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Epilogue: Knowing how to say Goodbye

Becca threw her knife against the wall so hard that the blade stuck in between two stone bricks with a metallic twang! She glared venomously at the tiny weapon before she got up, wrenched it free and flung it again, this time hitting a different part in the wall, chiming again. Once more she rose from her stool and retrieved the weapon, staring at it for a good long minute, the metal was scratched and gouged from the force she had been whipping it at the wall with, there was one particularly long scratch right down the middle from the latest blow.

With poison in her stare and a snarl silently forming on her lips, Becca clutched it by the hilt and sent it flying, it hit it's mark, just as before.

Stupid… absolutely brainless and deficient, dense, imbecilic mindless… trivial lunatic! I should pluck his eyebrows out one hair at a time and stick them all up his nose with a sewing needle! The girl grabbed the dagger and yanked it from the stone, her anger enough to nearly make her hurl the knife out the open window. She did not, however, for who knows whom it would land on, or injure, or maim, or kill? Becca sighed and sheathed the knife in its place by her ankle, walking over and leaning on the windowsill, peering out onto the monastery below.

After the night Geoff had confessed to her, Becca locked herself in her room and didn't open the door to anyone for five days. At one point someone tried to break it down, that was when she placed the dresser in front of it and screamed that she was naked over and over again until she was sure the stupid scuzzball outside had died of embarrassment.

The only thing she ever left her room for was for food, and even then her door remained bolted shut. Whenever she got hungry Becca would wait for night and climb out her window, just below it was a small ledge that led to an overhanging roof of a corridor. She would swing down there and land in the hallway, and then make a dash for the kitchen or anywhere with food she could take without saying it was stealing. After getting her food she would just hike it on back up to the same corridor, climb the wall up to the roof and shimmy her way back through her window.

Yet right now Becca didn't feel like eating, though that notion sounded alien in her mind, she gazed down at the monastery instead. The day had been warm and sunny, the sky blue with barely a cloud in it, below the monastery went about life rather lazily, for the sun now was beginning to sink towards the mountains in the west.

Becca yawned, her fury now almost gone but the anger still burned in her chest, He shouldn't have done that… the dumb, stupid moron. Now I feel bad about rejecting him, I can't go home like this! She walked over to the dresser where she had laid the tunic that Geoff and Drake had given her; she picked up the cloth and ran it through her fingers with a dull smile on her face. They really didn't have to make this… I'm sure all of Curly's heart went into it, and I feel bad about rejecting him… but… I just can't handle that kind of pain. She flinched, the idea seemed selfish, as if she were sparing herself pain but shoving it off onto Geoff instead.

I hate being an adolescent, too many feelings. Becca sat down on the bed and laid the tunic out beside her, a moment later she rose and got the other items in her possession: the dagger, the tunic, a small bundle of cloth and the clothes on her back.

She sighed heavily; it has to be tonight, I have to leave, muttered a small voice. Becca clenched her fists while her shoulders shook uncontrollably, yet from rage or intense sorrow she could not decide. Becca then knelt on the floor beside the bed, her arms spread out across the quilt and her chin resting on it, her honey blonde hair wreathing her face while she closed her eyes. The girl listened carefully to her breath, she could hear the far-off beat of her heart in her chest, and it seemed so distant, as if it were miles from her even though it was right there.

I have to leave… that tiny voice sounded in her mind again, this time louder than before. I have to get out of here, I don't belong here and I can't stay where he is… This is bound to happen again if I linger.

Becca got to her feet and slid the dagger into her boot, clipping it around her ankle. She took a leather bag in the corner of the room and placed it on the bed, shoving the bundle of cloth into it and placing the gift on top. Just before she finished, Becca took a piece of parchment from her dresser and a quill, scrawled something quick across it in black ink, and left it on the bed. Becca then unblocked the door as quietly as she could and unlocked it, Becca waited a moment and sighed heavily. She then slung the pack over her back and looked at the room again before she hopped towards the windowsill. Just before she climbed down she glanced back at the door and a pained look passed over her face, she blinked once and stayed crouched on the window.

