see _ insert your name. Get it? Well you will. Read and Review! Outt 3

*Your POV*

"This is it," you mumble to yourself, " I will finally meet him." Of course you say this to yourself before every concert, but you're not like the other crazy fan girls. Somewhere inside you, you think that he is the one. Cody Simpson.

"Hey!" You see a hand waving in front of your face. " Earth to _! Come in!" Of course, it was you're best friend Emily. Only the number one Cody Simpson fan/freak in the world. She was decked out in all Simpson Gear. Shirt with Cody's face, Simpson sunglasses, and lots of signs that read " I'll be Waiting 4 U!" in bright colors.

" Come on! We gotta go into town. Its all over Twitter that Cody and Greyson will be hanging around at some of the local shops and crap. We can't miss out!" Emily rambled on and on. My heart skipped a beat. Them. Somewhere in Miami. Oh, Cody was somewhere close. You drift into a dream state when Emily grabs you and leads you a couple streets over to a Hollister. Tons of girls surrounded the building, making Emily squeal in delight.

"Omg! This has to be it! Why would all of these girls be here..." Emily's voice trailed away as you realize that she ran off without you.

"Wow, what a surprise," you say to yourself. She never stops and thinks even for a second. Left alone, you decide to wander down past the store, stuck in a daydream about life with you and Cody. Suddenly, you hear a loud noise. You snap out of your dream state, and look toward the back entrance of Hollister. Two mysterious boys emerged. The blonde one caught sight of you, and quickly ran up to you.

"Please don't say anything. I'll give you backstage passes, whatever. Just don't scream my name!" the mysterious boy said in a cute Australian accent.

WAIT. Blonde hair. Australian accent. You were face to face with the boy you only dreamed about. Cody Simpson.


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