Breakfast is served over tactics and theories. I smile as I tuck into the meaty feast, sipping at the juice offered and never once wavering from the manners my mother taught me.

For god sake Cadence, this thing is barely beating!

I'm sure the captain has worked hard to acquire us this meal, so shut up and be grateful

I watch them all, but somehow my eyes linger to the good doctor who sips gingerly at his soup "morning love"

I turn with a smile to see the man I can't see "Mr. Skinner, good morning"

"You get to call me Rodney sweetheart, so anything interesting I miss?" he smiles, stealing a bite of my bacon

I smile at him "nothing, just throwing notions around really"

He sighs and takes a cup of tea, sipping it "Boring buggers, this tea aint half bad, your mums is better mind"

I smile and shrug "she does pride herself on her hostess skills, Caroline Deaton is known for her tea parties"

Taking a seat he nods "sounds like fun, should I expect an invitation?"

Cocky blighter isn't he, ha

Nice chap I'd say

Your too trusting Cady

My eyes scrunch closed as I tune out her voice and the captains rings through the dining hall "greetings friends, I hope you slept well. We will be surfacing shortly to recharge the solar panels, so if you wish to get some air…"

"Thank god, I was starting to develop a touch of claustrophobia" the white lipped man smiles in his usual brash way

While he stands his elbow is offered "fancy some air love?"

God yes, get me out of this bloody cage!

It's a ship, not a cage

Same difference

I stand and take his arm, but I can't help my mind wondering, my senses zoning in on the faint residue of one of my new team, a certain doctor as I play with his watch hanging limply around me porcelain neck.

Once we're out in the salt stained air my chest caves in a relieved sigh I wasn't aware I was holding, I smile and look out into the endless see, chatting happily to my new friend

Friend? Don't get ahead of yourself now Cady

What would you know?

Suddenly there it was; fresh cherries and petrichor…

My blue orbs instantly found him, standing with a polite smile and kind eyes

Go to him

"Go on then!" the thief's voice tears me from my daze

I turn to him instantly and smile "I'm sorry?"

Quirking a brow he nods over to Henry "the doc, you've been staring at him since he came top side… might as well go talk to him"

A blush busts forth on my snow white cheeks as I turn bashful and shake my head "no, no I…"

"Come on love, you only live once, so why are you wasting time talking to me?" he smiles brightly

A deep frown forms on my face "Rodney, I like talking to you"

His façade crumbles then, his usually arrogant smirk shrinking to a surprised smile "I like talking to you to sweetheart, come on…"

His leather bound hand delicately grips her wrist, pulling my doll like form over to the well-attired doctor "Dr. Jekyll? 'ello, nice to meet you, Rodney Skinner"

With a timid smile the two men shake hands "and you Mr. Skinner"

Moving aside he reveals me and my heart races hard and fast beneath my breast "I believe you've met our little Cadence"

Nodding with his hands placed behind his back Henry says "yes, we met last night. How do you do Miss Deaton"

I can't fight my smile, not even if I wanted to "I told you, it's Cadence, please Dr. Jekyll"

"Then it must also be Henry" he insists whilst I fiddle with my fingertips

Seeming to want to abandon me Rodney straightens himself "well, I've got to speak to our captain about the tea, please carry on"

My eyes widen in horror as he leaves me, alone, with Henry…

I think the bugger's growing on me

I hate you, I hate you both!

Oh, grow up Cady! Say something

Its then that I realize I'm staring at him and laugh awkwardly

"well Cadence I…"

"Henry I'm…"

We both say at the same time, laughing and I swallow hard, leaning back on the rail as I state quietly "It never goes away dose it?"

"wh...What do you mean?" he asks, surprised at my sudden question

I gaze out into the ocean and then turn to meet the gaze of the older man beside me "that voice, screaming inside to get out, the animal!"

Who are you calling a bloody animal?

He looks at me wide eyed "how do you..?"

My eyes fall downcast and with a heavy sigh, a bite of my plump lip I shrug, looking at my hands as the oil black talons rip through my flesh, causing a startled gasp to break from him as I continue "I know what it is to be alone in the world with no one but the beast inside for company, they play with you, connect to you and in the end they consume you,…well until you manage to stuff them back in their box, but then it just starts all over again. We can never win, never truly be free…"

Free? I am your freedom! You know you'd miss me Cady, miss how good I make you feel

He looks at me with intrigue "if I may be so bold to ask… what your talent for this voyage is?"

