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Simon x Camille



Full Summary:

Simon Lewis, the human, the vampire, the daylighter. He was an outcast as a human, an outcast from his closest friends when he was turned into a vampire, now an outcast as the daylighter around other vampires.

As the days go on he realizes he doesn't exactly fit in, anywhere unparticular. Then one day he meets an old vampire that takes him under his wing, teaching him the in's and out's.


Inspired by Teeth by Lady Gaga; we have so eloquently named the story after the song, seeing as it was the most fitting title.


Authors Note:

WestAnimeBrigade & glasstears17 present a wonderful collaboration that is the spawn of heart break & an obsession with real vampires :D Mainly gonna be Camille & Simon couple, but with tons of man cave and brotherly fun. There's gonna be Jordan Kyle from CoFA, so if you haven't read it just go with the name okay? There will be other characters not mentioned in the Mortal Instruments, not OC's (hate those) but you'll have to wait and see who they are when they come into the plot!


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Chapter One: The Setup



Clary sat idly in the Institute, it was a Wednesday and she was watching T.V. with Jace, Izzy and Alec. It was an oddly calm day, without training or any orders to go and kill something. 'Strange indeed.' She thought to herself.

Bored with the television show, her mind began to think about the events of the past few weeks, dissecting and analyzing them. Apparently being a Shadowhunter made you a little keener to details than other humans.

One thought kept plaguing her; Simon. She hadn't seen much of him lately, not to mention they didn't call each other and talk nearly as much as they used to. That in itself wasn't bad, she understood why he would feel awkward, and she had a boyfriend after all. Not to mention being a vampire had somehow formed an invisible wall between them.

Speaking of her boyfriend, Clary snuck a look at Jace, he was completely enthralled in the movie playing on the screen. His hair had been cut short, giving him a spiking cartoon sun effect.

Continuing with her previous train of thought, she remembered asking Isabella if she had talked to Simon recently… her reaction had been so stiff and cold…


"What about him?" The female shadowhunter's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Nothing…" Clary shrugged. "…just wondering if you'd seen him lately."

"Now why would you think I would've seen him?" Isabella spat, taking a drink of bright blue liquid.

They all had arrived at Magnus' party over an hour earlier, and there still had been no sign of Simon. Who had promised to be there saying, he was 'sorry about not being around the last couple weeks…' and had a lot of things to deal with.

Rolling her eyes she decided to confess her real worries to Isabella. "I haven't seen him in weeks…"

"Well you talked to him about coming here, so what's the problem?" Izzy rolled her eyes and slouched against the counter.

"That was the first time I've talked to him in two weeks." Clary tried to reason with her. "There's something going on, it took me forever to get him to pick up and when he did he was so curt… it was like he was trying to get rid of me!"

"Maybe he was." The shadowhunter glanced at a male faerie knight as he walked bye.

"Izzy." Clary gave her a serious look, "Jordan hasn't been able to get more than two words out him, when he is at their apartment. And most of the time he isn't even there."

Isabella seemed to understand her friend's genuine worry. "I bet he's just trying to figure out some personal issues… that's all."

"I hope so…" Clary looked into the crowd, still trying to find Simon. Though being out all night and gone five days out of the week didn't sound like a small personal issue.

"Me too…" Whispered Isabella, she was barely audible over the music. With that Isabella got up from her spot and walked over to the faerie knight she had been eyeing and began to dance with him.

Clary sighed, her eyes swept the dance floor one last time before making her way over to Jace.

Simon never showed up that night…


"Clary?" Jace's voice interrupted her train of thought.

"Hmm? What is it?" She looked over at him, only to have him point over to the other couch where Izzy and Alec sat.

Looking over Isabella began to repeat what she had just said, "I was just wondering if you had talked to Simon lately… you know since he ditched at Magnus's last party?"

Shaking her head, "Nothing, all I got was a text message that said 'Sorry'." Frowning she continued. "I tried texting him, but nothing. How about you?"

Isabella sighed, she seemed tired. "Not a thing. I haven't seen him or talked to him…" Jace smirked sardonically, "Well I'm not surprised. The only male outside of this house that you see is that faerie dude…"

"Shut up Jace." Isabella crossed her legs and threw him a glare.

The room grew silent.

"I'm starting to think something is up." Jace put the T.V. on mute and joined the conversation on a more serious note. "And I don't ever think anything interesting is up with him…"

"Has Jordan or Maia seen him or anything?" Alec spoke up; Clary was genuinely surprised he was interested. Alec normally kept to himself and didn't meddle with his sisters (or her) affairs all that much.

