Hhhhheeeeyyyy…..uhmmm….sorry for taking so long? I said I wouldn't do this again but uhm…turns out I'm shit for making promises.

I'll be honest: I've been lazy. Writing is a bit hard at the moment: lots of writer's blocks and I pretend that I don't have the energy to work through it, even though I do. But recently I've remembered how much it makes me happy so, I've tried to get back to it more.

So…I'm really sorry this took longer than it should have. Will try better in future!

Aaaaannyway, here is what happened last time on Jewels:

1. Bella and Edward finish their meeting in his flat and head back out again. Bella goes to a book shop and pretends to be normal while shopping for books for Emerald's b-day present.

2. They go feed the ducks after and have a bonding moment.

3. The Emerald's deflowering party arrives. Bella gives her a pep talk before they spruce her up for the big moment.

4. At the party, an oil tycoon called Emperor is introduced. He's creepy and nice all at the same time. Bella pushed Emerald onto him, since he was the one who took Bella's V-card, so she knows he'll be nice about it.

5. Bella herself picks up an Alpha Pig and catches Edward watching her.

So, hope that sums it up!


Edward didn't react.

His face muscles didn't even twitch.

He just stood at the bar, scotch in hand, staring at me as if I was part of a fascinating animal documentary. Slightly detached, but slightly disgusted at the same time. It was weird. I didn't know how to feel about Edward watching me work.

I wouldn't say I was embarrassed. My capacity to feel shame had dwindled over the past few years. But I vaguely recognised the oily feeling in the pit of my stomach as Alpha Pig bit into the side of my neck and dragged the wet muscle of his tongue along my collarbone. His erection pressed to my navel, insistently rubbing against me. His pinching hands squeezed my waist and brought me back to the situation at hand.

He needed to pay first before he got the goods first. I wielded this minuscule power I had over him in that moment. "Baby, money first before you fuck me," I murmured in his ear, "you know the rules of Cipro."

"Fuck the rules," he growled, hand on breast, the other forcing its way down my bikini bottom to my pussy.

I didn't make a scene. Instead, I dug my nails slightly into the guys arm and said in a low voice, "Don't make this difficult for me, baby. You know the rules."

My eyes flickered to one of the many suited guys that lined the room, readying to give one of them the signal. When a client is losing control and is unwilling to pay, we stick our thumb, forefinger and index finger out and shake it twice. That's when the suits muscle in and make them pay up. It was meant to be a last resort. If you need the help, its assumed that you hadn't explained the rules properly and you'd be punished along with the punter. I didn't much relish the thought of not eating for a week so I tried to pull myself away.

I realised too late that this was the wrong thing to do.

"The fuck you doing, whore?"

The roots of my hair seared as a fistful was grabbed and yanked upon. I was made to look into blurry blue eyes with bloody rims, "you're mine cunt. Don't you dare fucking pull away from me. I own you."

My neck muscles quivered and burned as they were pulled into an unnatural position. An idle thought crossed my mind that my bruises will be hand-shaped tomorrow as his other hand circled my arm, the skin pulling and pinching as his fingers dented my flesh.

"Baby, don't make a scene," I croaked, all the while readying my hand to sign to the Suits, "they don't like it when you make a scene."

He snorted, "excuse after fucking excuse, you're all the same."

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

The hands didn't let go of my body but the mouth that had been showering me in spittle swivelled with the face it was attached to, eyes bugging out slightly. Edward had moved silently so that he stood behind Alpha Pig's broad back. He grinned, as if he had just discovered a scandalous secret, eyebrows quirked with mischievous glee.

Alpha Pig sneered, one hand loosening off my hair but the other tightening in compensation, "the fuck are you?"

Edward had obviously been sprayed because he wiped his face delicately with a cocktail napkin from nearby before tossing it away. "You've chosen well. Sapphire here is delightful. Nice and tight, aren't you sweetie?"

I smile, playing along, while wondering what the hell did he think he was doing, "I do try to please, Lion."

Alpha Pig finally let go of me, his bloodshot eyes darting between us, "you fucking know each other?"

Edward grinned again, "yes, we're very close aren't we, 'Phire? She's worth every cent you spend on her. Very professional too, I believe she may be trying to tell you about how to pay her. I hear the bouncers here are quite vicious if you don't pay up front, but of course you know that already since you were invited to this party, hmm?"

