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Force Jumper

Chapter 1: Shrouds of Gray

Obi-Wan Kenobi sighed deeply and instinctively reached up to touch his ear where his padawan braid had hung previously for more than fifteen years. He had been Knighted, but it had not been the joyous occasion he had always imagined it would be. His Master was not standing there to sever his braid and commend him on his Knighthood. His Master was dead. He was simply Knighted, because he had managed to avenge Qui-Gon against the creature that had taken his life. That creature had been a Sith, his Master had said so. But the other Masters were reluctant to call the creature a Sith. There hadn't been a Sith in over a millennia and the fact that they could have returned was not something any of them wanted to embrace. This had always one of his former Master's biggest grievances with the Council. Qui-Gon was always saying that the Council was in denial about a great many things, but Obi-Wan himself had always been reluctant to ever speak against the Council like his maverick Master. Whatever it had been that he had fought, it was gone now, just as his Master was. He was now faced with training a boy that he had promised his Master he would, or so he had thought. Mace and Yoda had just given him the final word that Anakin Skywalker would not be trained. They were sending him back to Tatooine. Queen Amidala was meeting with them now, imploring them to at least free the boy's mother so she could come to Naboo. He knew her pleas would fall on deaf ears. They wanted Anakin, the boy they said had a clouded future, to disappear back into the sands of the bleak world he had come from. Obi-Wan felt sorry for the young, bright eyed boy his Master had become fond of, but if he was truthful with himself, he knew he wasn't ready to train any padawan, much less one as challenging as Anakin would have surely been. Perhaps this was for the best. That's what Obi-Wan would tell himself anyway.

Padme paced in her lavish palace quarters.

"Padme please, you must calm down. We have to get you ready for celebration," Sabe pleaded with her best friend. Padme scoffed.

"Celebration? Our people were just nearly massacred, a great Jedi Master was slain, the Jedi Council is turning a blind eye to a little boy who just saved our planet by sending him back to that horrible planet, and our own government refuses to allow me access to my own money to free his mother and bring her here. Anakin doesn't deserve this!" Padme cried in exasperation.

"You care about him," Sabe said, as she put her hand on Padme's shoulder. The young Queen accepted her embrace and Sabe hugged her tightly.

"He was a slave and his mother is still a slave, yet they welcomed Master Qui-Gon and me into their home without even thinking. Then Anakin risked his own life in one of the most dangerous sports I've ever witnessed in order to help us and if that wasn't enough, even after the Jedi Council practically spat on him, he flew a ship into space and destroyed the droid control ship. He's a hero and we are rewarding him by sending him back to the very planet that once enslaved him. It isn't fair," Padme cried.

"I know honey…I know. You know that if I could do anything to make this better, I would. Anakin is such a brave little boy, certainly no ordinary young man," Sabe said gently. Padme sniffed. Her best friend was the only one that truly understood her. Sabe understood her even better than her own family, but Padme had a connection with Anakin the moment they meant. She had brushed it off at first, but she too felt what Anakin had also felt. And in their time together, that connection had only grown stronger. But no one would help him or allow her to help him. The Jedi were rejecting him, because he was too "old". She had never heard such lunacy and the respect she had once held from their Grand Order had diminished significantly since Master Qui-Gon's death. She remembered Mace Windu's cold, unforgiving stare as she pleaded with them to at least help her free Anakin's mother and allow her to join Anakin on Naboo. But he would have none of it, nor would Master Yoda. She wondered how two supposed great Jedi Masters like them could be scared of a little boy like Anakin. Master Yoda had seemed more sympathetic to her plight, but she didn't think she would ever forget the cold, unfeeling stare of Windu. She had always been told that while Jedi were often detached, they were always compassionate. But Windu was not compassionate in the slightest and something about him made her cold all over. She sighed, as Sabe forcefully led her to her vanity to prepare her for the ceremony.

"This may be a small setback, but I know you well enough to know that you won't give up on seeing that Anakin's mother is free and that they can leave that dreadful sandpit. Giving up just isn't your style," Sabe said.

"You're right, I won't give up. And the Jedi are losing a boy that could have been one of their greatest," Padme replied.

"Their loss and your gain. That boy is going to be a hunk when he grows up," Sabe mused. Padme's mouth dropped open.

"Sabe! He's only nine," Padme said in mock outrage.

