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Chapter Thirty Five: Disgusting

"They're so gross," April complained, glaring at the lovey-dovey couple. She and Andy were eating pizza in the kitchen while Ben and Leslie were cuddling on the large sofa. No doubt they were watching some lame, nerdy, horrible television show…it was sickening to watch them. April was horribly tempted to grab her marshmallow shooter and pelt them with food but then she would have to find it in their messy bedroom.

"It's sweet," Andy countered. "C'mon babe, just look at how happy Ben is! Remember how he was before Leslie? All serious and scary? No one needed to get laid more than him."

"I'm going to throw up now," April said in a dead pan voice. The thought of Leslie and Ben in bed with each other was revolting on a level that she couldn't even begin to describe. She gagged slightly and dropped her piece of pizza in disgust.

"You can't fool me," Andy teased. "I know you're happy for them." Of course he was right, not that she would ever admit it. Leslie was a terrible person in a lot of ways (she smiled too much and what normal person was THAT happy?) but unfortunately she was a part of her life. April felt fiercely protective of Leslie and she would destroy anyone that messed with the perky blonde.

And Ben was like a weird uncle who was a lot of fun to torture.

So April would tolerate the corny pet names and adoring looks because as much as she tried to, she couldn't bring herself to hate them. They were just too damn happy with each other.

"I still don't want to see them," she grumbled. Andy laughed and kissed her lightly.

"Want to go have loud, crazy monkey sex and embarrass them?" He asked, wiggling his eyebrows, and April smirked.

"Oh god, yes."

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