On The Winds of Change

Chapter 1

Every Waking Day

An Aria the Scarlet Ammo OC Story

I do not own Aria the Scarlet Ammo/Hidan no Aria.

I'm actually doing this. I'm posting up all the ideas running through my head so I can claim ownership of concepts and such.

This is the story of Third Year, S-Class Butei, Akira "The Walking Armada" De Leon. A drifter by nature, he lazed about as life went on. Loved by family, loved by friends. Saving lives, living on... Life was perfect. Until the day he joined EU.

I promise you guys, this will get good.

It is also definite AU. And it's an OC story, which I have somewhat of a penchant for writing.


So anyway...

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- Cheating Fate (Mahou Sensei Negima, few reviews, but some rather positive feedback to it.)

- Till the End of the World (Death Note, very, very new. I posted it for the reason in the second sentence.)

-And now, this.


Two men sat down in front of a TV. One pulled out a bag, labelled "Evidence." Inside, was a disc, covered in dried blood.

The other man took the bag from him, and took the disc. He inserted it into a DVD player attached to the TV.

A young man appeared on the screen.

"My name is Akira De Leon. Known to the world as "The Walking Armada" for my ability to have a multitude of about 30 weapons, preferably firearms, of any sort, stashed hidden on my person, such as in my jacket or a large bag, and then use them to my full advantage. There is also another reason that cannot be disclosed at the time. I grew up in Madrid, Spain, as the son of a Spanish Assault Butei, and a Japanese Inquesta Butei. At the age of 7, I moved to Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 11, my father died on the job, leaving me a heirloom, and my mother a widow. At the age of 12, I enrolled into Tokyo Butei Middle School. At the age of 12, I went on a little adventure with my father's friend. And at the age of twelve..."

Both men watching leaned forward in interest.

"At the age of 12, I joined EU."

"Keep moving kid!"

"Professor!" I shout as I see the man struck by a bullet to the chest. The metal slug flattened on impact, and the man just shrugged it off, literally, like nothing.

More bullets rained down around us.

"Go Akira, I'll hold them off!" He was still fine after taking a "fatal" hit. That's the almighty Professor for you.

"Why the fucking hell did I agree to this?-!" I shout after him, shooting back at our assailants. "We're in the middle of fucking nowhere, shooting at people, and hunting after some weird element that gives people superpowers! Now tell me! WHY AM I VIOLATING EVERY BUTEI LAW THAT EXISTS? WHY AM I SCREWED BEYOND HUMANE PROPORTIONS? AND WHY FUCK ARE WE HERE OF ALL PLACES?-! HERE! HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NEVADA FUCKING DESERT?-!" I shout as I throw a grenade, and watched the explosion and the subsequent, sickeningly satisfying burst of blood and gore.

"Cause you are going to be my student, that's why!"

"I didn't agree to that yet!"

"Well your father did! Debt to a friend he called it! I owed him for his valuable contributions to my personal research, and now I'm going to pay back that long lasting debt! Your father put his trust in me, so you should too!" The Professor said to me, still shooting.

"And look what happened to him!" I snap sarcastically.

"I have over 150 years worth of memories and self-pity, darn it! I have made and make mistakes! So have you!"

I don't answer him, as I throw a knife, and watch it jam into some guy's neck. I grit my teeth in guilt and regret.

"I can admit that." I concede.

"Then why are you acting with such a stubborn behaviour?" The Professor calmly asked amidst the rampant violence.

"You learn to carefully analyze every kind of situation." I explain.

The Professor sighed. "Then what do you think about this whole agreement?" He asked me as we kneel down to avoid shrapnel and stray bullets.

"I think it may be rather profitable, but not something I'm really sure of." I reply.

"You can learn a lot with that kind of outlook. Are you prepared to learn more? To do more than what you can do, just as a Butei?" The Professor asks me.

We're silent for a moment. Though we really can't tell what the hell silence is at the moment in the middle of a "warzone".

"I'm ready."

The Professor gives a smile, and extends his hand to me. I shake it.

"Welcome to EU."

Beeeep! Beeeep!