"Little boys grow up and become men, my Queen. And he's as smitten with you as I've ever seen," Sabe teased.

"He's five years my junior," Padme argued.

"That seems like a lot now, but it won't be anything when you're both in your twenties," Sabe giggled in amusement, enjoying Padme's furious blush. She may have been their Queen, but she was still so naïve about many things.

"You're insane. You just love meddling in my love life, or lack thereof," Padme complained.

"I only meddle, because I just want you with the right man that won't hurt you. I've already chased off plenty of suitors with ill intentions. You're the closest thing I have to a baby sister," Sabe replied. Padme smiled.

"Well, I'm closer to you than I probably ever will be to Sola. I don't think she'll ever forgive me for leaving home to join the legislative youth program," Padme said sadly.

"Someday she will and she'll get over her jealousy that she wasn't chosen to enter the program herself," Sabe promised. Padme and Sola were the daughters of Ruwee Naberrie, former Senator, and now a prestigious professor at the University. Their Grandmother Winama Naberrie had been a prominent figure in their government too, but Sola didn't inherit their aptitude for politics and history. Her scores had not been high enough to be admitted to the program, but Padme was the opposite. Her marks were the highest they had seen since Winama herself and she had quickly become known as a prodigy, making her the clear choice for Princess of Theed at age twelve and then finally Queen two years later. And now, Padme was a heroin to the people, having valiantly fought to take back the palace on the front lines, rather than go into hiding like most rulers would have. Of course, Padme took none of the credit and gave it to the people around her, the Jedi, and of course, the little boy that had destroyed the control ship. Padme's selflessness and sense of duty never ceased to amaze Sabe.

"Come on, let's get you in your gown," Sabe prodded, as she practically dragged her frustrated Queen to her dressing closet.

"She's an angel…she has to be…"

Those were Anakin's thoughts, as he stared at Padme, garbed in a flowing white/pinkish gown with her face painted in the traditional makeup of the Naboo royalty. She mustered her best smile for him and he returned it, though it didn't really reach his eyes, nor did hers. He watched, as she presented the token of peace to Boss Nass, symbolizing the new alliance between the Naboo and the Gungans. The parade and celebration continued, as confetti wafted in the air. Anakin looked around at the Jedi present and shivered involuntarily, as Mace Windu caught his gaze. It was gone as quickly as it came, but he could have sworn the dark skinned Master had glared with accusation at him. Anakin wasn't sure what he had done to garner such deep seeded dislike from the Korun Master, but he was almost glad that he wasn't going to be trained as a Jedi. He would be more glad about it if he could free his mother and then leave Tatooine forever. Instead, he would be on his way back there in just a few hours. Yoda's expression toward him was void, but that didn't surprise him. In the short time that he had known him, he found that Master Yoda was virtually unreadable. Then he glanced at Obi-Wan, the former padawan he had met with Master Qui-Gon. He had asked Obi-Wan to train him as he was dying, but the Council had denied Qui-Gon's bequest and Obi-Wan refused to look at him. Anakin saw pity in his eyes and it left a sour taste in his mouth. He hated pity. He knew Kenobi saw unfortunate beings like him as what he called "pathetic life forms," He had heard the man refer to him and Jar Jar Binks as such, though Obi-Wan was unaware that he had overheard him. Kenobi was also doing a poor job of hiding any hint of resentment he had toward him. He was miffed that his Master's last words to him had not been about Obi-Wan himself, but about Anakin. As much as Anakin wanted to learn how to use his powers, he decided that it might be good that Obi-Wan wasn't going to teach him anything.

As if his mood wasn't somber enough, he knew he would momentarily be put back on a transport for Tatooine. He would be with his mother again, but she was still a slave. He would have to find what work he could in order to save money to buy her freedom. It wouldn't be easy, for slave labor was much cheaper than employing a free worker. But he was determined to do whatever he could to free her and then leave Tatooine forever. He felt his senses tingle suddenly, as it felt like someone else was watching him. But as he looked around, the feeling dissipated and he shrugged his shoulders.

What he hadn't noticed was that Mace too had felt it and the look in his dark eyes was dangerous, as he probed the Force around him. He looked to his side and realized that he couldn't leave to find the source, lest he wished his peers to become suspicious. He smirked. He was so good at conducting his double life though that he was confident that even if he did pursue the prey he sensed near by, he could easily cover his tracks.