"Goodbye," she said gently, and then she hopped out the window and into the coming dusk.

Traveling along the back alleyways, Becca managed to keep out of sight until night had fallen. She kept to her smaller wolf form as to not attract too much attention, though a wolf in any shape or form, in this case: size, would attract enough attention. Yet she kept silent and to the shadows until the last ray of sunlight disappeared from the sky, the torches blazed brightly in their braziers and many of the monastery's inhabitants had retired for the evening. Though the gate was closed, Becca knew of a small open grate in the wall that she could squeeze through.

Poking her head from the alley, her thick, brown ears pricked for any sounds of approaching feet, Becca trotted out and down the street. The wolf sniffed along the ground every few seconds, looking for the path towards the grate, scenting for the smell of grass amongst the stifling smells of smoke and humans. Her gray-blue eyes remained unblinking as staring into the dark, her tail stayed down and her paws moving quickly over the cobbled street while she made her escape.

Suddenly a loud sound beat against her eardrums, the sound of wings beating against the still night air growing closer and closer. Becca quickly dashed under a small porch and crouched there, her ears flat and her honey-brown fur bristling at the harshness of the sound in her sensitive ears.

"Becca!" she recognized Geoff's voice as he and Drake flew over her, she could see the dragon's large shape passing low above the houses as he flew. "Becca! Where are you?" Geoff cried, the worry and fear in his tone almost calling her from her hiding place. Yet she turned her head against the ground and ignored his cries, not daring to move a single muscle as Drake passed overhead. She even heard him calling for her, the two of them must have found the room unlocked and when they barged, in found it empty and the window open with the note on the desk.

If they find me it'll be harder for me to go home… she told herself.

Once she was sure they had gone on to a different part of the monastery, Becca snuck out from underneath the porch and down another shadowed backstreet in the direction of the grate. Her mouth hung open while she walked, her crimson tongue lolling from her jaws and her teeth glinting in the dim light.

Just as the grate was coming into sight the sound of Drake's wings approached again and she ducked under another porch just outside just as the dragon touched the ground a few feet from her hiding place. Holding her breath, Becca scooted farther back into the gloom, eyes flashing yellow in fright as Geoff jumped to the ground and walked about, his boots appearing just before the entrance to the porch.

"I don't see her anywhere!" the boy sighed in exasperation, "The monks on watch said they didn't see anything leave the monastery so she has to still be here!"

Drake hummed worriedly, "She could still be hiding, or they may not have seen her leave," he chuckled wryly, "Becca can be sneaky that way," she felt her chest swell only a little with pride at Drake's partial compliment, yet she remained hidden.

Geoff groaned, "I know! I know! That's what makes me so worried… what if she went to the portal? What if she's already gone?" he questioned frantically.

"Now calm down Geoff, we can head to the portal and head her off, I'm sure she's not gone yet,"

"Yeah, come on lets go Drake!" with that Geoff hopped back onto the dragon and the two took off.

As the sound of wing beats faded, Becca inched from her hiding spot and shook her fur out. Dammit! Now they're going to beat me too it! With new speed she bolted for the grate and squeezed through, out onto the grass beyond. She shot across the field and into the forest, keeping on the tips of her toes, as the world became a blur around her. Heading for the river she splashed through a connecting stream and ran on, the sound from before leading her on even though her night vision did most of the work. Breath coming in short gasps, her heart pounding desperately in her chest, and the blood roaring in her ears, Becca came upon the river and ran along it.

Just as the sound was growing unbearable and she could see the clearing where the portal had been hidden, Drake swooped down upon her and blocked her path. His wings flared in her face, creating a gust of wind that nearly whipped Becca off her paws. She gripped the earth tightly with her claws and crouched low, hears flat but her eyes and mouth open in a defiant snarl.

"Becca! Don't you dare go through that portal!" Geoff leapt from Drake's back, a torch in his hand, the flames blazing across her vision and temporarily blinding her. Becca yelped and leapt backwards as he approached her, baring her teeth and growling a warning for him to stay back.

