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The sun rose out from the sky, its marvelous glow shining on the famous trio of Pokémon trainers. Brock was lightly snoring in his sleep, while Misty was sleeping, peacefully, with the still miniature-sized Ash lying under her left hand, like a blanket. Pikachu was sleeping next to Misty's head, while in its sleep Togepi had cuddled next to Pikachu, managing to crawl out of Misty's sleeping bag, without a sound.

With the sun in his eyes, Ash knew that he was awake, but he didn't want to open his eyes to the bright sun. Suddenly, Ash felt strange, as he grabbed at his stomach, his eyes still tightly shut. Then he felt weird all around him, as Misty's hand fell off of his body, and felt a little squished, like something was against him.

Ash, slowly, opened his chocolate brown eyes, as he saw himself looking directly in Misty's face, their noses just touching each other's. Ash just lay there, soundless, trying not to wake the water Pokémon trainer. But apparently, he being quiet didn't work, as Misty's green eyes, opened, at the sudden lack of space.

Misty turned her head, slightly to see what had happened, and then she saw herself looking directly at Ash, who was blushing, with his cheeks the color of the near end of a sunset. Misty tried to keep her cool, as she realized their position against each other in the one sleeping bag. She could easily feel her cheeks burning up with redness, as Ash smiled a goofy grin.

"Comfortable?" Ash asked, as Misty narrowed her eyes a bit. But she knew that he actually did mean it, and not in the wrong way. Misty continued to blush, as she nodded her head a little.

Suddenly, Ash and Misty looked up as they heard snickering near them. Standing there, was Brock, Pikachu, and even Togepi, who were trying to hold in their laughs, as they were about to burst. "Yeah. Are you comfortable?" Brock asked, with his perverted mind. Then he burst out laughing, along with the two Pokémon.

Ash and Misty quickly looked at each other, as they realized their position again. Then they started squirming out of the sleeping bag, to prevent any more perverted comments, courtesy of Brock. Once they were out of the sleeping bag, Ash and Misty sighed a sigh of relief, as they sat next to each other on the grassy ground. "Glad that's over." Ash said, his cheeks still feeling like they were on fire.

Misty nodded. "Yeah. Me too."

"Oh really?" Brock asked, as he put a hand over his mouth to prevent from laughing, and used the other hand to point down at Misty and Ash. Ash and Misty looked down at where their hands were, and sure enough their hands were on top of each other's. Their cheeks turning into a new shade of red, Ash and Misty quickly separated their hands and stood up, away from each other.

"That's better." Brock said, after finally managing to catch his breath. "Let's forget this ever happened, and then I'll make some breakfast for Ash finally being his normal height. Okay?"

"Sure." Ash and Misty said in unison. Ash and Misty looked at each other in shock. "Stop that." They said in unison again. "I said, 'Stop it!'" They said together again, this time getting in each other's face.

Brock sighed, and rolled his eyes (if that's even possible for him). Then he walked back to the logs and the dead campfire to start breakfast. Wanting to watch him do so, Pikachu and Togepi walked after him.

Ash and Misty sighed, as they backed away from each other. Misty grabbed onto her right arm with her left hand, nervously, as she sighed in confusion. This was an accident. It wasn't on purpose. But why do I have that feeling again? Misty thought to herself, as she gave a sideways glance to Ash, who apparently did the same to Misty, as his brown eyes met with her green eyes. Then they quickly looked away, shocked to see the other looking at them.

Misty sighed again, and said in her mind. It just doesn't make sense. I don't like him. Do I? Suddenly, Misty felt something warm slide into her right hand. Misty looked down at her right hand and saw a gloved left hand connecting with her. Misty looked up the arm seeing Ash connected to it, and he was…smiling at her. Slowly, a smile appeared on Misty's face. Maybe I do. Misty said to herself.

Ash looked at Misty's beautiful orange hair that was attached to her beautiful head. It was a mistake. That's it! It couldn't have meant something. Could it? Ash thought to himself, as he gave a sideways glance to Misty, but realized she was looking at him too. Ash's neck snapped the other way, as his cheeks were turning as red as Pikachu's cheeks.

Ash looked down with his eyes closed. And as if on cue, there's that strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. What is it? I've barely eaten anything! But I have this strange feeling that it has something to do with Misty. Do I even like her? Ash looked at Misty, as she was looking down at the ground, sadly. Then Ash smiled, and slowly, reached for Misty's right hand. Misty surprised, looked up at Ash. Then a smile slowly grew on her face. Yes. I think I do. Ash thought to himself, as he and Misty, hand in hand, walked back to Brock, Pikachu, and Togepi.

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