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Kurt is in the car on his way home when he receives a text message.

Blaine: Let me take you to dinner?

Pulling up to a red light, Kurt quickly types out, How did you get my phone number?

Blaine: I took your phone when I went to get water. You didn't notice?

Kurt sighs exasperatedly. Of course he would do that. No, I didn't.

It takes about five minutes before Kurt gets the next text.

Blaine: You didn't answer my original question.

Kurt nearly runs a stop sign; he's focusing so hard on the question. He weighs the options in his head. Really, there are only two: he can say yes or he can say no. He takes an unnecessarily long time to mull it over in his head before texting Blaine back. Fine.

Kurt is back to his apartment by the time Blaine texts him back. He feels his phone vibrate in his pocket, but chooses to ignore it for now in favor of unlocking the door and putting his things down on the couch. By the time he finally checks his phone, ten minutes have passed since he received the text.

Blaine: So are you going to give me your address or do you want to meet me there?

Kurt laughs out loud as he types out his address and adds, Be here at 7. He quickly glances at the clock, noting that it's 3:45, and immediately starts planning out his time.

Kurt, being Kurt, plans perfectly and is presentable and ready to go out at precisely 6:55. He takes a seat on the couch in his sitting room and is prepared to wait ten or fifteen minutes when he hears a knock on the door. Shaking his head in surprise at Blaine's punctuality, he makes his way to the door and opens it with a smile on his face.

"Hello," Kurt says cordially, gesturing for Blaine to come in. Blaine looks around the medium-sized apartment appraisingly before clearing his throat.

"You have a lovely home," he says, the tone of his voice belaying his discomfort at the formal setting.

Kurt quickly catches on to the fact that Blaine isn't used to being nice and decides to go easy on the boy. "Blaine, we may be going on a date, but be realistic here. We had sex less than four hours ago. I think it's safe to say you don't have to be quite that polite. Got it?"

Blaine lets out a relieved sigh. "Got it."

Kurt nods appreciatively. "Just…be a decent human being, and I think we'll get along swimmingly. Where are we eating?"

"Decent human being. I can do that. Um, we're going to a little Italian place I know. Is that okay…?"

"No, yeah, that's fine. I love Italian. Let's get on our way, then." Kurt leads the way to the elevator and out of the building, and Blaine points to his car.

Kurt starts when he looks in the direction of Blaine's attention. "Oh, wow. How did you afford this?"

"My parents' pockets are stuffed. It's why I haven't been kicked out of school yet." Blaine climbs in the car and Kurt follows his lead.

"Well, it's really nice." Kurt runs his hand across the dashboard appreciatively.

"Oh, uh…thanks," Blaine says as he pulls out of the parking lot.

"My dad owned a tire shop and I worked there after school sometimes. I have a little-known love for beautiful cars," Kurt tells him matter-of-factly, sensing his confusion.

Blaine nods in understanding. "I see. I'm glad somebody can finally appreciate her."

Kurt makes a little noise of approval in the back of his throat, and Blaine looks at him questioningly, raising one eyebrow.

"I just was going to point out how well the whole being civil thing is going for you. I haven't once had the urge to slap you across the face." Kurt smiles at Blaine, not a trace of joking on his face.

Blaine chuckles under his breath and replies, "We'll see if it keeps up. Um, the restaurant's a bit out of town, you know…so people won't see us."

It takes Kurt a moment to understand what Blaine is getting at. "Oh! Because…teacher…okay I get it now. Well, that's just fine."

"Out-of-school, civil Blaine doesn't want to take any chances with serious issues like teacher-student relationships," Blaine says. He winks at Kurt before turning back to the road.

"Is that what this is?" Kurt's voice sounds amused.

Blaine doesn't take his eyes off the road. "Not quite. But…it's close enough that other people would take it that way."

Kurt nods. "I see. But, um…you realize we can't carry on like this forever?"

"What do you mean?" Blaine doesn't sound concerned.

"I mean that we can't just go to restaurants out of town so people don't see us together, pretend we don't know each other in school, and then fuck every once in a while," Kurt keeps his voice composed, although it threatens to come out as a hiss.

Blaine smirks. "That wasn't my plan at all. I won't pretend I know everything, but I have my moments."

"I trust you," Kurt says simply, not elaborating on the point.

"I'd like to enjoy this for as long as possible before we have to think about serious things," Blaine replies.