Light flickered into the room, waking me. I sit up, rubbing my eyes as I look around. In the bed across the room from mine, I see my roommate. Still asleep, a goofy expression on his face with a hentai manga open and draped over his eyes.


"Oi, Hentai-Baka! Wake up!" I shout. I get snores as a response. I sigh. I walk over to his desktop table and pull out his gun, a nice USP .45, and slip a blank into the chamber.

I aim it up. Bang!

He scampers awake, pulling the manga off his face. Then he notices me.

"Damn it Akira, what time is it?"

"8:00 AM." I tell him.

"But it's Saturday..."

"We have quests to go on. Also, I've got some "business" again, so you need to go shopping for groceries." I tell him.

"Oh fine. Will you finally tell me what kind of business you need to go on?" He asks.

"No can do, Kouhei." I tell him.

Kouhei Takeda, my best friend. I trust the guy with my life, but with none of my secrets. He's a calm, passive person, but like many guys his age, he has a severe case of closet pervert.

"Is it an SSR thing?" He asks me.

"No, it's not a supernatural research thing." I tell him.

"Then what?"

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you." I tell him yet again.

He sighs. "Fine, just let me sleep in for a few hours, then we can quest all you like. Go chill with your girlfriend for a while."

"Are you kidding me? After the last time I pissed her off by accident, she went perfectionist-mode on me!"

"Not my problem, dude. Deal with it yourself."

"Damn." I mutter. "Also, keep your porn to yourself."

"GACK! It's not porn! It's art! JUST VERY, VERY GOOD ART!" He shouts, and quickly hides his magazine.

"Porn is porn. Deal with it, Hentai-Baka." I tell him. I can tolerate this, but sometimes, he should just stay calm and passive like in public.

"I understand why you trash the stuff..." He grumbled. "But you already have your girlfriend offering you, every hour, the real thing..."

"Shut it. Don't make me go Armada on you."

"Alright, alright." Kouhei sighed. "I'm going back to sleep. Wake me up later, but peacefully." He slouched back into his bed.

Now what... I might as well visit her again... But this time with my route. I haven't forgotten the backlash of just walking up and knocking on her front door.

I groan in an uncomforting way.

I still remember having bullets and blades thrust at me over and over again. And then when they recognised me... AGH... They were so grabby, touchy, and pully...

I shudder. It was a memory on par with the shit I've seen in EU... Well, maybe a bit less than that, but...

I sigh, and think of what I'm going to do today. I smile at my decision. I send a text on my phone. After I get a response, I pack up the remaining food in the dorm into a picnic basket, and head out.

No food for the lazy pervert.

A "Butei" is a national qualification established to fight against the worsening crime condition within the country, permitting people holding this license to arm themselves and enter a crime scene to capture criminals, just like the police force. But, unlike the police, a "Butei" is motivated by money and they can take on any kind of job as long as it is permitted under the Butei Laws, no matter how dangerous or trivial it is. To put it simply, they are mercenaries.

-Definition of a Butei.

I make my way to the docks. As soon as I arrive, I take a deep breath of ocean air, picnic basket in hand. I grin as I see my baby. My other baby.

The first thing I blew my money from EU missions on was this thing. My medium-sized yacht. I spent a lot of time sailing this thing, with my friends and/or my girlfriend. And when I say a lot of time, I mean a LOT, sometimes I skip classes to sail.

I do have enough credits to graduate as a full-fledged Butei, and there's always EU there to back me up...

"Akira-kun!" A voice chimes as a pair of arms loop around my neck.

"Yuriko-chan." I smile as I look into those wine-red eyes, and wipe away a lock of that hazel hair.

Yuriko Chikanatsu. My loving, perfect/perfectionist, mind-blowing/psychopathic girlfriend... The girl I will love and cherish for the entirety of my probably/obviously short life.

I take her by the hand, and lead her onto the boat. I untie it, and soon, we're out on the water. I take the wheel, and propel us out of the bay, out into the sea. The school was a tiny blip behind us, as the waves drifted us along the surface of the water.

I have a licence from Logi to sail this thing, so I'm not in any trouble.