Relief burned through me as Alpha Pig's eyes shifted uneasily around the room, as if only aware of the imposing black figures of Padrona's handpicked force of grunts. All brawn and no brain, they're known for making people hurt in the old fashioned way: kicks and punches that break bones, destroy facial structures, and make you spit and piss blood.

Alpha Pig wouldn't last two seconds under the Suits undivided attention.

He smoothed back his hair, muttering, "shit-fuck" in one breath before grabbing me again and dragging me to the negotiations table, without saying another word to Edward. I turn my head to catch Edward's gaze, mouthing a 'thank you' to him. He only arched his eyebrows before turning from me and sauntering off into the crowd.

I now realised I was even more indebted to him. The more I saw him, the more tangled it got. Groaning under my breath, Alpha Pig snarled into my ear, "it was your fault I forgot, cunt. I promise you'll hurt before I finish with you."

I turned to him, grinning my own coy smile, pushing thoughts of Edward and my debts to him away, "bring it, baby. I'm just tits and ass and cunt waiting to be fucked. Punish me for being such a bad girl."

Normal women don't talk like this. They don't egg their assaulter on. But in the end; I am just tits and ass and cunt. A national resource really.

I should just stick to what I know.

Alpha Pig thumbed out his money for me, while the suit with the cigarette tipping precariously between his lips listed my services in a bored tone: hand job ($60), blow job ($70, $75 if Alpha Pig wants me to swallow) vaginal sex ($100), anal sex ($150) and $20 added for every hour he wants to spend with me.

Alpha Pig pays for a full night plus all the trimmings. I lead him off afterwards, cooing stupid shit into his ear while mentally preparing myself for the physical onslaught that was to happen to my body. He's going to be rough with me. Its possible he has mommy issues (you learn that all guys really just want to punish their moms when they come here. That's Freudian shit, right there) or he's just a misogynistic shithead. Both are really one and the same.


God, I'm in pain.

As Alpha Pig sleeps, snoring and satiated, I wince my way out of the big blue bed. My body pulses with aches, every time my heart beats, the pain swells and bursts. I limp to the door, hissing as I pull the robe on, the silk hardly felt against the bruises that are forming all over.

He was rougher than I anticipated.

I silently leave, knowing that the suits will kick him out in the morning. For now, I just want a shower, some Advil and sleep.

I slip past the security door, heading for the shower room to take a proper look at the damage.

The shower room is basic. Cubbyholes hold our towels and shampoo, showerheads are bolted into the tiled walls with no cubicles to separate them. I strip the robe off and hobble to my cubbyhole, grabbing some soap and shampoo. Setting them down by one of the showerheads, I pump the button so that hot water hits my head and runs over my body.

I let out a breath. Closing my eyes, the pain seemed to lessen slightly. My lip stung, it must have split. Copper was in my mouth, hot and bitter. I licked my lips and tasted more salt.

I was surprised to find I was crying. Tears mixed with the hot water and washed my face. I was shaking as well.

In an effort to keep control, I grabbed shampoo and scrubbed my hair with it. Foam grew in soft clumps around my fingers and I concentrated around how that felt.

A rogue thought swirled around my brain: why do I let them do this to me?

I try to not think about it. I don't want it to take root. But it grows, fills my head like smoke.

I rinse the shampoo off and reach for the soap, the tears not stopping. My breath squeaks and whistles in my chest as I gulp for air. I scrub my body down, the sobs beginning to gather and grow in my chest. The question repeated over and over: why do I let them do this to me? Why do I let them do this to me? Why do I let them do this to me?

I slammed my fist against the tiles, even as my arm ricocheted with pain.

Why do I let them do this to me?


Dried and dressed after my shower, I collected a couple of Advil from the security guards, as we weren't allowed to have any of our own. They smirked knowingly and I ignored them best I could. I knocked the pills back in front of them and trudged out of the security room. They were the only men on duty: Padrona was long gone. When I got back into my room, Emerald was sitting on her bed, carefully unthreading the beads out of her hair.

She took one look at me and gasped.

"What the hell happened to you?"

I hadn't looked in a mirror. But from the way Emerald's face was pale and worried looking, I was guessing it wasn't good.

