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Alek stared at the rising sun with exhausted eyes, the bloody red star stark in contrast against the pale morning sky. It rather reminded him of Chloe. As soon as the thought flitted across his mind, he groaned, and bashed his head back against the chimney. Stupid girl, had him thinking in corny metaphors now.

But he couldn't help it. He couldn't help falling in love with Chloe King. It was everything about her, from the way she walked, to the fierce look in her eyes when she came to the rescue of the ones she loved. Every little detail seemed of utmost importance to Alek, and he was at loath to miss any of it. But Chloe hated him. And with good reasons.

Alek knew that his reasons were justified as well, but he also knew how much it hurt Chloe. While he could easily point out that Chloe had accepted him, it had been through deception. And now she felt cornered, with no way out. Alek did not want her to feel that way. He knew the chances of her falling for him now were slim; in her mind, he would be considered her captor.

But it was a necessary evil; Alek truly believed that. Chloe was right of course, there had been a small part of him that wanted the mating to take place so that he might have Chloe. But seeing the hurt on her face, feeling the stinging slap from her heart wrenching sobs certainly wasn't worth it. Chloe would forever see herself as a trapped woman, because of Alek. And Alek would have to live his life knowing that she was absolutely right.

He knew the entire situation was unfair to Chloe. She was in love with Braum, yet she was now trapped in a relationship with Alek. If it could even be called that. However, Alek didn't exactly have the great end of the deal either.

Some would say that he was lucky; he had developed a crush on Chloe when he was fifteen, and now he would get a chance to act on that, to be a loving mate for her. But those people would be wrong. Because thanks to his actions, he would be in a relationship for the rest of his life, with a woman he loved, yet was unloved by her. The notion hurt far worse than Alek was willing to admit.

But he had made his choices. He would simply have to live up to the decisions he had made. He had no other choice. He had made his bed, and now he had to lie in it. Of course, Chloe would be notably absent.

Quietly walking to the edge of Chloe's roof, he leaped from it, and landed silently and expertly in her tree, directly across from her window. Staring in at the beautiful blonde, a small smile graced his lips. She was running about her room, her hair still wet from her shower, clearly trying to prepare for school. She had a habit on being on the late edge of the clock, and Alek doubted today would be any different.

He sighed heavily. He wanted nothing more than to climb into her room, take her in his arms, brush her hair out of her face, and assure her that everything would be alright. But he couldn't do that. It was a promise that he couldn't keep, and he was fairly sure that Chloe would not be pleased with such a gesture.

Alek wondered if he would change anything. If he could somehow go back in time, would he make the same choices? Would he disobey Valentina's orders, or would he follow them? Would he have forewarned Chloe? Or would he not have kissed her, after fighting the jackals? The scenarios were fraught with what it's, and Alek berated himself for focusing on what he could not change. He had to learn to live with his mistakes and move past them, not dwell on what he could have done differently.

It had been such a good idea at the time though. Chloe King had entranced him from the moment he first met her, two years ago. Before anyone knew him as anything other than the hunky, British basketball star, he had just been the new kid. An outsider. Yet Chloe had warmly welcomed him to their school, and he finally felt happy. Yet it was quickly dashed, when he turned sixteen the next week, and realized pursuing a crush with Chloe was futile. The pair hadn't exchange words for two more years, and then she quickly joined the ranks not only as a Mai, but as the Uniter.

It truly was not fair. Alek knew that what he felt for Chloe ran far deeper than a simple crush. It seemed that Fate was cursing them to an endless game of tug of war. Every time Alek believed that he was close to getting Chloe, she pulled away, leaving him heartbroken in the dust. Most notably, was her ridiculous affair with the stupid human Bain.

After the previous night, Alek had come to the conclusion that Chloe had been right to reject him. He was a selfish Mai, and he would not be able to stand sharing Chloe's heart, especially not with the likes of that human. But what he had done could not be reversed. He had felt scorned, as if she did not care for him, as if Brandon meant more to her than he ever would. It had been like a knife through his heart, and Alek had lashed out in anger. He knew it was no justification, but it was his reason. Wrong as it may have been, it felt right at the time. But wasn't that always the case, in situations such as these?

Sighing, he rubbed his eyes in irritation and exhaustion. He was tired. He wanted nothing more than to give someone else guard duty for the upcoming night, but he knew that wouldn't be an option. He was Chloe's Guardian now, time to start acting like it.

He watched as Chloe finally left her house. Hopping back onto the roof, Alek started running towards school. Another day of sleeping through Trig and English III it was.

"He's not my boyfriend."

The words cut through Alek as if Chloe had wielded a knife, and drove it through his heart. He had been coming to pick her up from work, so that the two of them could head off to training, but he had found her instead at a coffee shop, with Blaine, of all people. Telling him that he, Alek, was not her boyfriend.

