Leather and Lace

Life In Technicolor

There are so many things that I realize now that were wrong with the relationship that I'd had with Edward Cullen. In the first place, he's an arrogant, controlling bastard who needs to know that just because he wants something doesn't make it his. In the second, I am a human girl. I have needs, desires... Things that I'd like to have fulfilled before I die. Edward wasn't willing to bend on any of those, and that is when I should've broken everything off with him. Jasper saved me—and I saved Jasper. Going back through all of my memories, of all the times that we had shared... Scary, romantic, tense, angry, sorrowful. Every single time, it had been Jasper with his reassuring smiles and cool hands. Without him, I would've sunken into a state from which I'd never be able to escape from. It's only now, when I look back at my life and see all these points in technicolor, that I realize it was never Edward that I was supposed to love. Even from the start, it was Jasper Whitlock. Even now, there is no place I'd rather be than in the rain with my beautiful, strong Major Jasper Whitlock.


Author's Note: Yes, this is a crappy as all crap ending. But it's better than just randomly dropping this story. I apologize for the brusqueness and confusing nature of this chapter, and if you need anything to be explained, give me a PM. I promise that I will reply to it to attempt to explain away your confusion. Sincerely, Zairan Mai.