AN: Okay so, I realized yesterday that I promised my OP readers a new fic at the end of Liar, and never wrote one. Anyway, this was thrown together to serve as an apology. So here you go, just a little study on our favorite rubber man and those big ol' eyes we all know and love. (:

Luffy's eyes were something else.

The color varied from chocolate to onyx, depending on who you spoke too, but it wasn't the hue that mattered anyway.

It was what people saw beneath that.

Every member of the Mugiwara no Kaizuko saw something special in their captain's large eyes, something that kept them going.

They saw the innocence. No matter what he went through, Luffy didn't let it phase him for long. He was pure by nature, and those eyes proved it.

They saw hope. In their darkest hours, the crew just needed a simple look from the raven haired boy to get them back on their feet.

They saw freedom. Luffy had saved all of them from something or other. Whether it was from slavery, death, a miserable life, or something they didn't even know they needed saving from, Luffy had rescued their souls. And they never forgot it.

But sometimes, Luffy's eyes scared his crew.

When he was angry, Luffy's pupils would contract, leaving nothing but small, enraged dots in a sea of white. Everyone knew that this meant the young man was beyond his games, and was ready to finish the battle.

If the captain was serious, his eyes would harden, leaving no room for argument. Not that the crew would give any. A serious Luffy was a deadly Luffy.

But what scared the crew most, was the pain and sadness they occasionally saw behind the smiles he gave them.

Luffy had seen so much in his short nineteen years. His childhood was never spoken of, but from meeting Garp, the crew guessed it wasn't very easy. Then there were all the fights they had seen while sailing together. And the memories of the last two years…

They didn't even want to think about what they didn't know.

Sometimes they wondered how he could smile at all. He never shared his pain with them, but he didn't have too.

Because the light would return as quickly as it left, and Luffy's eyes would smile again.

They showed his simply glee at a chunk of meat, his peaceful approval of a song, the excitement of finding a new island or the giddiness he felt when playing on the deck with various crew members.

But mostly, they held the pride he had for his crew and himself.

And one glimpse of that sparkle was all they needed, because Luffy's dark, beautiful eyes said more about him than words ever could.

AN: Ta da! This is probably one of the not so greatest things I've written in a while, but whatever. Hope you enjoyed it anyway. :D