Blaine Anderson strode through the halls of Dalton like he did every day. This time he was headed to a Warblers meeting. And by 'meeting' they probably meant a random performance. They did this a lot, just busted our singing and dancing at random times chosen by one of the Warblers. Blaine thought this was a bit tacky, it seemed too much like High School Musical, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. He opened the doors to the room, where the Warblers were already gathered and walked over to them.

"Teenage Dream." He suggested, nobody disagreed.

They spread out across the room and began the intro, Blaine took his spot in the centre and began

"Before you met me, I was alright but things were kinda heavy, you brought me to life now every February, you'll be my valentine, valentine." As he sang he locked his own hazel eyes, with a pair of shocking blue-gray ones, and was suddenly very glad he chose that song.

"You make me feel like I'm livin a teenage dream, the way you turn me on, I can't sleep let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back!" he never broke eye contact with the boy, who was now blushing to the tips of his ears.

When the song was over, Blaine picked up his bag and walked over to the boy, wondering why he had never noticed him before.

"Hi." He held out a hand "I'm Blaine Anderson, nice to meet you."

"Kurt Hummel," the boy said, taking his hand "Nice to meet you, too."

"Why haven't I seen you before?" Blaine wondered aloud

"Oh, I'm new here, just transferred." Blaine smiled widely

"Well, Welcome to Dalton, mind if I show you around?"

"Not at all." Kurt smiled. Blaine walked him down the halls, telling him about the school. They were walking through the courtyard when Kurt's phone began to ring, blasting a tune from Wicked. If Blaine wasn't positive Kurt was gay before, he was now.

"Take it." Blaine said, and Kurt flicked it open

"Danny!" he smiled "yeah, I'm fine, Blaine's showing me around." He paused while the other person spoke "yeah, he goes here, he's really nice…okay, bye, love you too."

He hung up and replaced the phone in his pocket

"Sorry, my boyfriend. What were you saying?" Blaine's heart fell into his stomach

"Uhh, we have dorms here, but not everyone decides to stay…"

By the time they were finished talking, Blaine was twice as disappointed, he genuinely liked talking to Kurt, he wasn't just cute, he was funny and smart and easy to talk to.

"So, Kurt, are you rooming here, or…"

"At home, my parents can't really afford it." He smiled sadly

"But, I'd like to room here, it seems more convenient."

"It is." Blaine said, then paused "Kurt, do you sing?" Kurt nodded

"I was in the glee club at my old school." Blaine smirked

"Fantastic, you should try out for the Warblers!" he said "we've never had a countertenor, plus, they give us discounts on the rooms so we can always make it to practice."

"Seriously?" Kurt asked happily

"Yeah! I'll set you up with an audition, tomorrow sound okay?" Kurt nodded so Blaine continued "all you need to do is pick a song."

"Thank you so much!" Kurt said "I'll see you tomorrow." Blain waved after the boy, smiling to himself.

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