I walk to the deck, and sit down beside Yuriko.

"Your collar's all messy..." She pouts, and reaches over to fix it. "There, nice and clean." She smiles, and puts a sandwich into my mouth. I eat it happily, and she kisses my cheek as I do.

Kouhei comments that she would make the perfect wife, and that I should pool up all that money that I get "out of nowhere" and propose to her. I'm still too young, and it's still too early... If I could, I would.

There's about a year until graduation. I can wait.

Yuriko leans on my shoulder, eying the morning sky appreciatively. I wrap my arm around her, pulling her close. I love these moments. These little things that will last with a person forever...

The moments you just wish would never end...

Ring. Ring. Ring.

But alas, they always do. I kiss a pouty Yuriko on the lips, then head into the cabin and hop onto couch.

I answer my cell phone, rather quickly after peeking at the caller ID.

"Hello?" I say into the phone.

"Akira-kun! You ready for our mission with you and Riko?" A voice chimes to me.

It's Riko, Riko Mine... My subordinate in EU, and my partner for some of its missions... I have the hunch that she's not "right" in the head... The way she dresses, and the way she always talks in third person...

That and her taste in video games is... Peculiar...

"Yeah, I 'm ready... We're dealing with killers that are drugs and arms traffickers tonight, right? Shoot to kill, EU rules?"

"That's what Riko heard! But you're gonna be doing all the dirty stuff, Riko doesn't like blood..."

"Alright." I agree. It's not pretty, but it needs to be done. "Bring your irokane, and come with a lot of ammo, there's a lot of scum we're cleaning out today. Also, bring a metal suitcase, I hear rumours there's gonna be an irokane shipment that's coming along with the stuff. The Professor would like to get his hands on it for research." I tell her.

"Riko will!" She chimes.

"Will you stop talking in the third person?" I snap. I am seriously getting tired of this.

"Nuh-uh. Riko doesn't want to."

"Anything I do that will make you stop?" I ask her as I drink some water.

"There's this game I want, and Ki-kun can't get it for me because..."

I spit-take.

"I can't get you that! It's rated 18+! And why fuck does a girl like you want an eroge? A lolicon eroge at that!" I exclaim, surprised. This is rather awkward.

"Umu, Riko wants it..."

"I would rather put up with your eccentrics, than get screwed for providing a minor with adult materials. EU relations or not, I will get fucked if I get you that game." I tell her bluntly.

"Riko thinks you're a meanie."

"Tough luck kiddo."

"Riko's 16!"

"Still a kid by EU's standards."


"Yeah yeah, just meet me by the Logi warehouse later, alright?"

"Alright... Meanie." She cuts the call.

I sigh, and head back onto the deck. Where I'm tackled to the deck of the yacht by Yuriko.

"Akira-kun!" She chimes before kissing me. I kissed back. Still loving these moments... And is that tongue I feel swirling around the inside of my mouth?

And a hand, groping my-

Yep, I'm surrounded by perverts. They're all freaking perverts.

Irokane is a metal with supernatural attributes. It is known as the Core of the Supernatural World. Much coveted, the world is about to be dragged into a new war because of the existence of this metal. Certain groups around the world hold large amounts of high-grade Irokane, one of them being EU.

-Definition of Irokane.

I'm waiting in front of the Assault department gymnasium, waiting for Kouhei.

"The bastard's late..." I grumble. We'll only have enough time for one quest today, before I have to go on my "mission".

I felt a hand on my shoulder, so I gripped the forearm of its owner and tossed him or her over my head.

It was Kouhei. He wriggled futilely on the ground, which unsheathed his sword and released his pistol.

"You're late." I tell him as he picks his weapons up and puts them away.

"So what have you picked up today...?" Kouhei asks as he dusts himself off.

"Just some arrests."

"Criminal, any weaponry and a motive?"

"Verified suspect of a robbery, he's got a few guns, and something to do with intimidation and stalking."

"Alright, let's go."

We head to the train station, and hitch a ride to Downtown Tokyo.