Behind the pillar, the cloaked figure masked his presence in the Force and he cursed Windu. He was known as Quinlan Vos and what the Jedi considered a rogue Jedi, because he refused to operate within the Order. Yoda accepted that, because of Quinlan's tendency to be a loner and his need to take only specialized missions that his position allowed. But that was not the reason that Quinlan was a rogue and only a few people, including Mace, knew the real reason. If he were to live in the Temple, not only would his secret be exposed, so would Mace's, for they were mortal enemies and had been warring for years in a secret game of chase.

To the Jedi, there was only the light side and the dark side, but Quinlan knew better and considered himself what was known as gray. Mace, however, saw his kind, regardless of any good deeds he had ever committed, as evil and of the dark side. But Windu was not stupid and knew that his views contradicted the traditional teachings of the Jedi. But Mace was bound by the vows of another organization, one that had shrouded itself in secrecy for centuries, one he was born into, and one that his true loyalty lied. But if Quinlan's kind was exposed to the galaxy, then Mace's would be as well. And neither wanted that, so they operated under the veil of gray that cloaked them to the Jedi's blind eyes.

Quinlan knew it was risky for him to be there with Mace in the vicinity, but he had great respect for Qui-Gon Jinn, as did his own Master, who couldn't make the journey. It was even more dangerous for him, though the reasons for that were different than his own, but his Master had wanted him to pay respect to his old friend's former padawan for him. Qui-Gon had adamantly voiced his concerns to the Council and Yoda on many occasions in recent years. He had suggested that the dark side was growing in strength and that their capacity to sense it had diminished, but his pleas had fallen on deaf ears. The Jedi Council was blind and had become complacent, but they could not see that. They could not sense the growing darkness, nor could they even sense that Mace Windu conducted his own secret affairs right under their noses, murdering whoever was cursed with the same anomaly that he was, which caused his unusual powers. The same powers that Mace hunted people for. It didn't matter if the person was good. It didn't matter if the person was a man, woman, human, alien, or even a child. When Mace or his people caught one of them, they were executed. Quinlan had been in plenty of scrapes with Windu and escaped and he knew if he wanted to avoid a confrontation, then he needed to be on his way.

"Rest in peace, Qui-Gon. Maybe someone else will get them to finally see what's going on right under their noses before it's too late. As for you, Windu, your day is coming. One day, there will be one of us that's too powerful for you and your techniques. Then you'll pay for all the blood you've spilt in the name of your so called Force cleansing you perform on beings like me. One day, someone is going to cleanse us of you," Quinlan growled, as he disappeared into thin air.

Padme knelt down in front of Anakin and hugged him tightly, as they stood on the landing platform later that afternoon. She was free of her royal makeup so she could properly say goodbye.

"I'm not going to stop trying to get the money we need to free your mom, I promise," Padme said.

"I know you won't. You tried your best and that means everything to me," Anakin replied.

"It's very silly that my own government won't even let their own Queen access her own money and that they're turning a blind eye to your plight, especially after all you did for us. It is not a transgression I will allow them to forget and it is a wrong I will right if I can," Padme promised. Anakin nodded.

"You've already done so much for me and I'm really going to miss you," Anakin said.

"I'm going to miss you too, Ani," she replied. He noticed that she was wearing the japor snippet he had made for her.

"You're wearing it," he said in surprise.

"Of course I am. It's very special to me, because you gave it to me. I'm never going to forget you," she replied. Anakin smiled and suddenly saw a vision the Force decided to let him see, as it did quite often. It was him and Padme together, several years in the future. And it made him smile with hope.

"This isn't goodbye forever. We'll meet again," he said. Padme certainly hoped so and she hugged him again. She stood up then and Sabe put her hands on Padme's shoulders, as they watched the brave young boy board the transport. And he was gone, leaving them both with a feeling of emptiness that neither liked.

In the jungles of Felucia…

It had been a few days since Qui-Gon's death and things had returned to normal, at least for Mace Windu. The Jedi were saddened by his loss, but for Mace, the dark creature that killed the other Jedi had saved him the trouble. For several months now, he had the feeling that Qui-Gon was onto him and had been trying to discover his closely guarded secret. He had been fully prepared to take care of the other Jedi himself, despite the risks it would pose. But now he didn't have to and his secret was still safe, though it irked him that he had sensed Quinlan Vos on Naboo and had been unable to pursue him. He despised Quinlan's kind, especially ones that were trained in the Jedi arts.

