"Finally some time to relax." Bloom said as she laid her towel on the beach.

"It seems like forever since we had a vacation." Tecna said while putting sun block on.

"It was real nice of Faragonda to treat us to a beach vacation with the boys." Musa said while she was setting up the stereo.

"Speaking of the boys, where are they? I wanna see snookums." Stella exclaimed as she was tanning.

Layla came back to the girls, just finishing up her morning surf, "They should be here soon. I think they got caught up carrying all Stella's luggage." Everyone laughed, except Stella who pouted.

"Say what you want, but you should always be prepared."

"Please Stella, the boys had to bring their own ship because you brought so much."

Everyone now laughed even harder.

"You laugh now. But I'll be the one laughing when you guys can't find anything cute to wear." Stella put her sunglasses on and went back to tanning.

Everyone was still laughing, except Flora who hadn't said a word all day. She was sitting a little off away from the rest of the girls. A light breeze came by blowing her hair in her face. But Flora was to deep in thought to care.

The Winx and Specialists finally defeated Baltor and were given time off to relax. But Flora wasn't feeling very relaxed. There was a part of her that had a unsettling feeling that peace was not going to last very long.

Flora's train of thought was broken when she heard Layla yelling at her. "Come on Flora, the Specialists are finally here."

Flora got up and wiped the sand off and went to where everyone was standing. All the girls were saying hi to their boyfriends. Flora instantly scanned for a guy with long dark blue hair. It had been a while since she had seen Helia and she really missed him. Then she saw him walking towards her.

"Helia!" Flora ran up to him and he picked her up, twirling her around.

"It's been to ling my love." Giving her a passionate kiss.

"Well since the boys are finally here, why don't we go look at the place we will be staying?" Bloom said still with her arms around sky.

The whole group walked down a path until they stopped and the address Faragonda hand written down for them.

"This can't be it. Its to grand." Brandon said looking up at the building.

It was a huge villa with palm trees surrounding it. When the gang walked in they were even more amazed. Inside was even grander then the outside. It had a huge sitting room and large kitchen. The upstairs had two sets of staircases, each going to a different wing of the villa. The girls went one way and the boys went to the other. Each wing had its own sitting area and everyone had his or her own room. Only problem was that all the rooms looked exactly alike, all a boring plain white. Everyone put their luggage away and came back down stairs.

"Guys, I think it's the perfect time to call Ms. Faragonda." Tecna got out her communicator.

Faragonda's hologram appeared. "Hello girls…and boys. I am glad to see you have found your house. Now I don't want to hear any arguments about the house. You all deserve it and more. That is why I have added a few more things to your place. For Stella I have added an extra large closet for your clothes." Stella squealed with excitement. "For Layla and the boys I have a special gym and pool made for your training. For Tecna I have installed the latest technology upgrades. For Musa a state of the art surrounds sound system. For Bloom a set of bikes to travel around the island. And for you Flora I put a green house in the back." Everyone yelled out a big thank you. "Now before I say goodbye I want to give you one more thing." Faragonda waved her hand and a sprout of light came through the communicator. "There, I have just put a special spell in the house. Now all the rooms have been transformed to fit perfectly with each of your personalities. Now have fun and enjoy yourselves. You all deserve it." And with that Faragonda ended the transmission.

"I can't believe Ms. Faragonda did all that for us." Musa said.

"I know, but thank goodness for that spell. My room looked so drab with all the white." Stella said then she ran up to her room to check it out and, of course, her closet. Everyone followed close behind her to check out what their rooms looked like as well.

Flora walked into her room and gasped, Ms. Faragonda's spell really worked. Her plain bed was now a huge canopy bed with tons of pillows and a white bed cover with magenta, pink, and orange flowers on it. The walls were a dark shade of pink. In one corner of the room there was a large area set up for all her plants. There was a green couch on one side of the room where Flora could read. She then walked to the closet and saw that all her clothes had been hung up. Flora looked over her room some more. Even with everything in here it was still a huge room. Much bigger then the room she shared with Bloom back at Alfea. Then there was a knock on her door.

"Come in."

Helia walked into the room.

"Flora did you notice your door?" Flora looked to see that her door had her name painted on it and was surround by beautiful painted flowers and vines.

"No I didn't but it's amazing. How does your room look?"

"It's pretty cool. It's a hunter green color and there is already a section with all my art supplies set up, even an easel to paint."

"That does sound pretty cool." Flora then walked over to her bed and Helia sat next to her. "So what do you want to do for the rest of the day?"

"I don't know I'm actually pretty tired."

"I am too." Flora then yawned. Then the two fell asleep on Flora's bed.