Series: TFA

Pairing: Kup and his lovers

Rating: M

Words: 2,348

Chapter includes: a slight creep factor, older bots having sex and loving it, swearing, slash, and hints at all three of sticky, spark and plugN'play

Disclaimer: Only the demented plot, what there is, is mine

I know it's been a while since my last update, and I'm sorry for that. October though the end of December is a busy time for me. I literally have a family birthday roughly every 2 weeks or LESS, not to mention the holidays contained there in. It didn't just sap my time, it sapped my will to write.

The good news is I have the whole story plotted out and WILL write it. Also, I'm back with a new excitement for writing after my sabbatical, but have to do some things to be able to. I have another chapter ready and it's up to you all if I post it now or in a bit. I'd prefer to stagger it out maybe two weeks or so from now. Or, if most of the reviewers want, I can put it up in a day or two. I'll wait a few days for opinions.

I will have to re-watch the end of the series at least, and prob the whole series to reacquaint myself with the order of things. And then reread my story, but that's of lesser concern. I'm hoping to have the episodes watched sometime in the next two weeks or so. At a minimum I only need to watch the last eight episodes. Then I can work on after the next time jump.

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It had been like he thought. Ultra Magnus wasn't sure what to do now that he knew Optimus Prime was alive. The All Spark being found meant taking the Steelhaven to this... Earth (strange name) would be a requirement. That meant seeing the mech he'd liked and lost face to face, with all the questions that brought with it.

Kup listened to his old friend get deeper and deeper into his cubes while wondering if he should pursue the other truck bot. If it would it be right to fill out a request for formal fraternization form when he didn't even know how the Prime felt about him? What if he felt that having the forms meant he felt pressured to say yes to please his Magnus? He was so noble, he would gladly sentence himself to hardship for another.

But if he didn't have the forms filed before he went to Earth even if Optimus Prime said yes he would be supposed to not pursue him yet. And if he didn't have the paperwork Optimus might not believe he was serious. And he'd lost him once already...

By the time of his fourth drink he was sitting on Kup's side of the booth and the smaller bot was patting his back soothingly. Kup felt surprisingly sober after his own three, but then he'd been burning more fuel then usual for some reason. It was probably nothing to be concerned about. No reason to get a medic tailgating his aft over something stupid.

Kup sighed to himself when Ultra turned his helm into his chassis and started saying he was such a good listener, and such a good friend and he was so good to him. His best friend since sparkling hood in fact, Dion and Pickup friends forever, right? It seemed like Ultra's tolerance had lowered, he wasn't this much of a lightweight before.

It looked like it was time to get Ultra back to his place before he started the 'I love you bot' slag. He had more highgrade back at his apartment. He could finish getting Ultra fried there.

"Come on you big lug." Kup slid out of the seat and helped Ultra to stand up. He knew from experience to stay close. If he went too far Ultra might start singing. He did that less with a bot close.

Flairshaft came over with the bill, "Are you leaving then?" The younger bot watched the Magnus wrap an arm around the other truck bot's shoulders and lean into his side.

"Yeah." Kup wished he wasn't so used to this sort of fraggen scrap from other friends he'd gone out with who got so wasted they couldn't find their own subspace to pay their tabs, and stuck his hand in Ultra's subspace for his credit pad. He knew Ultra would be upset if Kup paid after agreeing to let him treat, even if the Commander reimbursed him.

He ignored how his lover was now glaring and handed over the pad, he'd heard Ultra say he was handling the bill earlier. While it wasn't quite legal he knew Ultra wouldn't complain. "I'm gonna take him back ta my place for a bit more then gonna let him stay ta recharge it off. I'll see you tomorrow."

Taking the pad and tucking it back into the blue and white bot's subspace he wrapped a servo around his waist and helped the humming bot to the door, nodding his other lovers on the way out. Even with the more intoxicated bot using his hammer to stay steady Kup was glad the walk to the apartment building was a short one.

