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Chapter 3

Naya grated her teeth against the blonde's ear, "Umm my hero" she said in a low sultry voice. The smaller girl moved her hands to Heather's breasts, lightly massaging them, "but...I thought you said I was too cute to drop" punctuating the last word with a hard pinch to both the dancer's nipples, which Naya had intended as punishment but she was screaming out in appreciation "FUCK YES NAY...DON'T STOP!" pale hips bucking up hard against Naya's center.

She had always imagined that Heather would like it rough and now that she knew that that was reality, Naya was gonna fuck her so hard she wouldn't be able to walk full stop, no matter walk straight. A devilish grin spread across her face, as she continued to whisper into the blondes ear, "Do you have any idea how often I've laid in bed alone touching myself, thinking about what I would do to you if I ever got the chance?" She smiled hearing Heather's breath hitch.

"You remember in New Jersey when we shared a hotel room and you came in and found me in your bed? you walked over and put your hand on my forehead asking if I was ill cause I was burning up? I wasn't ill Heather, I had just had a fucking good orgasm, cause the sheets smelled like you, and I couldn't stop myself.

And after you'd gone to sleep I went into the bathroom and moved my fingers inside myself again because you were sleeping on the sheets that I'd come on." Heather's breathing got even more shallow as she remembered that night. Naya scraped her nails over the blondes nipples on down the toned abs. "I would imagine being on top of you...just like I am now. Then I'd make you scream by pushing three fingers inside you." As she said this Naya looked down Heather's body as she watched three of her fingers thrust into the blondes tight center.

"AHHHSSSSHIT!" Heather's walls clamped down on the three unexpected fingers as they moved erratically inside her, never allowing her to adjust to the foreign fullness for more than a millisecond when she would pull her fingers out, almost completely, only to slam them in again up to the last knuckle. Heather's back was arched off the floor, a flush covering her entire body, as she was about to let go.

Naya jumped off of her before she could come, removing her wet fingers leapt onto the bed, landing on her back, with her thighs spread apart, making room for the tanned hand that was moving south on her own body. The hand smothered in Heather's juices, infront of her face as she slowly licked a different part of her fingers, savoring the taste that she wouldn't be able to get enough of.

"Uhhhh, haven't you touched yourself infront of me enough tonight." Heather managed to gasp out, completely out of breath and fully pissed off the brunette hadn't finished what she started. Heather was still on the floor, leaning up on her elbows, watching Naya lick her juices off her hand while the other teased her opening. Heather had been so close to bliss that she considered using her own hand to go the last mile. But knowing how unsatisfying that would be, compared to an orgasm induced by the sexiest girl ever, who was currently lying naked only a few feet away. Heather managed to pick herself up and flob onto the bed next to Naya. "Why didn't you let me finish?" Heather whined, taking Naya's hand from between her legs and moving it between her own thighs.

Naya gasped at the wetness at the blonde's core, that seemed to have increased tenfold since she had last touched her, no more than thirty seconds ago. The latina's eyes falling shut at the feel of how wet she was for her, the warm stickiness clouding her brain for only a second. Naya pounced ontop of the blonde, straddling her, taking the pale hand that had been guiding her own between Heather's thighs and the one clutching at her breast, pinning them both above her head. She leaned forward until their lips were only a breath apart, "You. Dropped. Me." she whispered against Heather's lips.

"Aaan...and I sacrificed myself...su..surely that deserves something?"

"Umm I guess it does, what would you like?"

"Come on Nay, you know what I want!"

"Umm... nope can't think of anything." Naya knew teasing at this level would come back round to bite her on the ass, but she couldn't resist, it was fun, well for her at least.

"What I want is for you to fuck me with those fingers that you've just been sucking on, or I swear messing with me will be the biggest mistake of your life!"

"Hmmm I've got a better idea." She leaned forward capturing the blondes lips with her own in a passion filled kiss, then peppered kisses along her jaw line to her ear. "Do you remember when I crashed at yours after the season one wrap party? We were pretty drunk and we started playing truth or dare, you chose truth and I asked you, if there was something you hadn't experienced sex-wise, that you really wanted to. Do you remember?" She felt Heather nod her head. But she could tell the blonde was having trouble breathing, no matter re-calling what the dancer's drunken self had told her that night. "You said no one had ever gone down on you before...how about we change that."

Heather's body unconsciously rose pressing into the brunette's, gasping at the thought of finally knowing what it would feel like to have the strongest muscle in the human body, rubbing, thrusting and caressing her most sensitive area. She felt Naya's hand's loosen around her wrists, that had been holding her to the bed and slid them down her arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind.

