Note: This is an unusual sort of AU.

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Amnesia Is My Life

My name is Jaden Yuki. I am twenty two years old.

This is all I can tell you. And to be honest, I can't tell you that with any great certainty.

If I want to play games, I can tell you that I am, technically, four years old. That's because I only remember back four years.

I was found by the local police on a beach with no visitors - it's a miracle they noticed me there at all. I was lying on jagged rocks for what could have been anything up to eighteen hours, and I suffered some scars and bruising. The bruising is gone now, the scars - some of them - are still visible. I try not to look at them, and yet I often do, just because I know for sure how they got there. I awoke with only one thing in my possession, and that was a card.

I don't know what the card is for, what it's purpose is. All I know is that, when I woke up, it was clutched in my palm, not a scratch on it, though the corner was slightly bent.

She is the only card I seem to have.


I know nothing about her. And she is nothing but a card, so it's not like I can talk to her. But I keep her with me. I have to. Just in case she meant something to me before, in case I had her for a reason.

I don't know anything about who I was before I woke up on that beach, or how I got there. I just know that it was then that my life began.

I don't know for sure how old I am. Looking at myself in the mirror and based on medical tests, I reckon about twenty two. That's the age I sign on any applications or important documents. If anyone asks for a birth certificate I have to say that I don't have one. Because I don't really have a past.

I don't even know my real forename. I called myself Jaden because it sounded good, and I pieced the name together from other sources. I don't want to bore you with the details. But yes, that is what I called myself. By some stretch of fortune, perhaps it is my real name. Perhaps it's nothing of the sort.

There is one thing I know for sure. Just one thing. And that is this: my last name is Yuki.

I know this because it is forever engraved in my skin.

On the back of my left shoulder, the name is in my skin, a permanent scar. Not like a tattoo or anything - it really is a scar. It looks almost as if pieces of my flesh were purposely torn out to create the four letters.

To be honest, this scares me. Was I the sort of person who would do that to themselves? Was it something I did on a dare or to be part of a gang? Was it some tribal ritual? Part of voodoo?

These are guesses. They could be accurate or they could be utter trash. I just don't know.

My last name is Yuki. Fact.

My first name is Jaden and I am twenty two. Fiction.

I make up details for my life because I don't know anything for sure. I woke up with nothing, not even my memories.

I do odd jobs around the place - everything from sweeping up in the hairdressers to being the part time librarian. The first I got bored of, the second I found too quiet.

Sometimes I wonder if I have any family or friends that are worried about me. I sometimes wonder what I'm doing in Scotland, when my accent is nothing like anyone else's. I am not from around here.

I cling to my accent, however. Just because it's a part of me. One of the few parts of me that I have.

I've done background checks and gone to the police. Know what I've found?

Nothing. I don't exist. The name Yuki doesn't exist.

But I know - don't ask questions, I just know - that it is my surname. I can feel it, sometimes quite literally. It can sting a little, because it must have been freshly done when I passed out of my old life and into this new one. It wasn't completely healed and I suffered an infection. It's gone now, of course, but every so often I get the slightest twinge of a burn there. I wonder if it's psychological or truly pain. I don't care, though.

Why should I?

It's just like everything else in my life.

It doesn't make sense.

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