He helped the bot nuzzling the top of his helm up the steps and was thankful they didn't run into any other bots on the way down the hall. He always forgot just how cuddly Ultra got when overcharged. Finally getting him in the door and on the couch Kup stepped back and sighed, then leaned back to snap his spinal plates into place again.

"You are going ta have a glitch of a processor ache tomorrow you know."

"Hm." His guest sighed, "I am attracted to so many things about him. What if he doesn't like me?" Kup let himself be pulled into a loose hug and resumed patting his shoulder as he was cuddled on Ultra's lap.

"He's so noble. More then is good for him. I know there's something he and Sentinal weren't telling the High Council when they were brought for trial. Optimus gave too much of a non-answer for it to have been his idea, but he still took the fall. And he has such a nice aft, I just want to squeeze it and rub it and open his cover and ..."

Kup looked at the bot holding him in horror. He could have lived without hearing that. The bots he kept in touch with from bootcamp he though of much like sparklings. He though Ultra would be good for Optimus and the same back, but he didn't want to think of his old friend berthing him.

As he started describing how flexible he bet Optimus was Kup pushed himself up from Ultra's lap and cut in, "Why don't I go get the highgrade I have in the kitchen? Then we can talk about how ta pursue him. I already know how much you like him." More than he wanted to know now. He'd probably end up just getting Ultra extremely overcharged while processor compiling ideas. He could talk about them when they're sober in the morning. He knew he needed a few cubes to get the image of Ultra pinning Optimus out of his possessor. Ugh.

Getting a tray out he stacked it high with cubes of highgrade, at least a good dozen and a half of them. Pausing a moment he listened to Ultra break out in song. It sounded like an ode to Optimus' lips and what Ultra would like them wrapped around. He shoved at least two dozen more into his subspace. It would clean him out, but he wanted as much as he could about this night, that he didn't flag as important anyway, burned from his processor.

They probably wouldn't make it though all the cubes. He even only had this many since he had the others in the building over so often, but with the way Kup burned through fuel he thought it was better to take them then have to come back and endure a probable song about something even worse.

At what felt like way too early the next sol, but his chronometer actually said was closer to mid-sol, the sound of the door buzzer woke Kup. Groaning he shoved Ultra's arm from where it laid pinning him to the berth around his waist and got up. Even blitzed out of his helm the Magnus had insisted he wasn't going to kick him out of his own berth, and Kup had insisted he wasn't going to make a guest recharge on the couch. Besides, Ultra was too big to lay comfortably on it.

Ultra had pointed out, sounding surprisingly reasonable considering that even with the support of his hammer he was wobbling side to side standing still, that his berth was big enough for both of them. Why couldn't two reasonable adults just share it? He'd spent the night being used like a oversized cuddle toy, and had some paint on his chest and elsewhere to prove it. And a few dents in his aft from the bot muttering 'Optimus' and groping him till he settled down for the night.

Wiping at the paint he went to the front door and opened it. Processor still working on fully booting up he just blinked at the bot in the doorway.

"Quickstep?" Blinking his optics a few more times he finally noticed the energon cubes and the container of treats.

"Hi. We though you might like something brought to you since no ones seen lights nor bumper of you all sol." Kup took the container and looked inside not noticing Quickstep watching Ultra Magnus with a glare as he came out of Kup's berthroom and went to the washrack in the room next door. Ooo. Highgrade tarts, compressed energon chews and a few ore crumbles.

Quickstep made deliveries for Rattletrack's energon booth. Sometimes when Kup had a long day and didn't stop at the booth proper Rattletrack sent Quickstep with something nice. Normally when that happened he'd invite the bot in and they'd talk while he fueled. Well and other things.

Flux was a pain to get completely out of a valve but it felt incredible it have it licked mostly out. It was also annoying to try to get energon out of a sparkchamber, though at least that would eventually be absorbed by his spark plasma or rinsed out by the solvents when he cleaned up.