"Yeah, this dude's targeting numerous stalls and stores, stealing their money at gunpoint." I tell Kouhei as I eat a piece of takoyaki I bought.

"Do we have a name?" He asked me as he took a huge bite of a hakuun-no-hotori.

"No, just a face..." I reply.

"Where do we start off?" He asks.

"The last sighting, and we can start off from there."


"Guess we don't need to look."

We ran in the direction of the gunshot, and found people fleeing from a convenience store. Inside, a man had a gun to the shopkeeper's head, yelling at him to give him the money in the register.

I took up cover near the entrance, Kouhei backing me up.

"Damn it man! Hurry up!" The man shouted to the shopkeeper.

Kouhei motioned for me to move up. I slithered into the shop, ducking into an aisle as the man looked in my direction.

I snuck through the aisle, careful not to make any noise. When I reached the side of the store, I turned into the next aisle so I had a clear view of the man's back. I walked carefully and slowly, creeping up behind the guy.

I was a few feet away from him, a knife sliding into my hands from a sheath in my sleeve. I'm almost there, and I see Kouhei garnering the man's attention. When his head snaps to the right to see Kouhei, I lurch forward, and place the knife at the man's neck, stopping him.

"You're under arrest." With a twist of my forearm, the man's unconscious.

We wait for the police as the shopkeeper thanks us. I cock an eyebrow at Kouhei's prideful expression. "What's with you?"

"I dunno," He replies, "I just like feeling like I've done something good. Like a hero, swooping in and saving the day." He gives a foolish grin.

"We do so at least every other day... But why are you acting up now?" I ask.

"I don't know. We've been doing this for about a few years now? We've done so much, and helped so many people. I really do feel like a hero now, not just some teenaged mercenary wielding a gun and sword." He chuckled.

I gave him a soft smile. "I guess I feel the same." Then I whack him over the head.

"What was that for?-!" He exclaimed, surprised.

"You were late! Now we don't have time to do any more quests!" I snap at him, now slightly pissed.

He still grins, but with an abashed expression on his face.

Kouhei walks off to do the shopping, and I head back to the Logi warehouse. It's not mission time yet, but Riko wants to meet me for some reason...

I'm carrying a large bag holding a lot of guns.

"Akira-kun!" A voice chimes.

Standing there in Lolita clothes was Riko. I sigh, as she peppers me with her eccentrics.

"So, what do you want to do? Riko wants to scope out the area first, and then get some food and shop! Like a date!"

"Sure." I agree to the first one. Then I blink at her second request. "Wait, what?"

"Yay!" Riko chimes, "Let's go!" She grabs me by the hand, dragging me off.

We make our way back to the city, and onto the rooftop of an office building. We look in all directions, scoping out all the vantage points for the battle to come.

"You're dealing with the messy stuff." Riko tells me.

"I know, I know. I'm prepared." I shrug her off to continue my analyzing.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah. I'm ready. Wait... oh shit." Should have told her I wasn't. I'm about to speak when she squeals.

"Let's go!" She chimes, dragging me back with her again.

An hour later, I'm carrying about 20 bags of a variety of clothing items, some of which barely qualify as clothing that Riko bought. Added the weight of the bag of guns on my bag, it's not really heavy but it's really fucking constricting... I groan as she runs toward another store.

"When can we leave?" I ask.

"When Riko says we can!" She chimes, now pulling me to a burger joint. I still can't stand her eccentrics.

I eat a burger as she rummages through what she bought. She giggles gleefully when she looks over what catches her eyes.

"You finally ready for the mission?" She nods.

"I'll meet you there when it's time." She tells me, running off with her stuff.

I blink. "Then why did I meet you now of all times?-!" I shout after her.

"Because I wanted to have fun!" She shouts back, still running.

I sigh. Just my luck...

It's dead at night, and I'm waiting back at the Logi warehouse, clad in body armor and a custom combat mask, preparing a car.


Running up to me is Riko, but wearing body armor and a helmet this time.

"Hop in." I tell her, and she complies.

We drive off into the city that was still vibrant with life.

"Where to?" Riko asks. "The same place as earlier?"