"Not a word." The red head paused. "Though Jordan said he Simon has been at the apartment less and less lately. Apparently he only stops in to do the laundry once a week…"

Isabella frowned, "He hasn't said a word to me…" she sounded sad and upset. "I've tried to call him but…" She trailed off.

Jace sighed dramatically, "Well if you two are so worried about the blood sucker, then why not corner him into going to a movie or something?" His mouth twitched into a smirk, knowing his joke made Izzy even crankier than she already was.

Clary turned her head slowly, "You know… that isn't a half bad idea." She smiled at him, "Now we just gotta corner him! How about we all call him like mad and get Jordan and Simon's band mates to annoy him too?"

Jace smiled sarcastically, "You think more and more like me every day." He kissed her cheerfully on the head.

"Oh please…" Isabella said meanly, but her slight smile showed that she thought it was funny as well.

Clary walked into the tiny coffee shop, trying to distinguish the person she had come to see from the early morning coffee rush. She spotted him at a corner table, miraculously free in spite of the crowd. Moving against the flow, she finally plopped down in the chair opposite him.

"Sorry I'm late, traffic was hell!" she exclaimed, setting her bag by her feet and reaching for the drink Jordan had thought to get her.

"It's fine, so what's up? Is this about our very own recluse, Simon?" he tried to joke but Clary could see it was forced. 'He's as worried as us', she thought. 'This isn't good'.

"Yeah, we're all worried about him. He won't talk to Izzy or even me for that matter! So we have a plan to corner him and make him go to the movies. Can you annoy him about it, and see if you can get his band mates in on it?" she finished with a gasp. 'Note to self: Breathe during conversation', she thought with a smirk.

He gave her a startled look but said, "Ah sure, I'll ask him at band practice... But the real questions are, am I invited to this movie and do you have a date in mind?" he finished with a smile.

She gave him a dirty look and leaned over the table to punch him in the arm. "Of course you're invited! And as for the date I was thinking this Friday night, sound good?"

Jordan was rubbing his arm and smiling at her when he answered. "That should be good, I'll just run it by Maia to see if she wants to go." His cellphone started to ring as soon as he finished. Looking down he laughed and muttered "Speak of the devil." Louder he said " I'll see ya later Clary and I hope Simon comes back from Mars." He stood and helped her up then answered his phone as he left the coffee shop.

Clary sat and looked into her now cold coffee hoping it would give her some much needed answers, but like every other time she had looked into an inanimate object she got none. 'I just hope this works.'


Clary bounced into the institute, and was immediately met by Isabella. "What did he say? Has Simon been telling him anything?"

"Go easy on her Izzy…" Jace came up from behind the girl and hugged Clary, then casually wrapping his arm around her shoulders as the two began to walk towards the main lounge room.

Alec sat up from his relaxed position on the couch. "So what'd he say?"

Clary sat down, sighing. "Well it doesn't sound like Simon has been communicating very well with Jordan." Taking Jace's hand in her own, she continued. "He's going to tell the band members before he gets to band practice, so they can ambush him…"

"Not to be a downer…" Alec began, "… but how do you know Simon will agree?" He seemed hesitant.

Jace rolled his eyes. "Nothing works better on Simon than the guilt trip." He smirked at Alec and Izzy's shocked expressions, Clary just laughed.

"He's right. Simon hates getting guilted into stuff." She smiled lightly; it had been her device to take his Chocolate cupcakes when they were little.

"But how do you know that?" Isabella seemed surprised and a little… upset?

"He, Jordan and I hung out a lot during that whole Lilith escapade." Jace shrugged, "They're actually really entertaining to hang out with."

Alec regained some of his composure. "Oh yeah… kinda forgot about that. Are they really that fun to be around?" It was obvious Alec couldn't believe either of the guys could be fun to be with.

"In fact we have some of the most interesting banter session known to man or Downworlder." Jace smirked. "Both Jordan and Simon have told me so."

"It couldn't be that they were being nice, not to hurt, you know your ego?" Isabella crossed her legs, with a sour look on her face.

Jace rolled his eyes and turned the television on.

All of a sudden Clary felt her phone vibrate; looking down the caller i.d. said it was Jordan.


Jordan opened the door of his apartment, and began to try and pick up. He had texted Matt and Eric, and told them to be over at his house in twenty minutes, that was ten minutes ago.

The ring of the door bell sounded; shoving a bunch of his dirty clothes in the hamper he proceeded to open the door. He found his other two band mates grinning.

"Got any food?" Eric walked in and headed straight for the fridge.

"Always." Jordan laughed as Matt went to his pantry.