Closing the container he took the energon from Quickstep and turned to take it to the table, missing the glare intensify as the cycle bot took in the paint transfers and the dents in Kup's aft. Pushing the unopened cubes left from the night before to the side he set the container of snacks on the top along with the mid-grade energon he preferred after a night of highgrade.

Turning back he noticed Quickstep had followed him in. "Was there something else you needed before you went back ta Rattletrack?" Normally he wouldn't mind the other bot staying and playing some, but he didn't want to risk Ultra Magnus coming out. He'd see the bot as an excuse to leave before they could talk about what he was going to do about Optimus. Sober this time.

Quickstep's optics darted around and he looked embarrassed, "I suppose. Are you sure you don't want me to stay?"

Kup was not sure how to say leave, when honestly if Ultra was not there he'd say stay; this emotional slag confused him at times. "I have things ta talk with the Magnus about."

Still looking reluctant the cycle bot nodded and walked back to the door. That was when Ultra came out of the washracks.

The delivery bot eyed the large truck bot for a moment then darted back and gave him a kiss that quickly turned passionate as Kup forgot his audience for a moment and pulled Quickstep to himself tightly.

Vents running hard the other bot pulled back from the Sergeant, "We'll be waiting for you to finish with the Magnus. Com us when you're done." Giving on last peck to Kup's lips he backed away and left looking smug. Blinking himself out of his daze the truck bot turned back to his guest. Who now had a very amused expression.

"Now I think I understand why you had such a big berth. The waiter bot and the delivery bot at once?"

He shot his superior a dirty look. "Sir, I don't think you have much of a right ta comment on my berthroom activities considering you were talking about wanting to take Optimus on your desk in your office last night."

Ultra Magnus blanched, "Yes, I suppose you're right." Neither he nor Kup were big on being the subjects of gossip. While most bots didn't care very much if their interfacing lives were talked about, the two of them were old enough that such gossip was usually not very nice. It's like the slaging glitch mice expect a bot to give up fragging after the 150,000th vorn or something.

As the Magnus, Ultra additionally had to worry about scrutiny being placed on whoever he'd chosen to share his berth with. The larger bot had no problem with others knowing about his private life in general, it was hard to prevent it, but trying to use it to disillusion bots about their leader was something he would not tolerate.

Speaking of which... "Noble or not, as much as you want him or not, are you sure you're ready for the ordeal the kid's going ta be put though just from you filing the the paperwork? They're gonna go over his history with a magnet looking for anything that sticks."

Ultra sat down a little heavily on the couch, and the metal squeaked in protest of the sudden large weight. "I know it seems a little selfish to put that burden on him when I've really only liked him from afar, but my spark Calls out to him. It always has ever since I met him at the Academy."

Well, that was unusual. "You mean that metaphorically or literally?" A spark Calling out to another in the literal sense was extremely rare, but when it happens it is usually to the Magnus at the time or some other bot with close ties to Primus. It meant Primus himself was saying the bots involved had a high point of compatibility, not just in spark frequency but in personality and temperament.

"Literally. I went to the Temple of Primus to confirm it and the High Priest would only say Primus mentioned something about matrices and the Hammer and compatible sparks. And he wouldn't say anything more."

Huh. That made things both easier and harder. Just because their sparks Called to each other didn't mean they wouldn't have to fall in love and work at the relationship. There were cautionary stories told to sparklings about the rare bot who's spark Called out to another's and assumed it would all just fall into place. The bot was usually left sparkbroken when the bot their spark loved found another, and they were told of their folly by Primus himself (it being a sparkling story and all).

Of course there were just as many stories as well about two bots having Calling Sparks and them triumphing over adversity to be together. Bots that worked at it were some of the happiest on record, and having a Calling Spark would quiet a lot of the upset over the Magnus choosing to court a bot with a black mark.