Blaine shuffled his feet as he approached Kurt, who was sitting on the couch. Kurt looked up at him

"you look nervous," he observed, then quirked a brow "what did you do?"

"Nothing!" Blaine assured him hastily and sat down "It's just…Delilah is six now and…I was just thinking that maybe, if you wanted to-"

"Blaine, spit it out."

"How would you feel about another baby?" Blaine asked quickly and quietly, Kurt froze

"Are you serious?" he asked, setting his papers down

"Completely, Kurt, we've talked about this…we agreed we wanted two kids." Blaine was beginning to get nervous, what if Kurt had changed his mind? What if he didn't want any more kids? God, Blaine wanted more kids.

"I want to use a surrogate this time," Kurt said with a nod, Blaine looked up at him, wide eyed


"Well, yeah, we've got enough money and I want at least one of our kids to have some of our genes." Blaine nodded, that's exactly what he'd been thinking. "I think it should be you." Kurt continued, "Delilah already looks like me, god knows how that happened," he smiled

"So…when do you want to start…looking?"


"Now?" Kurt shrugged

"Why not?" Blaine almost laughed, Kurt pulled out his laptop and began looking for websites, or anything. They found one with a bunch of girls and their applications. They found no one.

He and Kurt had been well done with all of the legal stuff, they'd prepared an application and now only needed to contact a potential surrogate, who would then review their application and decide. Blaine sat in the dressing room after one of his shows. He clicked through page after page of girls until one popped out at him. He clicked and enlarged the picture of her, he gasped. Jen, the girl who played his opposite came up behind him.

"Damn." She said, Blaine had told her about the situation "you need to contact her like, now." She squeezed his shoulders; Blaine continued staring at the screen. He quickly copied her e-mail address and sent in he and Kurt's application, not bothering to talk with his husband about it. Jen chuckled and hugged him around the shoulders

"Now go home and show Kurt!" she said, nearly pushing him out of his chair. Blaine packed up his things instantly and ran out to the parking lot.


"Kurt!" Blaine shouted as he opened the door "Kurt!" a moment later Kurt came bounding around the corner with Delilah on his hip, wrapped in her ducky bathrobe.

"What?" he asked, looking afraid

"It's not bad, it's…it's amazing, it's wonderful" Blaine laughed "I found a surrogate, I mean, if she accepts us that is." Kurt broke out in a smile

"Dad, what's a sur-goat?" Delilah asked, patting Kurt's face

"Uh…" he looked to Blaine, who lead them both into the living room and seated Delilah onto the couch in front of the two kneeling men.

"Well, honey, a surrogate is someone who has a baby for other people." Delilah tilted her head in confusion


"Because some people can't have babies on their own." Delilah frowned and bit her lip

"Like you?" she asked, Kurt's eyes softened

"Yep, peanut, like us." Delilah smiled

"Okay." Kurt laughed and picked her up

"Now let's get you changed into your jammies, kiss your daddy goodnight." Blaine leaned in and pressed a kiss to his daughters forehead, which she returned by kissing his cheek.


"Now that that's done, you found someone?" Kurt asked, coming to sit beside Blaine in their bed.

"That I did," Blaine smiled widely and clicked on the tab he had open, Kurt stared at her picture momentarily.

"Blaine," he gasped "Blaine, oh my god, she looks like me." He said, gripping Blaine's arm.

"I know…she even has your eyes."


"Alright, Sarah." The doctor said "in around three weeks, you can take a home pregnancy test or go get a blood test" she nodded and shifted uncomfortably on the table. Blaine smiled and took her hand

"Thank you." He said for about the millionth time. She smiled up at both of them

"You two deserve it."


Blaine rolled over in bed, he couldn't sleep, and he knew for certain Kurt couldn't either.

"I don't want to tell anybody until we're sure she's pregnant." Blaine stated, Kurt nodded

"Me too." Then Blaine smiled widely

"I'm so glad to have this…all of this with you." He sighed, pulling Kurt close and nuzzling his neck, kissing his way up Kurt's jaw line.

