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Chapter 1: Making a Splash

"You do know it's been too long don't you?"

More than you know.

"I know it's been too long, Draco," and with that she felt her form begin to morph back into human of it's own accord, she glanced up to see the faint outline of a dragon standing next to her. Then there was a deafening CRACK! And the only trace of her was a few strands of honey-brown fur and a trail of paw prints leading from the monastery and vanishing into nothing.

A clouded, overcast sky drifted overhead lazily, the dark clouds hanging over the wooded park like a shroud. Though it wasn't unpleasant, despite the chill in the air and the reddening leaves that autumn was on its way. A lone figure picked its way along the short cliff of a gray, fast-moving river, passing underneath draping willow branches as it stumbled onward with a grunt or curse every so often. The figure was slightly feminine, though how she dressed was somewhere in between. Wearing dark blue jeans and a green top over a long-sleeved black shirt. Around her neck jangled a collar with two metal tags; one was a flat disk displaying a detailed wolf's head and the other a bone with the letters Becca engraved on its flat, gold surface.

The tags jingled vigorously when she almost slipped on a wet patch of grass and caught herself on the nearest tree branch. With yet another inaudible curse she hauled herself up on the branch and rested there, enjoying the view for a few brief moments. Becca leaned back against the trunk and watched the river flowing swiftly by beneath her branch only a few feet away, daydreaming as she often did when she was alone.

Her eyelids closed, listening to the river Becca cleared her mind, or at least attempted to. Normally her mind was a whirl of normal adolescent thoughts, save men since she had no interest whatsoever, but other things plagued her mind; how to dress, her hair, what kind of food she ate, when she would eat. To be perfectly honest, Becca thought of food about 50% of the time she thought about everything else. Yet her thoughts weren't always so trivial, sometimes she pondered things like the world, existence, the universe and death. Death. It wasn't really something for her to worry about, being an immortal werewolf and all. The only thing that could kill her was decapitation, silver and serious diseases (though some considered celery being an effective weapon against her). Other than those she couldn't die, so it wasn't something for Becca to really spend her time fear mongering over.

A rustling noise disturbed Becca's slowing thoughts, which evidently had been focused on a set of desserts she wanted to make, and she cracked open one blue-gray eye to look grumpily for whatever made the noise. Brushing a strand of her short, honey-blonde hair from her eyes to see better.

From through the swishing branches of the willow tree she spotted something on the other bank of the river. Something dark and shadowy loping through the underbrush, two in fact, had caught her eye. The lighter one seemed to be following the darker one into the forest. Becca shifted from her spot and leaned across the branch to get a better look, crawling on her hands and knees to the thinner part of the bark. Underneath her weight the branch creaked and groaned in protest, wobbling precariously over the rushing river below.

What the heck is that? Becca narrowed her eyes and reached for a few of the branches to move them aside. Her hand, however, never touched the leaves. For behind her came a loud SNAP! And she felt the wood crack and weaken underneath her. Becca looked back and found herself falling through the air towards the cold water, she didn't even have time to gasp when her body met the frigid current and she lost her sight in the whirl of dark.

Struggling to regain her footing, Becca felt an overwhelming twinge of panic rising in her chest. One of her greatest fears was drowning, though it was highly impossible, it still terrified her not being able to see where she was or feel the ground beneath her feet. In the roiling water she glimpsed the riverbank, the willow tree growing smaller and smaller in the distance. Water clouded her vision again and she was swept away by the strong current, struggling and flailing her arms to no avail in the blackening water. Her lungs screamed for air and her body was tiring fast, unable to fight the overwhelming river, water pulled at her tired limbs and short hair. Black spots began to impede on her vision, and a soundless scream, accompanied by a column of bubbles, escaped from her mouth. Only to be lost in the writhing, spinning current.

Am I actually going to die? The dim thought came to her mind just as her sight vanished into blackness.

Suddenly the current slowed and became less chaotic, Becca felt a gentle pull as she was dragged to the surface. Opening her eyes she felt another wave of panic when she saw the blackness beneath her, stretching onwards into nothingness. Her lungs burned and her body used it's last ounce of strength as she shot towards the glimmering light above her.

Becca burst from the water, breathing air in great, desperate gulps. Floating in the calmer area of the river, Becca found herself in a wide, almost lake-like pond. The water was calm and gave her the ability to move without much of a struggle. The fear she had earlier came back for a third time and she frantically paddled her way to shore, trying not to imagine what creatures could possibly be swimming beneath her.

Reaching the side of the river, the werewolf hauled herself onto a pebbly inlet and coughed out a fountain of river water. Breathing heavily she rolled herself onto her back and stared up into the sky, eyes dimming with exhaustion. The sky had darkened to an almost charcoal colour; all around her there were tall trees and soft grass. Coughing and spluttering again Becca put a hand to her chest and waited for her body to stop convulsing; clothes soaked, skin cold, and night coming on soon, she didn't know what to do. Turning into her wolf self wouldn't help, she would still be wet, if not more so. She was too tired and fatigued to get up and find shelter or help, and there was no breeze blowing through the trees so she needn't fear about sickness for the moment.

Perhaps I'll just rest… she thought dimly, regain my strength for a few minutes and then head home. Before she even finished the thought she was already asleep. Though one thought had risen to her mind before she had drifted off.

The two shadows she had seen before, one lighter than the other, had been watching her as the river had swallowed her. Their golden eyes were the same as her own, the piercing, unwavering orbs that filled stories of evil beings and horrible monsters. The same eyes that she had in her other form, the eyes of wolves.

Riiight... I never did explain who that black wolf was... NOW THERE'S TWO? OOOOOH SHITAKEMUSHROOMZ AND BARNACLE SAUCE...

Well! We'll see more in chapter two!