Author's Note: Hi everyone! So this is my attempt at fan fiction :) I'm kinda nervous but I hope everyone likes it! This is going to be a collection of drabbles (500 words or less) about the cutest couple on Parks and Recreation. I really appreciate constructive criticism but please no flames. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Harry Potter?

"You don't like Harry Potter?" Leslie asked him, disbelief spreading across her features. Ben squirmed uncomfortably, trying to avoid her horrified stare. He didn't know why this piece of information made her look at him like he murdered puppies in his spare time.

"Not really," he mumbled uncomfortably.

"How can you not like Harry Potter?" she demanded to know. "It's clearly one of the most incredible series ever written!" She then explained for close to five hours how Harry Potter was a singular, creative masterpiece. Ben sat meekly in his chair and listened to her describe the Wizarding world, Hogwarts, the numerous characters, the allegorical elements, J.K. Rowling's gift for creating vivid imagery and ultimately the beautiful friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione. Ben tried to pay attention but he was somewhat distracted by how hot she looked all riled up.

"Have you read the books?" She questioned. Ben shook his head.

"I've only seen the movies."

"Oh, that explains it," Leslie replied with a relieved smile. "While the movies are great, the books are so much better! I'm sure once you read them you'll understand." That afternoon she bought him the box set of the entire series and gave it to him with a large grin. Although he would always prefer Star Wars (not that he would tell her that), Ben had to admit that Harry Potter was actually pretty awesome.

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