I attempted a smile but it was more of a grimace. "Met a lovely man tonight. Really liked to smack my tits about when fucking me. Lost his number though," I quipped though my smile quickly slipped off my face.

I ripped the covers back from my bed, crawling between the scratchy sheets.

"Are you ok?"

That damaged part of me became furiously jealous when those three words were said. Emerald should have gotten Alpha Pig. She should understand what this life is. She got the easy option, she hadn't suffered yet. I've been in this too long to still get the assholes. She needs to be broken.

To stop the poisonous feelings from streaming out of my mouth, I grunted, fluttering my eyes closed.

Before I feigned sleep however, I said in a low voice, "I'm glad you got Emperor. He's a nice sleaze."

I rolled over, pain stabbing along my body as I moved.

I didn't want to talk anymore.


A week later, Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches was blasting the speakers and some guy on his last night of freedom was fighting to paw my ass as I gave him a lap dance. Internally I was bored but I just kept smiling like I only ever thought about my manicure and getting laid.

The bruises, bluish and black, were carefully covered up with industrial concealer. Padrona had checked me over the next day, tsked, and muttered, "my, my what mucky pups my customers are." She kissed my forehead, in the way a mother would, her perfume cloying and strong and murmured, "Your pussy still works though, hmm mia cara?"

Her hand grasped my crotch and I suppressed my urge to recoil. I nodded mutely, fists clenched by my side.

"Molto bene," she whispered with a patronising hiss, "good girl, mia cara."

"You like this baby?" I murmured, pulling my hands up through my hair, making it cascade through my fingers. The groom and his expensive party of wasted team members whistled. They know not to touch though. They only paid for a dance. They're rich, but they're not that rich.

As the song drew to a close, I suddenly saw Edward at the bar again, and echo of what had happened the week before. He caught my gaze and cocked his head in a motion that was telling me to go talk to him.

I resisted flipping the bird to him.

If he wanted to talk about last week, he would have a better chance of finding fucking pixie dust.

I span away from the group, retrieving a new bikini top from backstage before sauntering my way to the bar. Edward's suit seemed a little rumpled, dust powdered the bottoms of his suit pants. There were spots of something on his shirt, but it was too dark to tell what it was.

Every time I saw him in here, I saw him with a glass of scotch. It was all he ever seemed to drink. As soon as I was next to him, he turned to Pavel, the bartender, and said, "vodka cranberry for my friend here."

I pursed my lips as Pavel mixed the drink, as the Jewels were only allowed alcohol if a punter bought it for us. I didn't look at Edward, for I knew that a new emotion would arise at the sight of him.


I owed him more now. It also showed that I cared a little bit of what he thought.


As soon as Pavel moved away and said lowly, "you bought me a fucking sorority girl's drink? Jesus you are unimaginative."

Insulting him seemed to even the odds.

"Didn't think you were picky," he murmured and out of the corner of my eye he took a massive gulp of his drink and then he wrapped his arm around my middle. His lips were millimetres from my ears, his breath hotly damp against my skin, "you hide the bruises well. You still limp a little though."

I turned my head, so that my eyes locked against his eyes. They seemed a little red-rimmed and there was scruff on his cheeks and neck. I smiled a shit-eating grin, as if I had enjoyed what he just said, and hissed through clenched teeth, "you're so full of shit."

His face didn't flicker, but there was a twitch to his lips that was gone before I could catch it, "how badly did he beat you?"

I giggled, shifting a little because the sharp edge of the bar was digging into a particularly sore bruise, "what I do with my other clients is confidential. Get off your righteous saviour pole. It makes you unattractive."

I then took a sip of my drink, my teeth nibbling the straw, "what are you doing here if not to pretend to give a shit about what I do with other clients?"

"What if one of them kills you?" he hissed, smiling beatifically at me.

"That's happened before," I say, leaning forward so my lips brushed his ear, "there's a panic button. We're expensive, us whores, Padrona can't afford losing us every week. I'm safe to a point."

As I'm about to pull back, I smell iron, mixed with musky cologne. I flicker to the spots on his shirt, dark blackish brown. Congealed blood. I retract from him and blink slowly, "don't worry you're pretty little head about it. I'm a big girl." My eyes then latched onto the bloodstain, "are you tense because you had to do a little killing tonight?"

