When Kurt walks into the classroom, the first thing he notices is that all the students are completely silent. He quickly scans the semi-organized crowd of children, looking for some sort of train wreck outside the window or anything that would shut up a bunch of teenagers.

He recognizes most of the children from classes he's had before, and realizes that this is one of those classes made up of mostly teacher's pets, with one or two "bad eggs." Within seconds of this realization, he's spotted his bad egg.

Blaine Anderson is sitting in the second row back, staring intently- and quite obviously- at Kurt's ass. He looks up when he realizes Kurt is looking at him, but his gaze only travels to Kurt's face, making eye contact and raising his eyebrows suggestively. Kurt chooses to ignore him- because, really, what else is there to do?

"Alright, so today we'll be starting on To Kill A Mockingbird. When I call your name, come get a book." Kurt takes a seat at the desk piled high with novels and starts reading off names.

When Blaine comes up to the front of the room- walking with what can only be described as the perfect mixture of determination and pure swag- Kurt mentally prepares himself for the worst. Blaine opens his mouth to say something, and Kurt interrupts him. "Mr. Anderson, I can assure you that I don't need to hear what you're about to say."

Blaine looks taken aback and a little turned on, and it takes him a few seconds to respond. He leans forward and says quietly, "I don't know what's stuck up your ass…but I can definitely help you with it after class." He winks before spinning on his heel and returning to his seat.

Kurt decides against calling him out on it, deciding once again that ignoring Blaine is the way to go. "I'd like you all to read chapters one through five and prepare for discussion tomorrow." Kurt leans back in his chair and decides to read the book himself, having no papers to grade.

It doesn't take five seconds before Blaine is up at his desk again. "Can I help you, Mr. Anderson?" Kurt looks lazily at him.

"Whoa, that's kind of a loaded question, Kurt. You could help me very muchif you were so inclined."

"That's Mr. Hummel," Kurt corrects him, knowing that he made the slip on purpose. "Do you have a question about the book?"

"No, not really. I'm actually gonna go get a drink of water. I might be back." Blaine starts to turn away before Kurt stops him.

"Mr. Anderson. I realize that I'm a substitute, and that may or may not mean something to you, but I'm still in charge, I still know the rules and will enforce them, and I would like to reassure you that I most definitely am not stupid. You may go get a drink of water, but you'd do well to remember to asknext time." Kurt leans back in his chair, satisfied with his speech.

"Ooh, feisty. Are you like that in bed too?" Blaine grins at him mischievously.

Kurt sighs. "One more comment like that and you'll be asking for a detention."

"Yes sir, Mr. Hummel, sir!" Blaine quickly walks out of the classroom and Kurt goes back to his reading.

Blaine is gone for upwards of twenty minutes, but Kurt has no doubt in his mind that he'll be back before the bell rings. When he finally walks in, it's three minutes to the end of class, and he doesn't even bother going to his desk, instead walking straight up to the one in the front of the classroom.

"Sorry I was gone so long, Kurt, I had a little problemand the only bathrooms that aren't out-of-order are on the other side of the school." Blaine is smirking at Kurt, waiting for a response.

"Mr. Anderson, I wasn't bluffing when I said I'd give you a detention. Would you like to write lines or just clean up the classroom? And it's Mr. Hummel."

Blaine chuckles under his breath. "Well, since you're giving me a choice, that second one sounds fantastic. See you after class, Kurt." And with a wink, Blaine returns to his seat right as the bell rings.

"Mr. Hummel!" Kurt calls after him.

As the class files out, Blaine slowly packs up his things and slings his bag over the back of his chair. Once the room is empty except the two of them, Blaine sidles up to Kurt's desk and quirks one eyebrow up. "Where should I start, Kurt?"

"It's Mr. Hummel," Kurt says instinctively, pulling out a container of Wet Wipes. "Clean off all the desks and then come do this one," he says, gesturing to the teacher's desk.

Blaine puts on a confused mask. "Wouldn't you want me to clean this one afterwe have sex, or…?"

"Blaine, go clean or I'll have to give you a referral to the office." Kurt's face is extremely serious, but there's a battle going on in his head. He is a student. He is a rude, disrespectful student. He is a rude, disrespectful, extremely attractive student who also happens to thinkI'm attractive. No. No no no. Student.

"We wouldn't want that when we have so much quality time right here, would we?" Blaine asks rhetorically before going and cleaning the desks. He makes sure to spend extra time on each one, making sure they're spotless before returning to the front desk.

"Kurt, I was thinking-"

"That's not good. Talk while you clean, if you must talk at all." Kurt leans back in his chair while Blaine carefully takes things off the desk so he can clean it.