Kurt nods. "I agree. If I didn't, I wouldn't be here."

"Well, this is it," Blaine says as they pull in the parking lot. Kurt gets out of the car and follows Blaine into the small restaurant, taking in his surroundings as he goes.

The place is quaint, lit dimly but not dark, and it smells like baking bread and garlic. Blaine leads Kurt to the very back of the restaurant, sitting down across from him at a booth in a secluded corner.

After they've ordered their food, Kurt leans forward with his elbows on the table. "Tell me about yourself. I know the Blaine who thinks that nobody will like him if he's not an ass, and I know the Blaine who will do just about anything to get what he wants. Tell me about the Blaine who wanted to take me out to dinner."

"The Blaine who wanted to take you out to dinner? Well. That's me, I suppose. I live with my parents. We don't have a good relationship, but I stick it out because I have nowhere else to go. I was taught from a young age that men are supposed to be big and strong and…well, rude, and that women are supposed to be timid and just go along with it. I suppose that's where my sense of the world comes from, except the whole gay thing. That changed things up a bit. I, um. I like musicals and baseball and I have a weakness for kittens and my favorite color is green. Okay, your turn."

Kurt takes a moment to absorb everything Blaine has said before he starts in on his own life story. "My mother died when I was eight. I was raised by somebody who taught me that I am a strong individual and nothing and nobody can change that. I came out to my dad when I was sixteen. He was very supportive. I was in the glee club in high school, and I'm a huge Broadway nerd. I've never had a thing for watching sports, but I enjoy playing them. My favorite food is chocolate éclairs and I quite enjoy romantic comedies."

They spend the rest of the time until their food comes just throwing random facts at each other as they pop into their heads. They eat in silence, enjoying each other's company.

As they get in the car, Kurt quirks his head to the side and looks at Blaine. "What did you tell your parents you were doing tonight?"

"I pretty much told them I was going out and they didn't care enough to ask where or with whom. They either trust me too much or they're extremely apathetic."

Kurt smiles. "So then, they wouldn't be any the wiser if you came to my house for a while?"

"Not really. How long is a while?"

"Well, that depends on what you want to do, really." Kurt is being coy, skirting around the subject.

Blaine adjusts to Kurt's mood and smirks. "It's up to you."

Kurt drops the façade, going for the direct approach. "Well, I mean, we've already had sex once today, but if you're for that, I'm for it. If not, I have a large collection of DVDs."

"How about all of the above?" Blaine suggests.

"Sounds great." Kurt sits back in his seat, a satisfied smirk spreading across his face.

Blaine drives faster than he can remember ever doing before.

Back at Kurt's apartment, Blaine earns himself brownie points by making popcorn and picking one of Kurt's favorite movies to watch. Not long into the movie, however, Kurt loses interest and turns to Blaine. He gives no verbal warning whatsoever before practically pouncing on the boy, attacking him with his lips.

Blaine is just as enthusiastic, quickly catching up to Kurt's mood and kissing back with as much force. Before long, their hands are in each other's hair, in each other's pants, all over each other's bodies.

"You need to- naked," Kurt manages to gasp out before they get too engrossed in rutting against each other. Blaine quickly pulls away, stripping off his clothes without a second thought while Kurt does the same. They immediately return to their session on the couch.

Blaine reaches down to wrap a hand around Kurt's cock, the other one entangled in his hair. He strokes Kurt's erection slowly, savoring the moment.

"Fuck, Blaine, just…fuck," Kurt moans, thrusting into Blaine's fist and gaining control of his thoughts long enough to mirror Blaine's movement as best as he can, grabbing Blaine's cock and stroking erratically.

Blaine keeps his composure, running his thumb over the head of Kurt's dick and stroking faster while Kurt falls apart.

"Let go," Blaine whispers huskily in Kurt's ear. "I want to hear you. I want to hear everything."

At that, Kurt stops trying to hold in his whines of pleasure. He lets a strong of profanities escape his mouth and doesn't give a fuck because holy shit is Blaine good at this. "Oh, fuck, Blaine, fuck me!"

Blaine stops stroking Kurt and looks up. "You want that?"

"Oh, god, yes please," Kurt whines at the loss of contact as Blaine rushes to grab the lube and condoms before returning to the couch. He warms the lube on his fingers as quickly as possible before reaching down and rubbing one at Kurt's entrance and slipping it in without warning. Kurt gasps at the intrusion and arches his back, unable to say anything except, "Oh god please more Blaine."