I nod. "The downtown district, the warehouse area near the public docks... The exchange will be happening there, the Professor wants us to check for irokane. That, and we'll be dealing with the drug and arms dealers, cause the Armed Prosecutors are too damn chickenshit to deal with it themselves. No witnesses, and we destroy the "product" on the spot, that should slow down their profits." I tell her.

"Alright. But you're dealing with the messy parts. I'll just help with the collection and erasure of evidence." She says, loading her guns.

I nod, and pull into a dark alley. "Here's our stop." I tell her, getting out of the car. I walk over to the trunk, and pull out my bag of guns. I'll need them for this.

"Watch my back, and tell me if you see anything." I tell Riko, as I unzip a bit of the bag, leaving an opening for me to pull out what I need.

She nods with a small smile, ready and prepared. I unholster my faithful Beretta 93R. The first gun I have ever owned. The first gun I used as a Butei.

And the first gun I used to kill a man.

"Let's go."

We walk through the maze of alleys, making our way to the public docks. We hop into a warehouse, taking up position at the office inside on the second floor. There, we could watch the dealing.

"Stay quiet." I whisper to her, receiving a nod in acknowledgment.

Two groups of ten men meet at the center of the near empty warehouse. We can't hear them from where we stand, but we can see them perfectly. They are all armed, boxes of guns and drugs on trolleys beside them. These are our guys.

I see a man open a suitcase, and show it to another man. Inside, is a large chunk of a gold green coloured metal. Bingo. That's the irokane.

"I'm moving in." I tell Riko, and I slither out the office door. I creep quickly down the stairs, making no sound. I huddle behind oil barrel after oil barrel, making my way closer. The exchange is almost over, and then the men will disappear with their profits.

"Is everything to your liking?" A man asks the other.

"Yes, it is. If I may ask, where did you get your hands on this?" He gestures to the case containing the irokane.

"Why, it wouldn't do if my customer knew the place where I could easily get the product." The man chuckled.

The other man pulls up a gun, and soon, they are all facing off guns aimed at each other.

"Tell me where you got this "product"." The man demands, an impatient expression on his face.

I'm about to let them finish each other off, but then I remember that Riko is behind me, in the office. She could get hurt by a stray bullet from the impending crossfire. That or the weak rusty supports that carry the office will snap, causing the thing to collapse.

Either way hurting or killing Riko...

Well shit. It's fighting time.

I aim my gun at an oil barrel.


The thing goes up in flames, drawing the men's attention.

"What was that?-!"

"Over there!"

"Shoot damn it! Shoot!"

The men riddle burning barrel and its surroundings with bullets.

I walk up behind them, as they were unaware my presence.

"Hello there. And goodbye." I say with a slight grin, alerting them.

As they turn around, I pull the right sleeve of my combat jacket, as I aim my right hand at the men.

Strapped to my arm, is a dark, blood-red chain, covering the complete length of my forearm. My grin grows wide.

The men aim their guns at me, waiting for me to do something.

"Cadena de la Armada Sangrientos. Chain of the Bloody Armada."

The chain glows with a blood-red light.

The zipper slides down the bag strapped to my back. All on it's own. Slowly drifting as if held aloft by invisible puppet wires, 12 semi-automatic shotguns floated in the air, aimed at the men.

Cadena de la Armada Sangrientos. Chain of the Bloody Armada. A family heirloom... An irokane.

An irokane of telekinesis.

"Lock." The shotguns pumped.

"Aim." The shotguns shifted in the air, barrels aimed at the men, who were paralyzed in a mix of morbid fascination.

I grin.


The shotguns opened fire.




After a few seconds and three large volleys of pure explosive bliss, only a large red puddle of blood and gore are left.

I pick up the now battered metal suitcase, and take out the irokane.

"Riko!" The girl walks up to me. "Put this in that suitcase you brought, and head back to the car. I'll deal with the evidence." I tell her, as the shotguns drift into my bag.

She nods, taking the irokane, stashing it, and leaving.

I turn to the remaining barrels of oil, grinning. I pop off the caps, and kick the barrels in every direction, spraying oil all over the warehouse.

