What Lies Beneath (working title) - Twilight

author: catastrophe
disclaimer: I own nothing.
pairing: Rosalie/Bella
summary: Bella shifts into her second form (a wolf) shortly after moving to Forks, Washington, where the mysterious Cullen's reside. What happens when she meets the beautiful and unavailable Rosalie Hale? Yes, I know this story has been done many times before, but this is my take on it. Hope you like it!

The earth broke away beneath her claws as she tore through the forest towards the reservation - an emergency meeting had been called… which could never be good. They lived in troubling times.

The year had started out so promising, or maybe she was just lying to herself. Five months she'd spent in a new town, getting acclimated to her new surroundings - her new school, her new friends… she guessed she could call them that. The town was appropriately named Forks… bland like its atmosphere… and inhabitants. The best she could hope for at the start of the year was a swift and painless end. She had already started to count down the days to graduation so that she could escape the sham of a relationship she had with her distant father and her flighty mother. College… that would be her saving grace. If she could only make it till then.

She wasn't expecting the fever that left her immobile for almost a week, trembling with cold sweats and so nauseas she couldn't hold anything down. With the shift from warm and sunny to cold and wet, her and her father both just assumed she had come down with something… she was known for her clumsiness – a curse she had to live with for the entirety of her young life – it only made sense she would come down with some horrible cold just shortly after moving there. When they couldn't treat it at home, her father eventually called over the new doctor, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. He seemed too young to even be out of college, but his icy cold touch had soothed her momentarily, so she let him run his tests. He seemed worried about his results but refused to discuss them with her or her father. He said he would have a specialist come over the following day.

His "specialist" as he put it turned out to be Charlie's old friend, Billy Black, accompanied by his son, Jacob. To say they were confused would be an understatement. Billy gave his old friend a sad smile before gently asking him to carry his daughter out to the truck. He didn't explain why, just said that the doctor had given him a call and explained the symptoms to him. They couldn't be sure, but they had to carry the girl to have her examined by the elders of the Quileute tribe.

Charlie was hesitant but agreed as long as he could come along. Bella didn't remember much about that day – she was pretty far gone by that point. But it would end up being the most important day of her life.

The day she found out she was a shapeshifter.

Like the majority of the Quileute tribe, Bella had the ability to shift from her human form to that of a large wolf. The elders were startled, as were the rest of their people, the day they brought the sickly girl onto their land. To this day there is still no explanation as to why Bella shifted. After searching the Swan family tree, they concluded there was no link between her and the Quileute people.

She was just… special.

She was a bit taller, and leaner than the other wolves which caused her to be a bit faster, but aside from that, she was one of them. The change was actually better for her than she could have imagined. With the second form, she was given an unearthly grace that comes with being part animal. She no longer tripped over invisible stones but glided across the floor like she was made to walk there. It also helped her physical appearance… Not that she was ever ugly, but before she was never really anything special to look at. Once she shifted, she had a bit of a growth spurt. After being 5'4 for the past several years it was quite a change when she grew to nearly six feet tall. Her hair that once hung lifeless on either side of her head was now full of body that flowed down to her mid back. The colors changed as well, to not just an ordinary brown, but a reddish brown that simmered in the sunlight. She loved her new form. It took some getting used to though. She was already the center of attention at the beginning of the school year, but once she returned she was fending off guys left and right. The downside was the majority of the female population suddenly grew to hate her for all the attention she was getting. It wasn't as if she had asked for it, though.

The Quileutes explained that the shifting began when the Cullen's moved back to Forks after their long absence. Bella was only the first of many that went through the change. It didn't come as a shock to her that vampires existed, strangely enough. After learning that she was, for a lack of a better term, a werewolf, finding out that other mythological creatures were real wasn't too much of a stretch.

She remembered Dr. Cullen, though. While most of that week had been a blur, she remembered the kindly doctor that came and visited her. Apparently he moved to Forks with his wife just shortly before she did. Though she couldn't remember much about his visit, it was hard to believe some of the things the pack said about him. She knew their feelings were coming from blind hatred – that they didn't actually have any evidence to base their accusations from – but she couldn't help the small seed of mistrust it planted within her. It never hurt to be cautious.

And that was how she had lived the past several months – training under Sam's and Jacob's guidance to better understand her new form and falling into their similar distaste for vampires. Everything outside of the reservation was considered dangerous… so much so that Bella had even started to drift away from her school friends. She could never tell them what lies beneath, so why get close? She decided it was better to just keep to herself. So that's what she did. The only people she hung out with anymore were the boys at the reservation… where she was headed now.

Breaking through the tree line, she hurriedly dashed behind one of the nearby cabins to change before emerging back into the clearing. She spotted Jacob and Sam immediately, but the rest of the pack eluded her.

"Hey, thought I'd be the last one here," she called out with a smirk.

Jacob returned the smirk with one of his own. "You are."

Huh? "Whoa, what?"

Jacob chuckled but quieted down after receiving a look from Sam who at that moment chose to step forward. "It's just an emergency meeting we needed to have with you, Bella."

"Oh." She shifted slightly from foot to foot. "Am I in trouble?"

He gave her a small reassuring smile, "Not quite." He looked over at Jacob signaling for him to continue.

Bella looked over at him to see the worry etched in his features. "Bella," he started softly, "We need to take you over to meet the Cullen's."

Her eyes widened slightly, "What? Why?"

Jacob looked grim. Sam picked it up from there, "There were just two of them before. We've told you about Carlisle and his wife, Esme?" At her nod, he continued, "Well, we knew their clan was larger, but it seems their children are just now getting here."

She scrunched her eyebrows together in confusion, "Children?"