"Me too," Kurt whispered, Blaine eventually made his way to Kurt's lips and kissed him deeply, leaning over the other man.

"I love you." He breathed into Kurt's mouth, Kurt returned the sentiment with a moan and a hand on the back of Blaine's neck, pulling him closer.


Kurt's phone rang, Blaine picked it up.


"Blaine?" Sarah asked

"Yeah? Kurt's in the shower" he said,

"I'm pregnant." Sarah giggled "you guys are gonna have a baby!" Blaine nearly dropped the phone.

"You're serious?" he gasped, Delilah looked up at him from where she was coloring on the floor.

"Daddy?" she asked, frowning, Blaine smiled to let her know everything's okay

"I'll let Kurt know." He laughed "thank you, Sarah!" he hung up and scooped Delilah up off the ground.

"You're gonna have a little brother or sister!" he said, Delilah giggled

"Baby!" she laughed, and of course, Kurt chose that moment to walk into the living room.

"Baby?" he asked, Blaine nodded

"Sarah's pregnant!" Kurt squealed and joined them in a hug, kissing his husband and his daughter.


The next few months went much better than Kurt and Blaine had suspected. They had Sarah practically living with them, and as the time came closer, Carole had flown in to watch Delilah, just in case.

Carole was sleeping with Delilah, Blaine was sleeping alone, Kurt was at a fashion show, and now Blaine's door was practically being kicked in. He sat up quickly and ran over to it, to find Sarah in the doorframe, glowering at him.

"Blaine. Get your ass dressed and drive me to the hospital." She commanded. Blaine didn't get dressed. He pulled her out the door, along with her suitcase and drove to the hospital in his plaid pajama pants and Dalton sweatshirt (he never had the heart to get rid of that).

Once at the hospital, a nurse instantly wheeled Sarah into the delivery room, and pulled Blaine along with her, he was the father after all.

"Call Kurt," Sarah reminded Blaine, who instantly whipped out his phone and dialed.

"Hello?" Kurt yelled over the loud music

"Kurt! Sarah's having the baby!" he yelled back

"Oh my god!" and the line went dead. Blaine went back to Sarah's side and held her hand.

"This isn't going to be fun." Sarah warned, Blaine laughed

"I think I can manage."


Sarah Screamed, Blaine apologized

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" he wiped the hair that clung to her face away, she groaned and looked up at him

"Shut up."

Sarah gave one final push and the doctor held up a small, screaming infant. Blaine's throat closed up and tears welled in his eyes. Sarah laughed

"Poor baby," she said, eyeing the small thing's mass of black hair. Blaine laughed and gave her a hug.

"What's his name?" A nurse asked Blaine


Kurt paced the waiting room, biting his nails. Was Sarah okay? Was everything going well? How was Blaine taking it? He didn't have time to worry much longer, as someone came up behind him, grabbing him around his middle.

"Blaine?" he squeaked, twisting around to look into his husband's smiling face.

"C'mon!" Blaine said, Kurt's eyes softened at the tears in Blaine's.

"Honey…" he said, reaching up to wipe one away, Blaine continued smiling and pulled him down the hallway.

Sarah was asleep, and almost everything was quiet, aside from the soft cooing from the cradle. Blaine went over and picked him up, Jason stared back into his father's eyes.

"Oh my god." Kurt said, reaching out a shaking hand and smoothing down a dark curl from the baby's head. Kurt admired his son, his pale skin and blue eyes was contrasted beautifully with the shock of dark hair, and if Kurt wasn't mistaken, he could already notice that baby's eyebrows taking on a triangular shape.

"You are your father's son." Kurt laughed, stroking she baby's cheek with his thumb."

"At least he's got your eyes."

(AUTHORS NOTE: Jason's nick name is Jace…just sayin. I've been saying this for years, far before Glee came out and everybody knew who Blaine was. I want my children to be named Blaine and Delilah. But I didn't want to just name this baby Blaine the second or whatever, so Jace it is.)