Abigail Williams.

Age: 21

Abby used to be some what rival but friends with James. During school he would always pick on her for her unfemale figure and her very flat chest. She didn't get a great figure and breasts till age 17. She moved away at the age of 15 so Kirk didn't see how her body flourished as he always picked on her since then. She was top female of her class as James was top male of his class. Her mother got murdered when she was 18 and her father no where to be found. Her mother worked as a maid for wealthy people as her father worked at star fleet as a great captain. Father would always beat her and her mother and kept the money all to himself. She had a harsh childhood also, the only thing that really kept her going is to pick on James and see her mother smile every once a while. Now she is off to Starfleet with a new look and a great body to change her life and start a new.

Wednesday Day of Kick off.

I was wearing the red uniform dress with the star fleet symbol on the chest. My boots made a slight noise as I took my steps to my seat on the shuttle. It would seem like Captain Pike was waiting for someone. I fumbled with my seat belt finally getting it on. I sighed leaning my head back closing my eyes. A woman sat beside me buckling herself in. I could feel her eyes on me. I opened one eye and glanced at her.

She held out her hand, " Hi my name is Uhura."

I sat up normal shaking her hand, "Abigail."

She gave me a slight nod. A man came in and hit his head on the overhead. I rolled my eyes, ' should of seen that idiot.'

He buckled himself in after trying to figure it out. He looked at Uhura and said something to her. She just rolled her eyes. I closed my eyes again leaning my head back resting as much as I can. I did training all day yesterday to get myself stronger. I heard some shuffling and some yelling. Sounds like a guy wanting to stay in the bathroom but is forced to sit down. I over heard the men talking. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I heard a guy say he was Jim Kirk. I held out a hand to think that would stop everyone. People around me was looking at me weird.

I moved my hand to the back of my hand rubbing it messing my hair a bit, " sorry sorry just got startled that's all." Which is true it did startle me a bit but more on the surprising term.

We soon arrived at the pad for shuttles at star fleet San fran. We started filing out of the shuttle and was lined up to be called to get our dorm numbers and classes and such. I heard my name being called as I was spacing out. I shook my head and got out of formation and headed towards the commander. I could feel a pair of eyes on me. I grabbed my packet and I was dismissed. I looked at the formation and I saw James' eyes connecting with mine. His jaw was agape. I smirked as I walked off to go on to my dorm. I double checked the number on the dorm and opened it. I frowned when I saw three beds. I picked the one near the wall. I plopped on my bed laying there closing my eyes for a bit. I heard the door open. A bag was thrown on a bed. I opened my eyes and saw a Orion girl. Oh god. I heard about them. This is lovely. I heard the door open again and I saw who it was. Uhura.

I smiled, " Uhura!"

She smiled towards me, "it's nice seeing you again Abigail."

The Orion girl was bouncy she beamed at both of us, " my name is gala."

I waved my hand still laying down, " Abigail." I heard Uhura introduced herself. This is going to be long duration at the academy.