"I mean, I was just thinking. Technically it's illegal for teachers to have sexual relations with students, but you're not technicallya teacher, are you? And I'm over 18. So it's not a big deal if we just do it."

Kurt looks at Blaine thoughtfully. "Even without the legal ramifications, there are still the moral implications, not to mention the fact that you're positively crude and what makes you think I even want to have sex with you?"

Blaine looks genuinely surprised and kind of…hurt. He puts his head together and answers Kurt honestly. "Well…I mean, it's kind of obvious you think I'm attractive. And I've got a reputation to keep up. I can't ask you out on a date in the middle of class. You should fuck me now and I can be nice to you later."

Kurt's breath hitches at Blaine's words. "While that is true, I still don't think it's appropriate. I'm going to leave and you can go home when you're done with the desk, okay?" He stands up and gets halfway to the door before Blaine is in front of him, far too close for comfort.

"Come on, Kurt. You know you want this. Hell, I'd even venture to say that you needthis. You're a little uptight, in case you were unaware."

Kurt backs up a couple of inches, but his ass hits the corner of the teacher's desk before long. "Blaine, I would really appreciate it if you'd move."

But Blaine has Kurt trapped. Putting his hands on either side of Kurt's hips, Blaine leans forward into him, causing Kurt to lean backwards until he's flat on his back on the desk, still trying to avoid him.

"Kurt, I will gladly get off of you and let you leave this classroom in peace if you can look me in the eye and tell me you don't want to fuck me right here, right now, so hard I can't walk tomorrow."

Something clicks in Kurt's brain, and he turns his head to look into Blaine's eyes. "I want that. I want it bad. I want it now."

Blaine looks at Kurt hungrily and quickly climbs on top of him, kissing him with so much force that Kurt can hardly breathe. Before long, they're both shirtless and Blaine reaches between them to unbutton both their pants.

Kurt pulls away from the kiss reluctantly, panting. "Blaine. Blaine, we don't have condoms or lube or anything."

Blaine smirks lightly at him, pushing himself off of the desk and walking towards where his bag is still slung over a chair. "You forget who I am. Always prepared." He pulls out the supplies and carries them over to the desk.

"Lock the door," Kurt tells him as he quickly undresses. Blaine does as he's told and immediately does the same, staring at Kurt's naked body like some kind of shrine.

"Blaine," Kurt says, snapping him out of it. "You have to be on the desk." Blaine gets into the same position Kurt was in before, lying on his back on the desk. Kurt slathers his fingers with lube and positions one at Blaine's entrance.

"Are you ready for this?" Kurt is hesitant, nervous.

"I was ready, like, yesterday." Blaine squirms in anticipation.

Kurt slowly pushes one finger in, moving it around and being overly cautious. "Jesus fuck, I'm not a virgin," Blaine says exasperatedly.

"Somebody's impatient," Kurt says, amused. He quickly adds another finger, and then another. Blaine starts fucking himself on Kurt's fingers, whimpering with need. "Veryimpatient," Kurt mutters under his breath while he rolls on the condom and slicks his cock up with lube.

"Please," Blaine whines, his eyes shut tight.

"Please what?" Kurt's words come out on a breath in Blaine's ear, and Blaine squirms with need.

"Please fuck me, please, Mr. Hummel. I need you inside me."

"That's more like it," Kurt states, pushing into Blaine in one long thrust. He quickly pulls back out and pushes in without pausing.

"Faster, harder, please." Blaine is almost incoherent. Kurt does as he's told, properlyfuckinghim hard and fast and with all the passion he has in him.

"Oh god yes, Mr. Hummel!" Blaine is reduced to a pile of screaming boy, not able to form full sentences. "Mr. Hummel, Mr. Hummel, oh my god!"

Kurt reaches between them to stroke Blaine's cock, hard and fast like his thrusts. He can't quite establish a rhythm, but Blaine is moaning his name repeatedly and doesn't even notice.

With one last cry of, "Mr. Hummel!" Blaine comes all over the desk. Kurt climaxes soon after, collapsing on top of Blaine and breathing heavily.

After what seems like a lifetime, Kurt gathers enough energy to pull out and get rid of the condom. Blaine sits up, still panting lightly, and watches Kurt get dressed.

"Are you going to…?" Kurt gestures to Blaine's clothes on the ground.

Blaine blinks. "Oh, yeah. Yeah, I guess." He hops off the desk and pulls on his clothes lazily.

"Blaine?" Kurt sounds coy, and Blaine's head practically snaps up to look at him.


Kurt smirks. "If I have to fuck you to get you to call me Mr. Hummel, I'm perfectly okay with that."