David shook his head as he snapped awake in French, he glanced around to check if anyone had saw that he was dead asleep and caught a pair of unwanted blue eyes on him. What was he going to do about Kurt? Now he knew that he was, was... was what do you call it, now that he accidentally kissed him in the locker room yesterday. It wasn't like it was intentional or anthing, but it wasn't on purpose. It was one of those... one of those... in the moment sort of things. Its not like he wanted to do it again and what not. It's not like he'd get the chance again as Kurt had shoved him away when he... nevermind. A spin in the moment is all it was and that's how it will remain. He didn't have the hot's for Fancy, he was a straight dude. Maybe football practice was getting to him and that what triggered this whole event. He hadn't been sleeping well lately, but that didn't mean he had to get riled up about the stupid fuirtcake and kiss him. I mean what was the point in that it didn't solve nothing. Sure it felt good but that was to be expected, kissing always felt nice. Boy or girl, right? Lips are lips...

David sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he tryed to slow his mind on the runaway train mode it was on and looked up at the white board. Why was he even taking this class? It's not like he planned on going to Pairs and shit. If he really wanted to impress a girl maybe he should have thought of a different way to do that then taking this stupid class... He looked away from the board and say Kurt a few feet away writing a note of writing notes like he should be. He had to admit though, the girls he had been kissing need to go to Kurt and find out what makes his lips so plump and kissable. Wait... no. They were fine kisses. Just fine. They didn't need to improve anything, they were better then Kurt. He was only compairing them to him because he hadn't gotten any lately.

David looked down to his empty paper and sighed as he started to write down what was on the board when he saw Kurt get up from his seat and walk over towards his desk. Why was he walking over here? David thought as his mind went back into hyperdrive, but he kept his eyes on the board until he saw Kurt had a folded paper in his hand as well as a pencil. That's when David remembered he was sitting next to the pencil sharpener, Kurt was probably going to sharpen his pencil, but why did he have that note in his hand then? He thought and busied himself in writing when Kurt got closer. He didn't want him to know he was thinking about him. He didn't want to do anything but flee when he say him but that wasn't right. He was the bully not Kurt.

Kurt stopped beside him and put his pencil into the pencil sharpener as well as toss the folded note onto the top of the desk and then turn and start to walk away from his desk. David stared at the paper as if it was contaminated and then looked away from it and continued writing. He hated this class but he didn't want to fail, then he couldn't play sports. He thought and bit his inner cheek as he glance at the note again and then sighed and focused on his note taking.

He had barely finished when the bell rang and he looked up and around to see Kurt looking over at him with his lips in a annoyed tight circle. He got up quickly though when their eyes met and then grabbed his binder and left the class and he figured it was nothing but pure hate coming out again, like usual. He got up and then shoved the note into his letterman jacket pocket and hurried onto History.

When he got into the class he saw that he was again the last person to come in and was left with the seat that was in the back next to a few people he didn't really like and sighed as he headed to his seat. He looked at them and then looked to the black board to see what the topic of discussion was for the day as he felt the note burn again his side in the pocket. Why would Kurt write him a letter? That what it really was huh? It would probably be angry and something along the lines on ' how dare you take my first kiss! I plan on reporting you to the school just so you know. blah blah blah blah blah.' He took a deep breath and then look down to the blue history book and opened it. Maybe he should read it. Or should he wait...

He slipped his hand into the pocket and touched the note and then quickly withdrew his hand from the pocket and bit his lower lip. Maybe he should... Crap! He thought popping his neck and reached back into his pocket and pulled out the note and looked around the classroom as he unfolded the paper. He'd burn it later but he was curious. He wanted to know what was inside it and nip this bug in the butt before it got out of hand. He crossed his left arm over the desk top and leaned forward a bit as his right arm rested on the elbow and his hand propped him up. He looked down at the note taking a deep breath and chewed on his lower lip as he read the note while the teach began discussing.

David Karofsky,

First off I'd like to point out you stole my first kiss yesterday. Second, stop falling asleep in class unless you want to repeat high school all over. Anyway, care to explain about the random kiss though? I mean I thought you were going to punch me or at least shove me into the lockers, you sure implied it. But you didn't follow threw, which I do have to thank you for. I don't think I could pull off the broken face look all to well.

I guess I'm writting this to see what you were thinking. Where you just teasing me? Or being stupid? Or maybe even curious? If you want to talk without wanting to push me around like a rag doll, we could talk. I mean I'm not talking like going out to a movie and being chummy. But maybe some Starbucks and a park bench or something. You owe me that much.

So I've already have it planned. Tomorrow, at Blakely Park the bench behind the tree that most people don't know about and bring me a Carmal Frapachino with extra Caramel, and silk milk and whip cream. See you tomorrow, and if not then I'll take it that you still have your head deep inside your closet that your not civil enough to even so much as talk to me like a decent human being. Then again the test haven't come back to say you are human.


Kurt Hummel

David starred in astonishment to the letter. Did Kurt really expect him to follow this up? He even told him what he wanted from Starbucks! He looked around the classroom again and let out an angry sigh. He was the fucking bully, not Kurt. He wouldn't let up on Kurt because of some dumb kiss. However maybe he should tell him that and dump that frapachino on him as well to prove his point he thought smuggly.