Mace Windu strode confidently through the lush greenery and looked at their latest capture. He was a human boy, probably no older than sixteen. Their electrified cables suspended him and prevented him from using his powers to get away. He was just a kid, but that's not what Mace saw. Because of his unique ability, all Mace could see was an abomination, an impurity in the Force. And impurities had to be eradicated. For centuries, the people of Haruun Kal had hunted what they simply called, Force Jumpers. Force Jumpers were those that had the ability to teleport themselves anywhere or any place on a planet. Fortunately, there had never been one that could jump to another planet, which isolated their powers more and forced them to use regular space travel like everyone else. For centuries, this cult, which he was now leader of, had hunted these Force Jumpers. Some became Jedi and some had no awareness of the Force other than their ability. But nonetheless, all were hunted, captured, and disposed of eventually. And this one would be no different. He hadn't done anything wrong, but in Mace's mind, it was only a matter of time before they all went bad. Just using their power for personal gain in itself proved they were evil, at least in Windu's mind and the minds of his people.

The boy, fear in his young eyes, watched the Korun Master approach. He flinched in pain, as one thousand volts of electricity kept him suspended in place.

"Why…why are you doing this?" he asked.

"No one should have your power. Only Gods and the Force can be anywhere in the blink of an eye. Not you. You're an abomination…an infection in the Force. And we eradicate your kind," Mace said coldly, as he unwrapped a ceremonial small vibro blade. Normally, he only used a light saber as a weapon, except when he was killing Force jumpers. It was part of their code. Only when the blood of the Force Jumper was spilled would it expunge the impurity in the Force. Without another word, Mace thrust the blade into the boy's gut and viciously cut upward into the boy's heart, killing him instantly. His head fell forward and life left him completely. Mace held the gleaming, red stained blade up and carefully cleaned it off.

"One day, it will be your blood on this blade, Vos," Mace hissed, before putting the weapon away.

"Cut him down," he ordered to his subordinates, before returning to his ship. He had to return to the Temple.

One year later…

Ten-year-old Anakin Skywalker finished repairing the moisture evaporator in the small shop where he had worked for the last eleven months. He had returned to Tatooine and his mother a year ago and had eagerly sought employment. His goal was to earn enough money to buy his mother's freedom from Watto

But finding a job in Mos Espa was no easy task since many owned slaves, so he had been forced to seek a job in Anchorhead. There were very few slaves and more small independent business owners there, as it was profitable to have repair places there since the moisture farmers often brought their equipment to Anchorhead for repairs. Anakin had been hired by an older man after fixing a evaporator for a local farmer that the old man insisted couldn't be fixed. But the pay was meager and it would be years until he had enough to free her. So with the spare parts his employer allowed him to keep, he began building a new pod racer. He figured if he could win a few more races, this time entering independently, he could have enough much faster. His mother hated the idea of him entering another race, but he was insistent. He hated this place and he hated that his mother was still a slave. They deserved better. His new racer was nearly ready too and the Boonta Eve Classic was just days away. But entering as a free person had created a few unexpected occurrences that Anakin hadn't been prepared for. The last few days, he had received threatening messages, telling him that if he competed and won, there would be serious consequences. This kind of thing wasn't unheard of when it came to pod racing. Everyone threatened everyone else. The Hutts often tried their best to rig the races and Sebulba was known for intimidating his competition. But Anakin wasn't too worried. If they were intimidated by him, that just meant they were afraid he was going to beat them.

"Good job today Anakin. You best be getting home before it gets dark," the owner of the repair shop told him.

"Thank you sir, I'll see you tomorrow," Anakin called, as he packed up a few of the scrap parts he had acquired and threw his satchel over his shoulder. He hopped into the speeder he had found in the scrap heap when he returned home almost a year ago. He had rebuilt the engine in just a few days and it worked great now, allowing him to make the two hour commute back and forth between the outskirts of Mos Espa and Anchorhead. But hopefully, he would soon be finding a new home and new job on Naboo if everything went well in the race. He and Mom would finally be living the life they deserved if he pulled off a few wins. With those thoughts, he sped off into the barren desert.

Sebulba fidgeted at his table in the Cantina, as he waited for the meeting he had arranged to begin. Finally two rough looking human males slid into the booth across from him.