Clenching his fists, and digging his nails into the palm of his hands, he took a deep breath, trying to contain his jealousy and rage. For the first time, he wished that Chloe's empathy would work on Mai, so that she would feel his utter fury, and just get rid of the human nuisance once and for all.

Sorely tempted to walk up to the pair of them and say, 'You're right, I'm not your boyfriend, I'm your life mate," Alek decided to simply wait by the foliage, and see how things panned out. After all, no matter how much Chloe loved Bland, in the end, he would win, because he was her mate.

Yet he couldn't ignore the little voice inside his head telling him that even though Chloe was his mate, in the end, if she loved the human, and not Alek, then it was Braden who won. Wasn't that what the competition was about? Winning Chloe's love?

"You know, I don't think you know what that really means."

Alek was not facing Chloe, but he saw her body language reflect the expression that was most likely on her face, and he had to take several deep breaths from going over there and punching the stupid human in the face.

Didn't he know what he had? Didn't he know that Chloe loved him, despite everything? Despite the fact that she could never be with him, that Alek was in love with her, that she loved Brainless? He had exactly what Alek wanted, yet here he was, simply tossing it around casually, as if it were no more important than a soggy newspaper. Alek would kill for Chloe's love, and at the moment, Bronwyn was first in line.

"Alek is-was a friend. Nothing more. I'm not ready for a relationship, not with you, not with anyone. How did you even come to the conclusion that we were dating?" Yes, Alek was very interested in learning about that.

"Please, Chloe, he's a teenage guy. I know how they think." Because he was one, like, a decade ago? "He hangs around you all the time, and you talked about him a ton." Really? Chloe talked about him? The new knowledge gave him a little thrill that ran up and down his spine, and based on the blush building at the nape of Chloe's elegant neck, he knew it was true. "And he's so overprotective of you. I swear, every time I see him, he's glaring at anyone who looks at you."

Alek took a deep breath, attempting to calm himself. Of course he was jealous. Chloe seemed determined to love anyone and everyone aside from him. And of course he was overprotective, he was her freaking Guardian! It was his job to protect her, he would lay down his life to keep her from losing another one of hers. She was so much more important than anything Alek could ever hope to possess.

Suddenly, Alek saw a girl push Chloe out of the way, and sit down across from Ryan. That was low. That was just cruel. Brainless introduced her as Jill, a friend, but Alek's enhanced vision allowed him to see the small smirk playing at the corner of the human's lips. That bastard. He was trying to make Chloe jealous. He was hurting her.

And he knew that Chloe was hurting. Part of her heart still belonged to the human, and Alek could not begrudge her that. She had a large heart, and she put everything into a relationship, whether it be friendship, or romance. He wanted romance with Chloe, but he would be patient, see if she could ever forgive him, and see if she could get over the human. But right now, he had to do his job. Chloe was hurting, and as her Guardian, it was his duty to protect her, to eradicate what was putting her in harm. And why not have a little fun while he was at it?

Walking over to Chloe, he gently placed his hand on the small of her back, and gave her what appeared to be a soft smile, but what she would recognize as a devious smirk. "There you are Chloe. Are you ready to go home? Don't want to be caught after curfew again."

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Brainless glaring at him, but Alek really couldn't be bothered to care. Chloe gave him a tiny, but genuine smile. "Yeah, Mom will kill me if I'm late again. Which would be your fault. Again."

Alek gave her a mock hurt expression. "Your words wound me Chloe King. Why do I put up with a girl like you?" Chloe rolled her eyes, and then looked back at Brainless, who was glaring at Alek through narrowed eyes. Alek simply smirked at him, and placed a hand lightly on Chloe's shoulder. With a small little wave, she left Brainless and his new accessory.

The pair walked in silence for a moment, before Chloe finally turned to him. "Thank you. Thank you for that. And…I'm sorry. For being selfish."

Alek shook his head. "It's…it's alright. You were right, I was the one being selfish. I didn't ask you why you turned me down, and I was angry. Besides, we tricked you into getting a life mate, you deserve to be selfish."

Chloe gave the male Mai a small smile. "Well, as far as being bonded for life, I could've done worse." She nudged Alek with her arm slightly, and Alek sucked in a breath. She stopped walking, and grabbed his arm, pulling him to face her. "Look, Alek, I don't know about…anything. Not yet, not right now. I still need time to get over Brian. But…can we go back to being friends?"

Alek looked at her seriously. "You know nothing can ever be the same. But as far as friends go, I suppose I could do worse." With a wide grin, Chloe nudged him again, and the two began walking home, neither of them realizing as Alek's arm seemed to wrap around Chloe's waist of its own accord.