I pull out my lighter, and light up a strand of oil snaking towards me. I turn, and leave.

As soon as I'm a block away from the warehouse, I watch it engulf in flames. I smile. Even though I have quite the twinge of guilt... My smile drops, and I turn around and leave.

"Another job well done..." I murmur.

A Butei may take any job, as long as it does not violate the Butei Law. There are nine laws pertaining to the mercenaries known as Butei.

I. Believe in your comrades and help each other.

II. You must fulfill the contract in the commission.

III. You must become stronger. But above all, you must support justice.

IV. A Butei must learn to become independent. You can not help him if he does not request it.

V. Be as fast as a gust of wind. Butei must win in one blow.

VI. Reflect by yourself, act by yourself.

VII. Be ready with pessimism. Act with optimism.

VIII. Your mission must be resolved completely.

IX. Regardless of the situation, a Butei cannot kill.

These laws must be followed to the letter, as these are the laws that define and differentiate Butei from the average mercenary.

- The Butei Law

I stand on top of the dorm building with Riko, suitcase with the irokane in hand. I place a communicator into my ear.

"You here yet?"

"We're here."

A helicopter flies over us, hovering above the dorm building.

"We're sending down the wire."

"Alright. I see it." I tell the helicopter crew, squinting at the wire as it came down. "Make sure this gets to the Professor."

"As soon as we get back to the Vostok." The pilot tells me.

"A little to the left... Perfect." I clip the wire to the suitcase. "Send it up." The case is pulled all the way to the helicopter.

"Hey, where's the payment, you know there's the payment." I ask.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." The pilot tells me.

"Well hurry up!" I tell them, slightly impatient. I've got stuff to do.

"Riko sees something falling..." She said, squinting up.

I look up.


A box slams into my face, knocking me over. I hear laughter, and calls of "Nice one", "Good hit", etc.

I grumble as I open the box. It's filled with 5000 yen bills. I grin. This should last Kouhei, Yuriko, and I for a while.


I look up. Riko pouts at me.

"You get your share too. Just don't blow it off on your outfits and games-" She cuts me off as she takes a chunk of the bills and puts it in a bag.

"You should get back to your dorms, Riko knows it's almost time for the Raid. Though I'll be ready for you guys." She chimes, and runs off. Before I can ask where she got her info, she jumps, and with a hidden wire, rappels down the side of the dorm. I sigh, and walk over to the ledge of the building. I clip a wire from a multi-purpose gadget hidden in my left sleeve.

I rappel down to my balcony.

Kouhei waves to me, already loading his gun with blank bullets.

"You ready for the Raid?"

"I am." I give him a grin as I go to my room to grab my own few clips of blank rounds.

Our destination tonight? The second year dorms.

Why? It's a yearly tradition. Involving the raiding of the second year dorms during an undisclosed time and date...

And why the fuck, do we do that? To find an apprentice we train for about a 6 month term to prepare them for third year and graduation. Your teacher will more or less be the one responsible for easing you into real Butei life after graduation, so a lot of them become life-long friends to their students.

So in the dead of night, we violently herd the second year boys and girls into the dorm office lobby, (the teachers support this, but the first years are scared shitless) line them up, and take our turns picking them. Most of the second years want to be picked by someone capable who can help raise their rank. Others want someone laid back. And the rest are just scared out of their minds.

So a lot of them are pining for the S-class Butei. But to make it fair, instead of the usual, take-your-turn-and-pick, the S-Class students just walk up, evaluate, and haul the lucky/unlucky student off. Most often, S-class Butei pick B to S-Class Butei.

So Kouhei, Yuriko and I plus two other students get to pick their apprentices.

This is gonna be fun... But I don't really want an apprentice. Too much work and time are wasted when I can do something productive... Like sailing with my girlfriend and/or friends...

Yeah, I'm lazy. But I can at least have fun with this.

The third years quietly file into the dorms, the boys heading into the boys dorms, the girls heading into the girls dorms, and then we herd them all into the second year dorm office.