"It's about time," Sebulba snapped.

"Relax you stupid Dug, we're here and you better have something good. We blew off what could have been a good score of new slaves," one griped. A person with any kind of heart at all would have felt sick to hear these men talk eagerly about buying and selling human flesh into sexual slavery, but the three sitting at this table had no conscience or morals of any sort.

"Trust me, I'm willing to pay you for your loss and the job I'm asking you to do. Plus, I'm about to hand you a boy that I think Zar's brothel over in Mos Eisley will pay you handsomely for," Sebulba hissed. Zar's brothel was one that specifically bought only young human males and forced them to be sex slaves to those who preferred male pleasure slaves over females.

"What's the job?" the other asked.

"This boy," Sebulba hissed, as he showed them a holo of a young, blonde boy that couldn't be more than ten. One of them whistled.

"A pretty brat. You're right, Zar will pay top dollar from him, especially if he's untouched," the horrid man said.

"He is and he's also my biggest competition in the race next week. I want him out. His mother is owned by Watto and that sleamo Toydarian is part of the reason I lost the Boonta Eve Classic last year to this twerp. I want them dead and then you can do whatever you want to this troublesome boy, the crueler the better. I want him to suffer," Sebulba spat. The men smirked.

"Oh Zar will see to that. He likes his pretty little boys and he makes sure they're beaten into submission before he uses them," one chuckled, like the pain of a little boy was the most hilarious thing ever. These two were a true testament to the degree of villainy Tatoonie's inhabitants could sink to.

"Pay us and you can consider the job done," the other said. Sebulba smirked evilly. He would finally have his revenge on that little wretch. He tossed a cloth sack onto the table. The two men checked and smirked back.

"Pleasure doing business with you,"

When Anakin arrived back at his and his mother's hovel, he wasn't too alarmed when she wasn't home. It wasn't unusual for her to work late with Watto if they had work backed up, so he ventured into the city and to Watto's small repair shop. As he stepped inside, he immediately knew something was wrong. He felt it.

"Mom…" he called. There was only silence.

"Watto…" he called, but he somehow knew no one would answer. He slowly crept toward Watto's work bench and he felt a gush of fear grip him, as he saw his former master crumpled beneath a mess of tools, blood oozing from his dead body. Someone had beaten him to death. He pushed back the tears, as dread filled him. He didn't want to look behind the counter, but he had to. The tears were flooding from his eyes by now, as the sight he dreaded finally filled his vision. He broke down, falling to his knees, as violent sobs racked his small body. He crawled next to his lifeless mother and sobbed against her shoulder, wishing for nothing more than her arms to go around him like they always had and comfort him. But he would never have that again, because she was gone. He looked down at her, noticing that her last moments were probably horrific. Her clothes were ripped and he knew what that meant. He knew what the animals on this planet were like. After violating her, the life had clearly been choked out of her, as was evident by the dark bruising around her neck.

"No mom…NOOOO!" he screamed, as he cried as hard as he had ever cried. What would he do without her? He was only ten and he was alone. What would he do? And who had done this? Unfortunately, he was about to find out exactly who had taken his mother from him.

"Well, it's about time you got here, boy. We've been waiting for you," a gruff male voice spat. Anakin's head shot up, as two big, burly men loomed above him. He scarcely had time to cry out, as one grabbed him by the hair and yanked him into the air.

"NO!" Anakin screamed, as he kicked and punched, as hard as he could. But this only earned him a knee to his gut, which knocked the air out of him. The man dropped his sobbing form to the ground, as he held his stomach in pain.

"Sebulba seems to have it in for you pretty bad," he heard one say. Anakin clenched his teeth in anger. Sebulba had done this. He had hired these men to take his mother away.

"Here's the stun cuffs. I told Zar we would be there in an hour. He wants to meet his new…slave…" the other hissed. White hot fear filled him. Not again…he would not be sold back into slavery.

"Yeah, you're gonna like you're new master and he's gonna love you, cause he's going to make a fortune off you," one said, as they both chuckled evilly. This couldn't be happening! He couldn't become a slave again. He had heard of Zar and he knew exactly what business he was in. If he let himself be chipped again, then it would be all over. He would never live to see freedom again. He would never see Padme again.