"Don't get in my way Geoff! Drake! Let me pass," she snapped through her mind link, the wolf's eyes glinting wildly in the dark.

"No! You're not going anywhere and we wont let you!" he shouted, Drake folded his wings and stood beside him. It was now, more than ever, that Becca noticed how much older and stronger they had become, the two of them could easily hold her back if she stayed this size.

The wolf suddenly doubled in size until she stood a foot over Geoff's head, her blue eyes glaring at them and her nostrils flaring as she sniffed and grunted angrily, "I do not want to hurt you two… let me go," she pleaded, yet they did not move.

Drake shook his head, "No Becca, we can't just let you go! You're our best friend!"

"And we care about you too much, what if we never see you again?" Geoff asked fearfully, Becca could see the hurt in his expression and nearly reconsidered.

"You two would imprison me here? Trap your best friend and never allow her to see her family again?" she inquired blatantly, their faces fell a fraction at the realization of their actions. "Exactly, I cannot stay anymore, that portal wont stay open forever and it's my only way home. Let. Me. Pass." The fur on the wolf's shoulder's relaxed a fraction, yet still appeared like she was ready for a fight if she had too.

"Aren't we family too?" the question from Geoff struck an arrow through her chest, and she blinked in surprise, "Why didn't you tell us you were leaving in person? Why did you resort to a note? Becca doesn't do that! You would tell us what was wrong! Family doesn't keep secrets!" Becca flinched at his words and her form faltered. "And all this sneaking around, it's like you're a fugitive! You could have just come to us Becca! Why didn't you?"

The wolf ground her teeth, "Because you would have done what you are doing now! You would have tried anything to stop me from going! So I tried to spare you that pain,"

This time it was Drake who spoke up, "But you didn't, you made it worse Becca. Disappearing in the middle of the night after five days of hiding in your room, leaving only a note, what were we supposed to do?" he growled, lashing his tail against the ground, "We can't just forget about you! What makes you think we can?"

Becca sighed and shook her head; "It was since I couldn't tell it to your faces… I was far too angry and far too afraid…" her ears flattened against her skull, eyes returning to her gray-blue. "I couldn't… look at your damn sad faces and tell you that I was leaving! Now move out of my way before I move you myself!" she snapped before she could manage tears. Not now! She told herself angrily, you can't get mushy now or else you'll never leave! Yet her heart wanted to run up and hug the two of them and apologize until the sun came up.

The two of them looked at her in confusion, before bringing their shoulders together, "No!" they said in synch.

Becca barked furiously and suddenly charged them, her eyes flashing, mouth open and displaying her teeth, her claws at the ready. Both dragon and boy flinched as the monstrous animal bore down on them like something from hell, it leapt into the air and they ducked as it went screeching over their heads.

After the fury had passed they both whipped around, only to see a human girl standing beside the now exposed portal. She was facing them, a sad smile on her face that now mimicked theirs as they realized they wouldn't be able to stop her in time if she decided to lunge to the side.

Desperation appeared on Geoff's face, Becca spotted tears forming in his eyes, "Becca, please… don't," but he knew his words were wasted. Drake looked between the two of them, his face understanding but frightened at the same instant as he realized what Geoff's words truly meant.

Becca grinned, "Curly, you'll be fine. I can't live here forever, though I desperately wish I could. But my home is back in the future," she warily walked towards him and gave him a fierce hug, "I can't thank you enough… for everything," letting go of Geoff she hugged Drake's muzzle, "Both of you," She backed away and looked at Geoff, tears now threatening to overflow in his eyes, she flinched but gave him another smile. "And you, Curly…" she walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek, Geoff froze and Drake gawked at her.

Bouncing away before they could make a single move, Becca laughed musically, "Get a girl!" she giggled at his flushed face before hopping onto the spot the portal was spinning upon.

"W-will we ever see you again?" Geoff managed to ask as Becca's form began to fade gradually. The girl looked up, brushing a hand through her honey blonde hair and smirking mischievously like she always did.

"If I say no, then I would be lying," she replied, "But I cannot answer that Curly!" and with a loud and deafening CRACK! Becca's form vanished.



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