He stiffened, and anger crackled across his gaze, "what the fuck are you talking about?"

I shook my head, "You're not the only one who can deduce shit you know. You did a crap job on the clean up. There's the victim's blood on your shirt."

He pulled at the collar of his shirt, as if trying to hide the stain. He gave me a vicious look, and it startled me. He didn't like it when I found out something insidious about him. Truly insidious. "So?" the word was spat out. I quirked an eyebrow at him as his arm tightened around me.

"I've watched plenty of deaths, plenty of tortures, I'm not shocked." That was true. I wasn't shocked. I hardly expected that Edward's job required him to push paperwork. "Why are you so mad?"

He tapped the bar top, drumming his fingers loudly. He was furious. He was silent for the first time I had ever asked him a question.

I narrowed my eyes, as I realised I had truly hit a nerve. I gave an incredulous laugh, removed the straw from my drink and knocked it back, before saying in a throaty voice, "I don't fucking believe it. You don't like that I figured something out about you? That I now know that you really hate gunning people down but you do it anyway 'cause, I don't know, your brothers tell you to or you really just wanna impress your dad—" a muscle twitched in his jaw "oh there it is!" I gloated, that damaged part of me so very happy that I had him for once. That I was in control. "Daddy doesn't think you're good enough does he?"

"Shut up, whore," he whispered hoarsely, his drink shaking hard in his grasp. From the outside, it still looked like we were having an intimate conversation, but the way Edward was looking at me was on the opposite side of the spectrum from intimate.

"Oh, now you're calling me by what I am? Just cause I finally understand something about you? That I know that you really hate your job," I laughed, but it was sarcastic, jarring, "fuck you. Fuck you and your fucking cryptic comments and your fucking promises for salvation. Don't you dare fucking use me as a way to feel better about yourself. You may think you're better than me. But you know what, baby? You're no better than good old Alpha Pig last week. At least he's fucking honest about what he's here for. The betterment of his ego and getting his dick wet."

Edward suddenly yanked me to his body, grabbed my hair and pulled it back so that my neck was pulled into an unnatural position so that I looked into his eyes. His glare was as hard as the stone I was named after in this place, jaw so tightly wound shut, I wondered if his teeth were cracking.

"Don't you fucking dare, Bella," he snarled, and I felt cold steel press to my navel, "don't you fucking dare."

I cackled, sounding more insane with each iota of power that Edward was handing over to me, "The great Edward Cullen: still a man!"

I then grabbed his gun hand, digging it deeper into my soft stomach, "prove me wrong then. Shoot me. Padrona really won't give a shit. There will be a new girl the next time you visit, maybe you could head-fuck her too. Just fucking shoot me."

His entire frame shook. Part of me knew he wouldn't do it. But a part of me wanted him to do it. So badly. To not have to fear it anymore, to not have to fear about how painful it might be. Death by gunshot is merciful, compared to what happened to old Emerald. I wanted him to do it.

Please do it.

But he only spat, "go fuck yourself" into my face before tearing away, smashing his glass onto the floor.

As his ass whipped around the door, the adrenaline that had been thumping through my blood, playing with my heart. I giggle and when Padrona sweeps over, I say dreamily, "Lion had to be somewhere. He was late."

I kept my shaking hands behind me, as she incredibly accepted my story. I wondered over to where two famous actors chattered at the bar, seemingly without company.

"Well hey fellas, you seem kinda lonely over here. What can I do for you?"

They check out my boobs and butt, and seem to like what they see. I flirt outrageously with them for a while before finally getting the both of them in the Blue room for a threesome.

Such is my life.

That was really, really difficult to write. I'd have to stop every once in a while to stop myself getting too despondent.

So, Bella finally got underneath his skin. The encounter with Alpha Pig definitely triggered that. Yeah, rough stuff. What do you all think of Edward now? Saviour or what? Love to hear from you!

Lots of love


Random Fact # 3: I work at an Italian café, which is quite famous in Edinburgh. It really does nothing for my diet (they serve greasy doughnuts and chicken wrapped in bacon. A girl can only handle so much), the customers are a little irritating at times (I once got an entire lecture on how to specifically make a macchiato for a full 5 minutes) and the pay sucks. At least I have nice colleagues though!