Disclaimer: not mine

Pairing: Abby-centred / slight Gabby

A huge thank goes to finlaure for taking the time to proofread

Rated: M

All those nights...

Closing my eyes for the length of one deep breath.

Wondering how long it will take

'till your hands start their journey

on my heated skin

Not long it seems,

barely seconds later goose bumps rise-

forming a path along my skin

from my hip to just below the swell of my breast.

A soft sigh leaves my slightly parted lips, as my eyes close again.

Contentment warms my inner core.

The incredible feeling when you know someone adores you-

enough to be with you.

Your hands free my body from the unnecessary cloth

covering it with hot breath and soft kisses instead.

My fingers wandering along your spine-

urging you closer to me,

urging you to go further,

urging you to go on.

Sighs and moans animate the room with life

as we continue with the old journey.

A journey which every so often is pursued.

Breathless sighs, shaking fingers,

steady movement.

Soft cries turning louder with every breath,

with every movement.

A scream, opening my eyes

I realise


Only a dream...


I know this is something entirely different from what I've done so far so let me know what you think :)