I look into his curious complexion; his voice is gentle and warm "I have within me a creature, just as you, whom craves destruction and carnage. I suppose they thought two monsters where better than one."

Oh, cadence, you do know me…

Do ever shut up?

His smile is timid, shy and gentle as I take a step closer and question "Henry, may I ask you a question?"

"Why, of course" With a firm nod he answers

With a shake in my suddenly parched throat and a termer in my hands I speak "have you ever been to the circus?"

A light chuckle escapes him "a few times, however not for many years, why do you ask?"

Now or never Cadence, do it, fight for something for once…

I swallow hard, the warm thick liquid doing nothing to ease my frazzled nerves "because you see… well, you…"

Or I could come out and do it for you!

At the monsters words and Henry's confused expression, I find myself speechless and abruptly take the hard coolness from my neck, hovering it in the air before him; the doctor's eyes wide and startled. Lean, pale fingertips graze over the worn watch, followed by the sapphire gems that rise to meet my own "It's you…"

London Circus - 1885

Its dark now, so very dark and so very cold; ice setting in my bones. The show was over, for now at least and I can almost feel the beast stroke my broken curls, trying to sooth my torn soul

Hush now Cady, I'm here, I'll kill them all you'll see, always protect you

Promise me you'll never leave me, that I'll never be alone?

I promise love, you and me against to world

She swore she'd stay you see and to a little girl, who has just barely saw seven years of life it was my only friend…

The day had drained my weak body, but I could still feel the lick of warmth from the approaching flames, the nervous clatter of keys comes from behind me as I shuffle back in fear. My back meeting the cruel bars of my cage and frosted gems matching my visitors as I plead "please, please don't hurt us anymore!"

A finger rises to thin lips "Shush, it's alright, I'm here to help"

Help? People don't help us! Came on Cady, we kill the man and run!

No wait! I don't think he means us harm

Since when did people not want to hurt us, eat girl, we have to eat

He seems different, smells nice, like dust after rain and fresh fruit

His hand is out stretched, reaching for us "come quickly, we haven't much time"

Don't you bloody fool!

Her warnings fall on deaf ears as my tiny hand slips into his, its warm and soft, his sapphire orbs are so kind and forgiving. I can hear the cries before he does, hear them coming "they… they'll catch us…"

His nibble fingers grip my shoulders delicately, eyes wide with fear and panic "Run, I'll hold them off… Go!"

As my captives emerge he pushes me away, into the safety of the darkness "Go now!"

My feet lift me without warning and the trees welcome me into a darling embrace, but I hear a cry, horse and painful, like a wounded gazelle. My dirt masked feet come to a grinding holt

What are you doing? Get us out of here!

That man, he saved us

Good for him now bloody run

They'll kill him, we must go back

Are you out of your mind? We are not going back there

Then stop me!

Without further delay I turn on my heel, racing back into the circus camp only to see my rescuer beaten and bloody on the ground, the ring leader above, scattering his people in search of me. I tilt my head wondering what to do when I see my torturer straddle the sapphire gemmed man.

I feel my blood curdle and black claws rip crimson as they break, the long jagged fangs throbbing forth, my blue orbs smoked black and melted golden. Before thought can find me we are already upon him, the sweet tang of life's elixir and chunky brazed flesh glide down my savage throat. I rip into him, heart in my hand and eyes wide with famine

Finally, a decent meal

However her eyes rise, finding our rescuer standing dazed

Now for dessert

No! Don't you touch him… don't you dare

I take control, one of the few moments I master her. My monstrous form cowers, blood washed claws coming to hind my face from his, but then a hand comes around my frail wrist, pulling it back to meet my gaze "it's alright… here"

I look at him in astonishment; in his hand was a purse and watch, made of white gold "take them, please…"

I look up at him, pondering why he would do such a thing, make such a sacrifice. His eye was swollen, jaw bruised and lip bloody. I raise a clawed hand and tenderly trace the outlines of his face, dedicating it to memory as her voice questions "who are you…"

A small and gallant smile graces his lips "my name is Henry, and I'm a friend… now please, go free, while you can"

With one final nod I head of into the night, not knowing what path I follow, only that I am free, we are free, no more cages and pain… he saved our lives, Henry…

Present Day

At his stunned wisp of a smile the corners of my lips twitch upwards "Hello Henry!"