"Allen, run for it!" Lavi cried, running away from Kanda who was chasing him. He had tied Kanda's hair into two pigtails when the said exorcist was meditating on the training grounds, with the help of Allen Walker.

"Baka Usagi, come back here!" Kanda ordered with mugen in his hands, ready to slice Lavi in two.

"Lavi, I told you it was a bad idea!" Allen exclaimed, dodging mugen.

"Aw, come on, Allen," Lavi wailed, backing behind Marie, "we were bored! You were even complaining about all the paperwork two-spots makes you do." He dodged mugen skillfully, grabbed Allen by the wrist and dragged him away from the fuming exorcist.

"Yeah, but I did not want to sign my death wish," Allen said, following Lavi willingly.

"Walker, stop this nonsense this instant!" Link ordered from his spot beside Marie.

"Baka Usagi! Baka moyashi!" Kanda growled angrily. "Stop running like cowards and face your deaths!" Both Lavi and Allen ignored him and continued running. Suddenly a green light appeared in front of them, blinding them. They stopped and covered their eyes with their hands. Kanda, not seeing what was happening, bumped into them, making the three of them to fall to the ground.

When the dazzling light subsided, the three of them looked up to see what had caused it. Thick smoke was emanating from the place so they could not see anything.

"Are you alright?" they heard from behind them. Marie, accompanied by Link came rushing towards them. "What happened?"

"I don't want to be unpleasant," Allen started from under Lavi and Kanda, "But will you guys please get of me? YOU ARE CRUSHING ME!" The two older exorcists stood up.

"Tsk! You are too small, stupid bean sprout!" Kanda said in his usual angry voice.

"Don't call me that!" Allen cried. "It's not my fault! It's you who are too big, BaKanda!" The two of them then engaged themselves into a glaring battle, leaving our poor rabbit in between the two.

"Stop this idiocy, you two!" Link threatened, "Look there," he added, pointing where the light had come from earlier. The smoke was nearly completely gone.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Allen, Kanda, Lavi and Link cried when they saw what was behind all the smoke. There on the training grounds were laying two toddlers! One was a little girl with long silky black hair, whose hand was on top of a short brown-haired little bot. both kids were sound asleep.