A little while later, with much joking and laughing in between, Jordan decided to get serious.

"Well I'm sure you guys have guessed I didn't just ask you guys over to hang out…" the two boys nodded, their mouths full of food. "… Well Clary and I talked. And well she's really worried about Simon."

Matt nodded solemnly, "I think everybody is… I mean the only time we see him is here at band practice." The group had since relocated its practice area to where Simon's bedroom used to be. Seeing as he was never there except for band practice.

"So has he been blowing Clary off like he has us?" Eric leaned forward, a solemn look on his face.

Jordan nodded slowly. "He won't return her or Isabella's calls or texts and he even ditched a party that he promised he would go to."

They were silent.

The werewolf continued. "Clary told me that even Jace was beginning to get worried." He motioned to his phone; the two had been texting about it.

"Oh man… it must be getting bad." Matt paused then a thought occurred to him. "When have they last seen him?"

"Not for over a month."

Eric leaned back onto the couch, his body slack. "Whoa… and I thought he and Clary were like brother and sister? You know… joined at the hip?"

"Not to mention that one hot chick, with the black hair?" Matt looked to Jordan for clarification.

"Her name's Isabella." He let another small silence roll as the two realized what was going on. "But why I asked you guys here is because Clary asked a favor of us." Motioning between them all.

"Damn it must be serious if she came to us." Matt rubbed his full stomach.

"Yeah… well she's asked us that at tomorrow night at band practice we corner Simon and guilt trip him into going on a huge group thing to the movies on Friday."

"That would work… he has one hell of a conscience." Matt paused. "But I don't think I'll be able to make it." Jordan cast him a 'What the hell?' look. "My parents are forcing me to go and visit my grandparents. We're leaving at like nine in the morning…" He grumbled the last bit.

"I gotta work that day." Eric sighed. "My hours suck; three to ten… I'm sorry man." The singer looked at Jordan apologetically.

Jordan shook his head, "Nah it's alright. Just help me guilt him into it. Practice one-liners in the mirror or something."

"Hey! I do not practice one-liners in the mirror." Eric held up his hands in defense.

"Tsch sure you don't…" Matt laughed.

As the two boys began to argue back and forth, meanwhile Jordan took out his phone, and began to text Clary.

Jordan: [Hey- it was a success! I got Matt and Eric to go along with it. Though they won't be able to go on Friday.]

Then he pressed send, a few moments later he felt his phone buzz. Opening it he read the text from Clary.

Clary: [Thanks a bunch! But they'll still help guilt him right? Oh and you'll call me after you guy's confront him right?]

Jordan: [np. Yeah they promised. Haha, sure thing. Want me to force him onto the phone after the intervention?]

It was a little bit before he finally got a reply from Clary.

Clary: [Jace thought it was a good idea, and so do I. Tomorrow's band practice right?]

Jordan: [Yeah it is. I'll call you so have your phone ready.]

Clary: [Awesome :D oh yeah and are you and Maia coming?]

Jordan: [Yeah we are. Matt and Eric are making a mess, I'll call you tomorrow.]

Clary: [Sounds good.]

And with that Jordan put all of his energy into cleaning up after the two guys whom he had grown to call family. "Come on guys! Ketchup, really?"

Smiling Clary looked up at the others in the room. "Matt and Eric are gonna help guilt him into it!"

Isabella sighed in relief. "That's good. What else did Jordan say?"

"Just that he'd call me after the 'intervention'…" she put quotation marks around the word, earning a smile from Alec and Jace, "… and that he'd force Simon onto the phone." Clary smiled at their devious little plan.

Jace cracked a smile, "Tomorrow should be extremely interesting then."

"If he agrees to go, Friday will be much more interesting." Isabella pointed out.

"Very true." He nodded.

"Well let's just hope he at least agrees to go." Clary snuggled into Jace's side as they all became enthralled in the television show playing.




Chapter 1: The Setup ~Fin~



After Note:

West~ One night baby! Oh yeaaah~ Well that was fun. I'm thinking of going with the Jace & Simon = friends in this one. I was so proud of my friend for helping me out and making me laugh when she wrote her part. Next Chapter will have Simon's sexiness.

Glasstears17- Wow, I'm still in shock to tell you the truth :D This is my first attempt at a fanfic so this should be interesting, but it's with a friend so I'm not too worried! West is a fantabulous mentor and to tell you the truth, she's got one of the most insane minds I've ever come across, so combined with me and my quirkiness… hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, and get ready for some real vampires!


Word Count: 2,371



House Song – Ministry of Magic (LOL)

Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

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Mr. Brightside- The Killers

Teeth- Lady Gaga

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