From werewolf to Hogwarts teacher one man tells his story. From the misery of rejection, to the glory of friendship, to the bitter anger of betrayal, Remus reflects on the events of his past, that will lead him to take on the future.

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My Name is Remus Lupin


My name is Remus Lupin and I am the only one left. Hmm… not much of a title. Oh, well, no one will ever actually read this anyway. No one cares. Everyone who cared is gone. James and Lily are dead and so is Peter. Sirius is off at Azkaban, as good as dead. He was the one held responsible for their deaths. I don't want to believe it, even after all these years. Sometimes, I don't. It's as if he tells me he's innocent and I have to believe him.

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I swear I can still feel their presence. I can see James grinning as he pulls another prank and Lily yells at him for it, but can't help laughing as well. I can hear Sirius say, "You worry too much, Moony. We won't get caught." And I can see Addi's beautiful eyes; full of hope of the future we'd never have together. I can feel them and for an instant it seems so real. Then I open my eyes and I am alone. They are all gone, every single one of them. That cold empty feeling of loneliness creeps back into my veins. It's been ten years since I last saw any of them. Ten long, lonely years. It's Halloween, the anniversary of James and Lily's death. Tomorrow I will be thirty. Thirty!

When I look in the mirror, I don't recognize the man I see staring back at me. Red-brown hair now streaked with gray, tired pale blue eyes framed by thin wire-framed glasses, wrinkles beginning to show on a pale colorless face. It's not me. It hasn't been me for eleven years. When everyone left, I lost so many pieces of myself that by the time they'd all gone, there was nothing left. Nothing but memories. It wasn't always this way. There were better days, much better days. But those days and the person I had been seem a world away, like a fantasy that all I can do is dream of. And I do dream of it. Every hour of every miserable day I dream. And I cry. Usually without even realizing it. The sadness just overtakes me and don't bother to fight it.

To this day, I spend hours wondering, why us? What did any of us ever do to deserve this? We'd been happy. Then I feel guilty for feeling sorry for myself. After all, I have it the easiest of the four of us. James and Peter are both dead. And Sirius. I don't know what to think about Sirius. I just can't believe he went bad, but he did. When they found him, he was laughing. They arrested him and still he laughed. Had he killed James, Lily, Peter and all of those other people and found it funny? The thought is disturbing enough to make me feel sick to my stomach. Sirius had been the most loyal friend you could ever have. He would stick up for you no matter what, and he would do anything for you. He and James had been best friends, probably even closer than I'd been to the two of them. They were like brothers, never apart. But I guess even brothers kill brothers sometimes.

I guess I have sort of begun my story at the end. There was plenty that came before this, of course. Lots of happy years we spent together before our so close to perfect little lives came crashing down before us.

I guess you could say it really all began when I began. I was born on November first, 1967 in a small village in Wales. My parents were Christopher Remus Lupin and Sarah Marlena Lupin. I was named Remus Jeremy Lupin. My father worked for the Ministry of Magic for the Department of Wizard Manufacturing and Product Testing. They tested wizard products to make sure they were safe. And my mother stayed home to take care of me. I was an only child. I don't have many memories of my early childhood. One of my first memories is one of my worst.