I'm with Kouhei, and I place a few breaching charges. I take the switch, and stand back.

"All clear."

"Let it rip."

I press the switch.


The door hinges are blown off, and I kick down the door. I unholster my gun, and open fire.

Gunshots echo throughout the building, as the second years are violently awoken and forcefully herded from their beds to the school dorm. I keep opening fire as I use my hands and legs to roughly push and coerce the boys in this dorm into the hall, where there are a bunch of boys in their sleeping clothes running, walking, jogging, crawling, etc., to the dorm office lobby.

Some of them, humorously, are still in their underwear. If you're a girl during raid time, the then the third year girls will allow you to get changed before they force you to leave. But if you're a boy... You go with whatever clothes you have on your back at the moment.

If you're unlucky enough to have nothing on... You bare all, and walk into the dorm office the same way you come into this world...

Naked like a baby...

Though almost all the time, a third year or a fellow second year will take pity on you and give you something to wear. Like a shirt you can use as a loin cloth, but that's it.

We manage to get everyone into the office. They know what's going on, and are already trying to impress the teacher they want... Though a lot of them are looking for us S-class students...

I walk through the line, looking for somebody that really couldn't care less about this all. I don't really want to do have an apprentice, they're more like dead weight...

And I can't comply with my business and affiliations with EU with someone that's not Yuriko hanging off my arm for whatever teachings they can milk out of me.

The other two S-class students grab the people they like, one of them takes Riko for some reason, and the other takes this robotic girl from Snipe, named Reki.

Kouhei takes his pick already, a girl that caught his eye, probably because she was an ability user that owned an irokane, her name was Shirayuki Hotogi, I kept tabs on her because EU had some interest in her. Kouhei took her outside to get to know her.

Yuriko looked around for a student. She kneeled down beside this short girl who looked like she was about to blow a fuse. "I'll take you!" She chimed, glomping her because of her cute stature. The girl struggled, physically expressing her agitation. I knew about her because she made quite the show in the London Butei School, and her relation to the Professor.

The stupid bastard also used his own family, the girl's mother as a scapegoat. I nearly lost all respect for the man, respect for his tutelage and respect for his knowledge all that was left. It took a few years for him to earn that respect back.

The girl's name?

Aria H. Kanzaki.

Yuriko practically carried her out.

Then I'm left. People left and right are throwing themselves at me. I really don't want an apprentice! There are better things to spend my time on, other than training a kid who wants to loot me of what knowledge I have!

I grit my teeth, and "wade" through the small sea of students. They each of them are begging for me to pick them, and I'm seriously fed up. I grab the LEAST motivated kid out of all of them, and there's suddenly silence. This guy's probably weak, and low maintenance.

Perfect for the apprentice I probably won't teach a single thing, other than the simple stuff!

I drag him by the collar out into the night air.

"What's your name, kid?"

"..." The boy grumbles, a depressed expression on his face. "I wanted to leave..." The boy continues to grumble.

"What's your name? Can't hear you."

"Kinji. Kinji Tooyama." The boy says.

"We'll have a lot of fun Tooyama. You can count on it." I fake enthusiasm.

And who knew I would be right...

"I was planning to give up this business..." Kinji groaned.

The Butei Charter is the Code of Conduct for every Butei. A Butei should follow these guidelines to be successful in whatever field they choose. There are similarities between the Laws and these Charters, such as a few are the same for both. The Laws are obligations, mandatory. These Charters are less enforced, but one should keep one thing in mind. These Charters are what can decide between life and death for a Butei forging his/her path.

I. Believe in your comrades and help each other.

II. You must fulfill the contract in the commission.

III. You must become stronger. But above all, you must support justice.

IV. A Butei must learn to become independent. You can not help him if he does not request it.

V. Be as fast as a gust of wind. Butei must win in one blow.

VI. Reflect by yourself, act by yourself.

VII. Be ready with pessimism. Act with optimism.

VIII. Your mission must be resolved completely.

IX. Launch out to the world. Co-operate with others, not differentiating between race or nationality.

X. Do not give up. Butei must not give up for any reason.

- The Butei Charters.

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