The latina's lips came down for a heartfelt kiss that she hoped would kill any reservations Heather might have about her taking her oral virginity, but by the way her hips were already rocking against the bed, she knew that this wasn't really an issue. Naya moved down the blondes body, peppering kisses down her stomach, tanned hands finding their way to her breasts, where she flicked at her nipples with her thumb nail causing Heather's breath to hitch and arch her back further into the hands that were manipulating her in the best way possible.

Once Naya reached her core, she bit her bottom lip as her senses were overwhelmed, Heather's unique aroma, the heat coming from her center, the feel of the dancer's stomach muscle contracting as her hands moved down to hold her thighs apart, the way her juices were glistening all over her pussy. She wished she had the self-control of a saint for just a little more teasing, but having a lack of self-control is how it started when Naya decided to masturbate in Heather's room. She put her tongue onto Heather's clit moving it in slow circles, "Holy fuck!" as Heather thrust her hips against Naya's mouth. Tanned hands pushed her hips further into the mattress to try and still her movements, when she thought she had enough control of the blonde she moved her tongue faster over her clit, looking up to she Heather moving her head from side to side against the pillow, her mouth slightly open breathing heavily, eyes squeezed tightly shut and both hands fisted tight in the sheets.

"Nay, I'm s...soo close." At this Naya stopped her tongues movements, and placed a soft kiss to the sensitive bundle of nerves.

"Not yet baby." Naya spoke with her mouth still right next to her core sending sweet vibrations through the dancers body. The brunette moved from the girls clit further south and felt a moan escape her as she saw a little stream of creamy fluid flowing from her body, Naya had never thought it would be possible to get Heather as turned on as she evidently was. Her tongue licked the blondes outer lips cleaning off her juices, Naya knew she would never be able to get enough of Heather's taste and would readily give up sushi in a second if she got taste Heather for the rest of her life.

Naya's tongue moved past her outer lips and pushed just the tip of her tongue into her, eyes flicking up to the other girls face, Heather was gasping and moaning uncontrollable, the pleasure evident in her face and her entire body. She continued to watch her face as she pushed her tongue in deeper, Heather threw her head back gripping the sheets tightened in her fists, turning her knuckles white. She twisted her tongue inside her and was surprised to feel the rough patch of tissue nowhere near as deep as where her g-spot was, and where she assumed most women's was. She experimented with her new found discovery and pushed her tongue hard against her upper wall, eliciting a high-pitched "UHHHHH SHIT!", her hips raising off the bed despite the tanned hands attempting to still her. Naya slipped her tongue out of the blonde licking her lips, letting the dancer calm down slightly before went back to work. "Nay what the hell was that...felt so fucking good." Naya smirked, she'd never felt so much power over Heather before, she had to admit it was a nice feeling having the girl she'd fallen for, completely at her mercy. "Ready for more?" Heather nodded her head frantically, chewing on her bottom lip, desperately trying to prepare herself for what was coming next, knowing she wasn't going to last much longer. Naya pushed her tongue back inside her and thrust it in and out a few times then went back to that special spot, drawing circles with the tip of her tongue. One of Heather's hands bunched in Naya's hair as the latina moved her right arm further around Heather's hip so that her fingers could brush over the blondes clit as she continued delivering the most delicious pleasure know man to the girl she was in love with.

Heather's moans were getting louder and she could feel her walls tightening around her tongue, with a few last hard stokes of her tongue and fast movement of her fingers, Heather was coming hard on her tongue, which continued to move inside her, trying to prolong her orgasm as long as possible.

"OOOH FUCK! NAY NAY NAYAAAAAAH!" The sight before Naya was not one she would forget anytime soon, Heather was panting her name like a mantra, her hair plastered to her face, a pink blush covering her chest and cheeks, a thin sheen of sweat making her body glisten. The gush of fluid that flowed into her mouth was welcomed by her tongue, making sure to lap it all up.

After her juices had been all cleaned up, she crawled up Heather's limp body and kissed her deeply letting the blonde taste herself on her tongue earning her hearty moan, causing her to giggle against her lips. She rolled off of the blonde still trying to recover from her orgasm and snuggled into her side. "I think...I'm dead" Heather breathlessly mumbled.

"Well hey, at least you died happy." Naya was still giggling at how long it was taking her to recover.


"How about we get some sleep and maybe you won't wake up dead." Heather also chuckled at this, slightly less breathless than she had been a minute ago. She managed to turn her body slightly facing the latina and joined their lips together for a sweet kiss.

"Love you Nay" she whispered against her lips.

"Love you too Heather" she whispered back. They fell asleep in each others arms blissfully unaware that Dianna and Lea's room was on the other side of Heather's. And the walls weren't exactly thick, much to the girls dismay.

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