"WHAT!?" was heard throughout the headquarters of the Black Order.

"Like I said," Komui continued happily, "congratulations Allen-kun, you're pregnant!"

That morning Kanda had woken up to the sound of Allen vomiting in the bathroom. It had been the third time that week it occurred, so Kanda had dragged a kicking, screaming and cursing moyashi to see Komui to know what was wrong.

After a long throughout examination, Komui had come to the conclusion that Allen was in fact pregnant.

"How is that even possible?" Allen asked desperately, his death grip on Kanda's arm tightening. Kanda twitched.

"W-Well, you see…" Komui fidgeted nervously. Allen's eyes narrowed dangerously. "The little… accident that happened a few weeks ago-"

"Komui-san," Allen interrupted the crazy scientist in a low voice which had a deadly edge to it. "Don't tell me it's because of that stupid idea of yours to turn Lavi into a girl that I am like this…?"

"W-Well, it seems like the potion had not completely worn off…?"

"In other words, what you're telling me is that because of you, I, a boy, am pregnant?" Allen asked, a dangerous glint in his eyes, cracking his knuckles in a threatening manner.

"Now, now Allen-kun," Komui tried to calm down the fuming exorcist while backing away, his hands raised in surrender. "There's no need to be mad. And also because of me, you're going to have wonderful twins! Remember, Akira-kun and Lily-chan?"

"That's not the point, Komui-san."



Kanda's eyebrow twitched again as he listened to Lavi talking endlessly. Just because Allen was pregnant, he was not allowed to leave the headquarters for any mission until after he gave birth. And for now the swordsman was forced to go on a stupid akuma extermination with that Baka Usagi.

"Shut up!" he growled, his fingers twitching towards his katana.

"Ma! Yuu! Is this how you're going to act with your kids when they'll be born? Moyashi-chan will not like this at all. Anyway, as I was saying-" Suddenly Lavi's happy one-sided conversation was interrupted by an explosion to their right. Seeing the thick dark smoke rising through the air, both exorcists dashed towards the explosion.

What they saw made them stop in their tracks. A large group of level 4 akuma were fighting against some members of the Noah. They could easily recognize the forms of Road and Tyki as they dodged and attacked the akuma with ferocity. The mischievous twins from the arc episode were there too, shooting their guns at nearby akuma, with uncharacteristic serious expressions on their faces. They also recognized another Noah from when they had attacked the headquarters. He was a boy of around Allen's age and if they remembered correctly, he was the Noah who had shown Allen Kanda's past. He was crouched behind the twins who were both protecting him.

Kanda and Lavi shared a look. Just what the hell was happening? Were those Noah playing around or something? Something just seemed off… Strangely both exorcists had the feeling this was not just anything normal happening in front of them.

Remembering what their older selves had said before going back to their time about the Noah, Kanda decided to help them with the akuma. Seeing his 'best friend' join the fight, Lavi joined him though he was quite confused too. The Noahs present were quite surprised at that but they paid it no mind as they had more pressing matters at the moment.

Soon enough with the help of the exorcists, the akuma were all defeated. Panting heavily, both parties stared at each other warily.

"Why did you help us?" Tyki finally asked.

Turning around and walking away, Kanda replied, "Come with us to the headquarters and you'll know."

"You're not taking us as hostages!"

"Tsk! You're not going to be hostages!" Kanda snapped, turning slightly to glare at them in annoyance.

"And why would we-" started one of the twins, the swordsman did not know which one and frankly he could care less, before he got interrupted by the only Noah who had not participated in the fight, and who, the swordsman thought, seemed to be the sanest one in the whole bunch.

"We should go with them," Wisely said.

"You sure?" Tyki asked uncertainly.

"Trust me," the other smiled.

Still a bit skeptical, the other Noahs followed the exorcists too in the end as they knew that with Wisely's power, they could do nothing but trust him.

"Well, at least I'll get to see my Al~len!" Road broke the silence with her loud fangirl-like squeal.

Kanda twitched, his hands really itching to activate his innocence and cut a certain Noah into pieces. Fortunately though, he managed to stop himself as he knew that it would not go well with his white-haired lover if he got wind of it. But still, his bean sprout was HIS!

Tyki on his part was walking behind a certain red-head while looking up and down said rabbit. 'Maybe it would not be so bad to go to the Black Order after all,' he thought while licking his lips hungrily.

Wisely sighed silently as he heard everyone's thoughts. 'Why am I stuck in a group of hormone-driven idiots? But at least the twins are not thinking anything sexual, though their thoughts are even more disturbing than Tyki thinking of ways to get into that exorcist's pants.' Looking up at the sky, he mentally asked if he was cursed.