Hogwarts Rejection Letters

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Author's Note: If you are reading this first, try and hit the chapter index button and go to the chapter after Inspiration 1. This is a multi-chapter update after months of no updates for this collection fic. As for THIS chapter, it's an interesting mobile game, and the anime is also equally interesting. And yes, the anime counterpart does have a dub for you English anime fans. If you like moe-anime girls, you may enjoy Zettai Bōei Leviathan.

Zettai Bōei Leviathan 1

Planet Aquafall was a beautiful world that is inhabited by humans that possess animalistic-like qualities such as dragons or felines, as well as normal creatures like serpents, lizards, insects, and other things.

There was a group of five traveling home after a long day of adventure. Three of them were human girls that can turn into dragon girls.

The first girl has blue eyes and blue hair that reached down to her waistline wearing a light teal dress, and she is carrying with her a staff-like lance that is blue colored with silver and gold-tri-pronged tipped ends topping the weapon. She has a light skin tone, and under her usual clothes, her scales are a bluish cyan color that in appearance looks like a pair of short shorts and covers around the lower end and sides of the breast area. Just above her cleavage is a small blue gem embedded into the skin.

The second girl has red eyes and pink hair with a very large red hat covering her ears. She wears a reddish pink dress with a mini light pink bow tied around her neck. She wielded a long golden staff-like weapon with a red jewel orbs in the embrace of two golden wing extensions growing from the top of the staff. She has a healthy skin tone like the first dragon girl, and her scales were a reddish pink that covered areas around the lower areas and the breast area.

The third girl has short orange hair, dark green eyes, and wore a brown tube top-like vest with no strap of any kind, brown boots and thigh-high dark stocking/socks, and a pair of short shorts, brown, with a leather belt, a light brown color, securing it to her hips. She also has a small bandage over the bridge of her nose, a light tanned skin-tone that looks almost earthen, and her dragon scales were a shade of grass green, easily viewable over her hip area and a portion that covers over her breast area is concealed by the tube top shirt. She easily carried a giant double-sided axe weapon.

The fourth female was a fairy. She has long silver hair that runs down and stops at her feet, worn in the style of ponytails with hair accessories decorating them. She has yellow eyes and long ears. She also has a hair accessory that holds her ponytails in place with looks like two long barrettes that are orange and yellow. Her hair around the frontal and sides of her head has flat bangs. Along with that she wears a white jacket with a popped collar with a yellow rim, the ends of the sleeves has a red/orange rim from the rim and goes down to the end of her red dress with what it seems to be a golden choker or collar at the neck area of the dress.

And the fifth was a human who can turn into a dragon boy. He was a light-skinned male, lighter in color pigmentation than the first two girls, with vivid green eyes and unruly messy hair in wild locks reaching just past the neckline, the tips of the wild locks a shade of fire red. The scales are obsidian black coloration with hints of dark red along the edges around the hips, upper thighs, and crotch area, and a small portion of reddish black scales along the lower back descending to the buttocks area. A small red jewel is embedded upon his forehead. And he had a birth mark shaped like a jagged lightning bolt upon the right temple of the forehead. The clothes consist of black pants with red ankle collars, red belt with golden buckle, and detached black sleeves with a red sleeve collar and leather brown laces holding them secure to his arms. He also wears a black leather vest with pronounced buckle straps over the chest and a red-lined collar. Along the back, twin coat tails descend down to just to the knee area, made of a lighter silk-like fabric, and tinted a fiery red. He wore green-tinted metal bracelets on his wrists, and green/black-dyed boots. Strapped to the sides of his belt are metal dragon claw-designed battle gauntlets.

Their names in order: Leviathan, Bahamut, Jörmungandr, Syrup, and Evren. They all share one common trait: their ears were at a pointed tip.

"Are we home yet? It's almost getting dark and I don't fancy wanting to sleep under the stars tonight," complained the green-eyed boy, Evren.

"Not quite, Evren," says Leviathan.

Evren sighed.

"Well... I doubt it'll be that bad to sleep under the stars."

"True, but I rather be in the comfort of my own bed," complained Bahamut.

Evren looks to the girl who lived the rich lifestyle in their hometown. "So you never camped outdoors when you were younger, Bahamut?"

"Not really," she answers in a casual manner.

"Ever since we joined the Aquafall Defense Force, we've traveled to places around our homeland, fighting against those bugs and other creepy things. Maybe Jörmungandr would like to rough it out in the wilderness, considering she's an Earth-element, but I have my limits myself."

Jörmungandr, often shortened to Jo sometimes by Evren, chuckles. "Well, I do enjoy being outdoors. But a nice bed doesn't hurt."

"If we don't make it back by nightfall, we can always camp outside. Besides, Bahamut can easily make us a camp fire, and Evren can keep protective watch while us ladies get our beauty rest," Syrup says cheerfully. Almost too cheerfully...

Evren sweat drops.

"How did I ever end up in the company of three girls and a fairy, again?"


Despite some worries, the group made it to the peaceful town in time, and they all parted away for their homes. Evren lived a bit isolated from the rest of the town, but the road leading to his residence was easy to follow and it did not go past the town's borders. Upon entering his house, Evren immediately went to his bedroom where he stripped off his clothes and accessories, laying the battle gauntlets down on the nearby dresser drawer, and changed into a pair of pajama pants. He does not wear the shirt that goes with it.

He grabs a quick snack to eat from his kitchen, a tall glass of water to drink, and then returns to his bedroom.

He blinks.

There was an owl.

It was a brown owl and it was staring unblinkingly at him.

It was perched on top of a coat rack stand that he rarely used. On his bed was thick envelope filled with two letters.

"Huh? What in the name of Aquafall is this?"

The address for the target written on it was in an alphabet he did not understand. He couldn't make heads or tails of the strange language. Evren was very confused when he decided to open it (against his better judgment) and read even more gibberish he couldn't decipher.

What a very strange letter with very strange words.

"Is this an alien language, then?" Evren mutters to himself.

He had the urge to write some sort of message back. Considering the language was something he didn't recognize (and he doubts anyone else in the town would know it) he couldn't make heads or tails of the message written obviously for someone of importance... or was it just some prank by the local kids writing crazy gibberish to prank people with?

But, a thought came to him: write back with a humorous tone of reasoning.

Once the short message was written down on the back of the first letter, he folded it back up and slipped it back into the strange thick envelope. He yawned. He'd look about sending it somewhere tomorrow (or maybe he'll just burn it in the morning). He was sleepy. Time for a nice dream-filled sleep... oddly filled with being cuddled by Leviathan, Jörmungandr, and Bahamut. The owl would disappear. The letter and envelope disappeared too. Evren in the morning would not be able to find it, and he quickly decided to forget about the whole thing.

Of course, magic had a strange way of working. Very strange ways...

Sadly, Albus Dumbledore and the rest of the staff of Hogwarts (and some Unspeakables from the Department of Mysteries, later called in by Albus for favor trades) cannot make heads or tails of the strange message written on the back of the invitation letter for one Harry Potter. The attempt to contact Harry Potter a second time sadly would not have success.

Because on Earth, Harry Potter never existed...

But on Aquafall, Evren did exist...

This version of Zettai Bōei Leviathan is based from the anime adaptation of the iOS/Android Japanese social card game. Can you guess where Harry Potter's alternative name comes from?