As I read in the study of my old manor house the bell of the door rings, I glare slightly at the bell and stand curiously, standing to observe myself in the mirror, my long ebony curls falling down my back, my chalky completion tainted with full rosebud cheeks and lips, my grey eyes shining in the light, my small pearly white wolfish fangs ready to defend me or hide behind my lips, my black claw like nails concealed behind my long green dress.

I answer the door with a light smile "may I help you?"

There standing in my archway is a group of men and a woman, but their scents aren't completely human.

The older man asks "Miss Chloe Jennings?"

I nod quickly, readying my claws for a fight "the world is in peril and we have been sent to ask you to join the league of extraordinary gentleman"

I scoff lightly "what do I care for the world, when it has never cared for me?"

the one of the two younger men, American, asks "what do you care for then?"

I give a wolfish smile "that is none of your concern! Now if you will kindly leave!"

It is at this moment that the woman steps in "what about the old woman inside? Do you not care for her?"

"Is that a threat…vampire?" I snarl, she seems quite shocked, along with the others

But before she can answer I snarl "that right, I know. I can smell it on you, the scent of dried blood and rotted flesh, it's disgusting!"

Suddenly I hear footsteps from behind me "Chloe dear who it is at this hour?"

I look to the frail old woman, forgetting our audience; she's too thin "it's nothing mother, just some people wanting my help. I'm just sending them off. Come, you should be in bed."

She smiles at me weakly "I'm dying, not crippled!"

I can't help but wince "mother, don't say such things!"

She merely looks past me to the people on our porch "well, you should come in dearies! Hurry along!"

I glare as they walk in and smile at her, I take an instant dislike to them all, mother should be resting, not entertaining strangers in the middle of the night!

I follow as she leads them into the study, my arms crosses in anger as they each take a seat in my home.

My mother smiling at them kindly then looking to me "now stop pouting! We have guests!"

'Unwanted guests' I sigh and think to myself as she offers them tea and goes to prepare it.

I glare at them as the sharply dressed, dark haired man holding a cane speaks absently "she seems too old to have a girl so young."

"Say another word against my mother and I'll rip your heart out and eat it! And for your information I'm nineteen, hardly a girl!" I scowl in fury

"Forgive Grey; he doesn't know when to keep his opinions to himself. Miss Jennings you joining us would be a great help, to queen and country!" I turn to the older man as he says this.

"I'd rather watch the world burn than join you, but thank you for the invitation, now get out!" I stand and point to the door, unfortunately that is the moment mother chooses to walk in with a tray of tea.

"Chloe Matilda Jennings…where is your manners?" she scolds me as she places down the tray

"They want me to leave with them on some wild adventure to save to world mother!" I argue and she comes up to me

"Then you must go" she says with a smile

"But mother…" she shakes her head at me before I can say anything more

"Don't worry about me; Fiona will be here to take care of me. I'll send for her in the morning." She says like that changes anything

"But it's my job, Fiona is a good nurse but she can't take care of you like I can! And what if…what if something happens?" she tilts her head to the side as I fight not to cry in front of these people, I won't be preserved as weak!

"I promise not to die while you're gone, but you have to go, you know that." I look at her and then the others in the room

"If this is what you wish mother, then I'll go." I sigh like an obedient child

I feel the eyes on us as they start to drink their tea and I head up stairs to pack. When I am ready I hug my grey haired mother tightly

"I shall miss you" I whisper in her ear

"And I you my dear" she sobs

As I pull away, heading for the captains strange horseless carriage she shouts after me "Chloe…!"

The man in makeup with no visible flesh sighs "here we go, make her promise not to kill or main and be careful!"

My mother runs up to me and says sternly "you know our rules!"

"yes mother…survive, no matter what…and be home before supper." She nod and waves me off as I get in the…um…automobile?

I look to the others and ask, scraping my sharp claws along my thumb "so, were to next?"

And the captain answers "Paris!"

The night after I sit in my room aboard the peculiar ship, my small case unpacked as I redress into a pair of tight black slacks, black leather, laced riding boots and a white open collar shirt, where you can slightly see the top of my corset and the rise of my breast, my black curls falling down my back as I bush them lightly. As I brush large shakes and bangs echo though the metal walls making me jump, as screams and groans of anger follow I stand and race towards the noise.

As I walk into the room I see a large beast of a man, and am instantly fascinated as he throws the chains and crewmates effortlessly. I am quickly followed by the others, Sawyer, Nemo and Quartermain already in the room.

"Beautiful!" I mutter to myself in awe

As he speaks of England I can't help my smile, fangs showing fully for the first time.

Then when Tom suggests that he is not afraid and Hyde nearly takes his head of I smile, watching the magnificent beast transform into a handsome, well-muscled man.

As he introduces himself I smile, playing with my long pointed nails "I like them, the monster and the man in one!"

He sends a sheepish smile my way as I leave the room, a few stairs following me.

I eat breakfast in my room, savoring the quite, a light knock on my door disturbs me and they ender before I can object

"Miss Jennings, I believe you dropped this." The sly immortal says, holding a silver pocket watch out to me.

I snatch it back quickly "I didn't realize I….thank you Dorian."

He just nods and smiles, looking around the room "so Chloe what do you do in here all day?"

I sigh and say simply "let me make this perfectly clear Dorian, I don't like you! You're an obnoxious, self-centered prick and …you smell…wrong! Like oil and ashes."

He nods blankly "well, if that how you feel…I was only trying to be friendly, oh and the captain said we can go out for fresh air in a few minutes!" and takes his leave

I breathe a sigh of relief and turn, but…wait a second; I could have sworn my hairbrush was on the other side of the dresser a moment ago! Oh…I must just need some fresh air, that's all.