Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

Summary: During a Quidditch game, Katie Bell daydreams about her crush, Marcus Flint.

Time: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Genre: Romance, Drama, and Poetry

Rating: PG

Date Finished: July 19, 2011

I watch him move,

He flies like an eagle.

He flies like a dove,

Who is so sure of itself.

He holds no doubt,

Nothing but confidence.

He moves as if he was born for this,

Which he probably was.

He flies and scores again,

The crowd cheers for him.

Up sixty points,

Without lost of limb.

He exchanges high fives,

With fellow teammates.

He is a leader,

He has never let his team down.

Not sure if he is a good deader,

But I know he is a cheater.

That doesn't matter though.

When it comes to the game,

Everyone is a cheater.

This game brings out the evil in people.

I look at the score,

Sixty to zero.


Him scoring wasn't a good thing!
I'm on the other team,

The losing one.