Smugglers 2: Dimension Travel

Prologue: Grinder

Silence. Grinder loved silence. He thrived on it, wished it was the only sound in the universe. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. He flinched at the sound of yet more weapons firing. Why did they insist on firing those things at all times? Of course it could have something to do with the fact that there was a war going on. He couldn't understand it; why did they have to fight? Oh he knew why. Knew what each side claimed to be fighting for but he didn't buy it. They didn't have to fight. There were ways of avoiding war but deep down he knew the real reason why brother was fighting against brother, why thousands of innocent bots died everyday; it was because they wanted to fight. They enjoyed killing each other.

Grinder hated it. He hated the war; hated the violence and the killing but most of all he hated the noise. If he never heard the sound of a weapon powering up again it wouldn't be too soon. Which led to his latest invention.

Grinder was an inventor and a very successful one at that. Currently he was working on a time machine so that he could travel back in time to when there was no war, when Autobots and Decepticons lived in harmony and didn't shoot each other on sight. It didn't occur to him however that by going back in time he would have to re-live the war all over again.

He re-adjusted a piece of metal then sat back with a happy sigh. After working for two days straight with only an hour's break he was exhausted; but he was also ecstatic. He had finally finished the time machine and after some energon and much-needed recharge he would be ready to try it out.

Two days later Grinder was ready. He had made arrangements for his belongings to be taken care of as he didn't plan on coming back. He looked around the ship one last time then entered the date on the time machine.

He stepped back and waited. He didn't have to wait for long; all too soon a bright white light encompassed him, forcing him to shutter his optics. A few minutes later he un-shuttered his optics only to find himself on a very un-familiar looking Cybertron. Bots milled about in the streets laughing and talking like they didn't have a care in the world.

He could hear voices, several of them all talking at once but he didn't mind. At least there weren't any weapons firing he thought happily. He almost lost a gasket however when he heard a very annoying voice yell "Optimus Prime!" Grinder watched with wide optics as an orange-and-blue bot stormed across the street where he began arguing with a red-and-blue bot that was most definitely not Optimus Prime.

The world began to tilt dangerously and voices sound far-off. Grinder paid this no attention as his processor had begun stating facts and drawing obvious conclusions, namely that he wasn't on the same Cybertron that he had lived on for most of his life. As his world faded into black his only thought was; Where the slag am I?

A/N: Sorry the prologue's so short but I couldn't stretch it out any longer. The next chapter will feature Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Optimus, Ratchet, and Prowl.

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