Smugglers 2: Dimension Travel

Chapter 10: Home Again

A/N: Some of you were confused by the last chapter so here is a basic synopsis and description. If it still doesn't make sense please let me know.

Jazz inputs: Jazz got caught fooling around with the daughter of a very wealthy bot forcing him to leave that planet. After a couple of hours of floating around he came upon 'The Smuggler' which was abandoned as BB and the others were in the G1 verse. While searching for them Jazz accidentally activated the machine that transported them in the first place.

Wheeljack's invention: It's no bigger than a spot of dirt and is basically a holographic emitter, thus making it the G1 Bumblebee appear as the TFA Bumblebee.

Prank: The Bumblebee's used Wheeljack's invention to make it appear that there were two TFA Bumblebee's instead of just one. Plus Sideswipe painted himself yellow like his brother so instead of a pair of red and yellow twins there were two yellow twins. (He wanted to paint Sunstreaker red too but Sunny refused.)

Sorry if you got confused. That really wasn't my intention. If you still don't understand something let me know and I'll try to explain as much as I possibly can.

Jazz had been in The Smuggler's red room, drinking energon when a bright light suddenly shone. He shielded his optics until the light disappeared then dropped his cube of energon on the floor and stared in shock at Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Prowl, Optimus and Ratchet who were standing in the middle of the room, looking slightly dazed.

"That was fun," Bumblebee said then suddenly realized where he was. "We're home," he squealed then began running around the room in circles.

"Where did you…" Jazz began. "How did you…" he stammered, seemingly incapable of finishing a sentence.

"I have no idea what just happened," Optimus admitted. "But I don't want it to happen again."

"Neither do I," Prowl said.

"Definitely not," Ratchet grumbled.

"Ugh," Bulkhead groaned. "I feel sick."

"Excuse me," the five turned to see Jazz standing there. "Care to explain?"

"Jazz!" Bumblebee launched himself at the other bot causing Jazz to stagger backwards. "When did you get here?"

"A couple of hours ago; I got a little worried when I couldn't find you guys," the blue-and-white bot said.

"Sorry about that," Bumblebee apologized. "But we traveled to another dimension and they had another me, an a Prowl, Ratchet and Optimus but they didn't have another Bulkhead," he looked dejected for a second then quickly brightened. "But I did get to meet a pair of twins named Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. They were real fun too. We played the best prank ever on the Prowl's and Optimus's and all four of them crashed," he said happily.

"I feel real sorry for those bots," Jazz muttered. "Real sorry."

Two hours later, after hearing all that had transpired while they were gone Jazz could only shake his head and ask, "Any idea how you guys wound up there?"

"Nope," Bumblebee replied cheerfully.

"Since it happened after our trip to the junkyard it is only logical to assume that something we picked up there caused us to travel through dimensions," Prowl said.

"Does that mean it'll happen again?" the yellow minibot asked excitedly.

"No!" Prowl, Optimus, Ratchet and Bulkhead all said sharply at the same time.

"That means we're going to dump everything we got from the junkyard," Optimus informed him.

Bumblebee crossed his arms and pouted. However he said nothing when they dumped all of the junk on a nearby uninhabited planet before getting away as fast as possible.

Two Days Later

"Brother, be looking at this!" Jetfire cried excitedly.

"It be junk," Jetstorm said.

"Leave it alone," Ironhide called.

"But it be pretty junk," the orange twin protested.

"I don't care; leave it alone."

Jetfire made a face at Ironhide's back and turned to go look at something else when his pede hit a rock, causing him to trip and fall, landing on a piece of metal that held several buttons.

"Are you all right?" Ironhide's worried faceplate suddenly appeared in front of him.

"I be fine," Jetfire assured him, sitting up with the help of his blue twin. "Is it being supposed to flash like that?" he asked, catching sight of something.

Ironhide and Jetstorm followed the small orange mech's gaze to where a panel attached to various spare parts and bright colored wires was blinking. "Slag," Ironhide cursed as a bright, white light appeared.

"So what do ya suppose happened to 'em?" Ratchet grunted.

"More than likely they were transported home," Prowl answered. He, Ratchet, and Prime were sitting in Prime's office discussing what had happened to their guests.

"I truly hope so," Prime sighed. "This meeting is over."

Prowl rose and retreated to his private quarters. He lay down on his berth, intending to catch a quick stasis nap only for his optics to fly wide open a second later when he felt a weight settle on his chassis. Optics wide, he stared at the identical orange and blue mechs perched on his chassis who appeared to be just as shocked.

It was then that Prowl commed him and said, "Prowl, we have a situation in the rec room. An unidentified bot just appeared there and he's demanding to know where the Jettwins are."

Prowl sighed and said, "I believe I know where they are."

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