Blaine slips in a second finger, slowly moving his fingers in and out and around, scissoring them slightly. He can't be sure, but he's fairly certain that before today, Kurt was a virgin. Blaine stretches him as slowly as possible, adding a third finger when he's sure Kurt is ready. He's just begun to consider what to do next when Kurt practically screams, "God, Blaine, just get in me!"

Blaine quickly rolls on the condom and slathers his cock with more lube than necessary. He lines up at Kurt's entrance and looks into Kurt's eyes. "Are you sure about this?"

Kurt sighs exasperatedly. "Blaine Anderson, I swear to all that is holy that if you do not fuck me right now, you will regret it."

Blaine finally catches on, thrusting into Kurt's hole- probably faster than he should, but Kurt doesn't seem to mind. Blaine pauses, giving Kurt time to get used to it. Kurt drags his nails across Blaine's back, moaning, "Blaine, move."

Blaine complies, immediately pulling almost all the way out and slamming back into Kurt. He keeps doing it, not stopping for even a second, working up a rhythm of fast, hard thrusts. Every once in a while he hits Kurt's prostate and Kurt whines. "Again, more, anything, please."

Blaine smirks, still keeping his cool while Kurt is falling to pieces beneath him. "You're very vocal during sex," he remarks cheekily as he slams into Kurt's prostate again.

"Shut up," is all Kurt can say before he returns to his string of pleas and Blaine's name. Blaine starts to stroke Kurt's cock, reducing him to less-than-words.

Blaine continues to thrust into Kurt as he strokes him, keeping up a rough rhythm. "Blaine, nnngh, oh god," Kurt whines and arches into Blaine's touch. "Blaine, I'm going to- oh my god, Blaine."

Blaine leans down right next to Kurt's ear. "Come for me," he mutters, and Kurt does. Screaming Blaine's name, his head thrown back and his eyes shut tight, he comes over Blaine's fist and his own chest. Blaine follows quickly after, stilling inside of him and moaning, "Kurt."

"That was…" Kurt is at a loss for words.

"It was amazing," Blaine says as he slowly pulls out of Kurt and throws away the condom. Looking at Kurt mischievously, he tilts his head to the side a little. "Do you have to work tomorrow?"

"Not that I know of. Sometimes there's an emergency and they don't call until morning, but I don't have anything scheduled. Why?" Kurt rolls off of the couch, barely managing to stand up.

"I was just thinking, you know. Since my parents don't care where I am and it's not like I haven't skipped school before, why don't I just stay here?" Blaine has a look in his eyes that Kurt hasn't seen before, one that could only be described as puppy eyes.

"I suppose that could be allowable. You'd need to borrow some clothes, though…" Kurt looks Blaine up and down.

Blaine suddenly feels self-conscious for no reason, and a blush finds its way to his cheeks. Kurt chuckles and says reassuringly, "No, no, stop that. It's just that you're a good two inches shorter than me. It shouldn't matter when it comes to pajamas, right?"

"Oh. Yeah. Pajamas are supposed to be too big, right? And I can just wear my clothes tomorrow. Or I could wear your pajamas all day. It doesn't matter to me." Blaine picks his boxers up off the couch and quickly puts them on before following Kurt to his bedroom.

"Here, take these," Kurt says, handing him a pair of sweatpants that look like they might fit him okay. "We'll think about what to do next when we have to."

Blaine pulls on the sweatpants and sits down on Kurt's bed while he watches Kurt get dressed. He finds himself staring at Kurt's shoulders, pale and smooth, the lean muscles rippling slightly when he lifts his arms above his head. Kurt climbs into the bed beside Blaine and immediately pulls him into a passionate kiss.

"What was that for?" Blaine smiles at Kurt.

Kurt looks as confused at his own motives as Blaine is. "I don't really know. I just…got an urge."

Blaine laughs quietly as he lies down. "You're weird."

"I know. Shut up," Kurt says, resting his head on Blaine's shoulder. Blaine yawns and shifts slightly to get more comfortable.

"Goodnight, Kurt," he mutters quietly. Kurt is already half asleep, and Blaine could swear he hears him murmur, "It's Mr. Hummel."

Cheesy ending, woo!

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