Okay I am thinking of ending this story and make a sequel whenever Into Darkness becomes onto DVD. Which would be next week I believe. I just don't know how to end this one, but i do know the very very last line. My mind works oddly. Anyways, you guys can review and whatnot. I'm not holding anything against you guys.

Actually now I know how to end this. I let your minds imagine their little scene together, you know, the whole chitty bang bang.

Isn't there a way that I can just be like yep I done it without actually doing it? I mean they should come up with that already since well we are so far into the future than how it was in medieval ages of the 21st century. I mean there is such a thing right? I groaned and a little hand went to my head which was bend down into my lap in frustration. I moved my head to be met with sky blue eyes. I sighed sitting up straight picking up the one and a half year old. I glanced down towards her, "Whatcha think Jo? Is Jim really really really really really the one?"

She just stared at me. What am I doing? Asking a baby for god's sake. My door swished open and Johanna was wiggling out of my arms. She ran towards the person. I heard a deep chuckle, "Woah there Jo. Calm down."

I turned my head to see the scene that is being exchanged between Johanna and James. He bent down to her height as she held her arms up as to be picked up. She loves James. She grew attached to him pretty quickly. I mean she is attached to me but not as much as she is to him. A little voice peeped out of her, "Dada."

James looked up from her towards me. Our eyes met in wide bug eyes. I moved off of my bed corner crawling towards her, "Johanna. Sweetie, what did you just say?"

James and I looked intently towards her. She smiled a tooth here and there grin, "dada."

She continued to have her arms up in the air. James smiled big and picked her up. Johanna was giggling as James was nuzzling his face into her little body. She placed her little hands into his hair and gripped onto it as he continued to nuzzle his face which tickled the young one. So her first word was dada. James peeked from Johanna's little body. I blinked looking up towards him. James shifted Johanna to his side as he held out a hand towards me. My eyes looked at his hand then I gripped onto his hand. He pulled me up from the floor. I stared back at him. A smile broke onto his face, "Let's show her off Abs."

I couldn't help but smile at this man. I felt his hand squeeze my hand with reassurance. He lead me and Johanna to the medical bay as one of our stops.

"Bones~!," Jim semi-shouted. I could hear grumbling in the back. I chuckled as an irritated Bones appeared from his office.

Jim adjusted Jo in his arms, "Guess what bones?"

Bones looked at Jim then at me, "What is it? Are you pregnant?"

I gave a soft smile waving my hands back and forth, "Don't look at me. And no I am not."

Bones eyed me, "Then why is he so happy?"

Jim lifted Jo towards Bones, "Come on Jo, you can do it."

Bones raised the famous eyebrow now bringing his attention to the little tyke. Johanna clapped her hands together, "Dada!"

Bones looked at her with a surprise look. James brought Johanna back to his arms. Jo wrapped her little arms around Jim's neck. I gave a little snort as I could see Johanna started to drool on him. Ah, teething the work of art when it comes to Jim. James turned his heel heading towards the doorway, "Come on Abs, we got more people to show off to~!"

I chuckled, "Alright, I'll be right there. I need to talk to Bones real fast. Go ahead without me okay?"

James turned his head to glance back at me. I gave him a small smile, "Go on. I will meet you on the bridge. Don't worry, I won't get lost."

Johanna's little voice reached Jim's ears, "Dada~!"

I chuckled, "Jo is getting impatient there James."

James looked at her then at me, "Alright, if you're not there in 10 minutes then I am hunting you down with my apprentice."

He adjusted Johanna to show who his apprentice was. I gave a nod. James then turned his heel to head to the bridge. I waited till the doors swished closed. I turned my attention to Bones, "Hey Bones... Can you watch Johanna tonight for James and I?"

Bones eyed me crossing his arms, "What's the occasion?"

I felt warmth come towards my cheeks. I avoided his gaze, "Well... uhmm... I think James is the one... and... I was thinking of you know... finally well you know..."

Bones looked away, "Oh... okay... uhmm... well yeah I can babysit her tonight... I don't wnat any details or anything. And Jim better not as hell give me any details. I see you as a daughter."

My gaze went back onto the man infront of me, "I'll do something about it. Don't worry."

Bones gave a nod, "Don't forget protection Abigail."

I felt my cheeks heat up again. I gave a slight push to Bones' shoulder, "I know that! I had sex ed in school before!"

Bones held up his hands in defense, "Making sure."

I peeked over to see Jim smiling and talking animatedly to Spock and the bridge members. Scotty was up here to give the status of the the engine room. I couldn't help but smile at James when he showing off Johanna. She isn't even his child and he is so happy. I hope one day that we can give life to a child. Uhura noticed me. She gave me a smile then turned her attention to James. I couldn't hear what is being said but apparently it was a notification that I was on the bridge. James turned around smiling widely. He stride over towards me. I ushered him to bend down to my height. He rose his eyebrow questioningly. I whispered into his ear, "I decided that it is time. Tonight. If you even give any detail to anyone, well let's just say you wouldn't like the outcome."

He stood up straight eyeing me for a moment. A smirk started to form on his face. A wink was administered from him, "Don't worry. I make sure that whatever the outcome is, that it will never come. I would like to continue to have sweet time with you or have my jewels intact."

I chuckled, "Good. Also Bones said he can baby sit Johanna."

James pulled me close and gave me a peck to the lips. I could feel Johanna's little hand on my cheek. I could hear her grunt. I pulled away to see she had her other hand on his cheek. I chuckled, "She tried to pull us apart."

James chuckled, "She is daddy's little girl."

I smiled shaking my head. I like this. No wait, I love this. Johanna has caring two parental figures. James cares and loves me. I love and care for him. Nothing is threatening our lifestyle on the ship. What could possibly go wrong?

Annnnd that's it folks. well till Into Darkness. If you guys have any titles for the next one, just send them my way. I am taking any ideas. I know this is weird to end this part 1 of the 2 but hey what can I do? I can't have it going for ever. I know that the time line is screwed up and it's going to be screwed up with Into Darkness. I figure to make it a couple years or so after this one. I know Into darkness is 1 year after Star Trek 2009 but like I said time line is fucked up in this story since it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Into Darkness came out. So yeah. Couple of years or few years after? Just give suggestions, if you like. I would love them. :)