"Yes," he started again, "There are the two elders you know of and then there are five children." He waited for a moment to let the information sink in. "As a part of their charade, they pretend to be a family… meaning…" Here he paused as he looked over at Jacob. She could feel the tension radiating between them. What is going on?

Jacob's lips pressed together solemnly as he clenched his jaw. He looked up to meet Bella's questioning gaze before he answered her silent question, "Which means they'll be attending school… with you."

Feeling her heart stop momentarily, her mind raced at the possibilities. The vampire kids… would be going to Forks High School?


Sam grimaced. "It's not the best situation to be in, but we've spoken to the council and there's nothing we can do about it. The high school is a public part of the town… we have no control over what they do there." Here he sighed, "You'll have to attend school with them. It seems that the Cullen kids aren't too excited about it either. But they'd like for us to bring you over there… get the introductions out of the way so there are no misunderstandings when school starts back."

…I'm going to die.

Swallowing gently, she gave a nod of affirmation… she would do as they asked. Didn't mean she had to like it though.

Quickly shedding their clothes they shifted and ran out into the forest, over the hills and through a couple rivers until the air began to change. Inhaling briefly, Bella immediately halted to a stop and tried to cover her snout with one of her overgrown paws.

It's their scent… this is how vampires smell to us. Sam's mind rang out to her. We have to keep moving – they're already alerted to our presence.

Nodding, she shook her head and tried not to breathe in too deeply as they continued to run. She had to hold back to keep from passing the boys on many occasions, though from here she could probably smell out the vampire house on her own. But she held back and stayed behind her Alpha and Beta. Better to let them do the talking. Once they reached a small clearing they slowed down and trotted along until the house appeared before them. Bella was momentarily distracted by the design – the open glass covering over sixty percent of the house, leaving the light to stream into every room. It was beautiful. Once the back door slid open she was back on her guard though; leaning down into a defensive position and focusing on any movement around them.

She recognized Carlisle first. It had been many months, but she knew him all the same. He stared right past the front two males and met her gaze. "Hello Isabella," he smiled gently, "It's nice to see you again."

Her ears pricked up as some grumbling came from behind him. Her eyes shifted over his shoulder and gazed over the rest of their so called family, assuming that the grumble came from one of the teenagers standing behind the front two figures. The woman standing just at his shoulder must've been his wife. She had shoulder length auburn hair with open eyes and a kind smile that matched his own. She could practically feel the love and compassion pouring out of the two parental figures. She briefly wondered if the Quileute's idea about them was accurate before she met the faces of the five hostile teenagers standing behind them.

The first, a guy whose hair seemed to defy the laws of gravity, stepped forward to stand beside his parents. He would act as translator since he can read thoughts apparently. Sam certainly didn't trust the family enough for them to transform back into their human forms, so this would have to do. Bella eyed the male warily before studying the rest of the family, already becoming bored with his arrogant tone. It appeared as though the other four were coupled off. The first pair consisted of a tall blonde gentleman and his short, seemingly opposite, companion. These two seemed to be less hostile than the rest of the children but they still kept their distance. The blonde male stood at attention with his hands clasped behind his back. He appeared to be a soldier of some sort. And the girl… after taking a quick glance at her wardrobe, she could guess the pixie came straight off a runway in Paris with her high fashion clothes… Definitely not a trait commonly found in Forks, Washington.

The second couple seemed to be radiating the most tension aside from bed head boy who was still droning off whatever Sam was telling him mentally. The last son stood like a tree. Without even glancing at his face, seeing his ripped muscles barely contained in his form fitting sweater was enough to intimidate the wolf. He could probably use a tree as a bat in a game of baseball. She finally looked up to his face and caught him smirking slightly at her, almost as if he was the mind reader. Shaking off her anxiousness, her eyes easily slid to the last remaining member of their family… and she gulped.

Time seemed to freeze at that moment. She could still hear the conversation going on around her, but it seemed to mute itself, as if she were suddenly listening under water. All the sounds faded, as well as the people. She didn't see anyone… except for her. The first thing she noticed was that the girl's eyes matched her hair… which the same could be said about the wolf – her chocolate eyes matched her chestnut hair perfectly. But this girl was a most unusual case… for her eyes were yellow, like that of the rest of her family. A bright yellow… like the halo of hair that flowed down around her shoulders in perfect waves. Perfect… like everything else about her.

Bella found that her mouth was suddenly very dry as her heart began to thud away in her chest. Some foreign tingling sensation seemed to flow through her entire being, leaving her numb all over though her body shivered in anticipation… it was as if the earth itself was melting away below her, and only she and this beautiful creature were left in the universe.

Imprint. Mate. Imprint. Mate.

Before she could analyze what was happening, she suddenly felt a sharp stab of pain through her consciousness. She yelped as Jacob nipped her throat, affectively pulling her from her thoughts. She jerked her head towards him fully prepared to attack when she noticed the look of pure rage on his face, barely covering up the deep sadness she could feel coming from him. She scrunched her brow together and planned to ask him what the hell his deal was when she felt Sam's body nudging both her and Jacob towards the woods. She really felt like demanding answers from the both of them, but feeling the urgency in her Alpha's actions, she didn't stop. She turned and let him and Jacob run on before sparing one last glance to the family. They all seemed to be equally as confused as she… Except for one.

The boy… Edward, they called him… glared at her as he seethed in silence, clenching and unclenching his fists with some hidden agenda. His eyes, which were once golden, now churned with a dangerous obsidian void. For the second time that day she felt the ground was giving beneath her weight, but not in a good way. Without wasting another second, she turned and darted into the forest.

These were troubling times, indeed.