"Padme!" he cried in his head, as images of the beautiful girl that he knew was an angel filled his mind. He cried in anguish, but was thankful that she would never see this ugliness.

"Why is this happening to me!" he screamed in his head, calling out to the Force. Qui-Gon had told him much about the Force in their short time together, but right now, he didn't believe there was anything out there watching out for him.

"You are the Chosen One, Ani," he heard Qui-Gon's voice tell him.

"If I am this so called Chosen One, then why is this happening! I'm not the Chosen One or I wouldn't be leading such a worthless existence!" he screamed angrily into the Force, though his captors heard none of it. But someone…or something did. His rage filled him and though he had been warned against his anger, he didn't care. He let his rage erupt and he felt his vision becoming blurry, fazing in and out.

"What the hell?" he heard one of them cry. The two slavers looked on in astonishment, as the boy on the ground suddenly disappeared into thin air and appeared again, just a few yards away.

"This kid is a freak!" he heard one cry. Anakin looked around as best he could. His vision was blurry and everything was spinning, making him sick to his stomach.

"Get him before he gets away!" the other cried, as he saw their feet coming toward him.

"No…stay away from me!" he cried, as he felt his vision start to go dark and tears fill his eyes again. He was going to be a slave again…a slave of the worst kind. He would never see Padme again and even though his fate would be a bleak one, he hoped she lived a good, happy life. He just wished he could be there to see it.

"I love you Padme…" he whispered, as everything went black and he disappeared right before the two men's eyes. The slavers looked around, dumbfounded.

"Where the hell did he go?" one cried.

"What the hell is he?" the other hissed, as they looked all around the shop. But they would never find him…

Quinlan Vos did the last minute checks on ship, as he prepared to leave Naboo and return to his other home. He had frequented Naboo in the last year, at his Master's request. A year ago, he had carefully observed not only Mace, but Naboo itself for a few days for any signs of Count Dooku, who had disappeared in recent months after leaving the Order. But it seemed that Dooku wasn't concerned with the death of his former padawan and his own master, the man that had taken him in and once saved him from one of Mace's hunts, would be disappointed to learn that. He often visited Naboo and found solace there during his meditation retreats. This time was no different. He supposed it was natural, being that this was his birthplace, even though he had gone to the Temple at a very young age. But Naboo was his second home now and his other was with his master, who had always taken care of him since he discovered his abilities. He chuckled, as he thought of his eccentric master and his tendency to take in strays. They had helped many Force Jumpers like him. He was about to board his vessel, when he suddenly felt a very large, distinct disturbance in the Force. One of the many perks of being a Force Jumper was that you could sense when another like your kind was near. Unfortunately, it worked as a double edged sword, because Mace could also sense their kind and his followers had expensive, state of the art technology and equipment that allowed them to pick up a Force Jumper's frequency anywhere in the galaxy. Mace was back on Coruscant, but it was likely that someone of his kind was on Naboo. From the intensity of the frequency, whoever this was, it was probably their first jump. He could tell by the erratic feelings he was sensing. But he had never felt someone this strongly before! They were powerful, whoever they were. Quickly, he pinpointed the location and jumped to his closest jump site in that vicinity. He ran to the person he saw unconscious in the distance of the swampy marshland in Gungan territory. And when he got closer, he was stunned to see that it was the boy that Qui-Gon had requested the Council allow him to train before his death. He remembered hearing that Qui-Gon believed this boy to be the legendary Chosen One. He had scoffed at that, refusing to put any stock into an outdated, ludicrous prophecy, but his master had been quite intrigued by the boy, especially when he had learned through whispers that the boy's midichlorian count was off the charts, even higher than Yoda's. And Quinlan had admitted that even he was impressed by that. But this was not something he had expected at all. The kid was a Force Jumper, a new one, and a powerful one at that. It was obvious that he had just made his first jump and a traumatic experience had caused it, judging by his tear stained face. But he was dumbfounded, because he could have sworn that this kid had gone back to Tatooine a year ago.

Then it hit him. The powerful infraction in the Force that he had just sensed had been him jumping from Tatooine to Naboo. He was stunned to speechlessness, but it was the only answer and if it was true, then this boy was the first Force Jumper with the ability to jump from planet to planet in over a millennia. His course of action was clear. A boy with this kind of power couldn't be trusted in the hands of the Jedi or the Sith. If either had a hand in shaping this young man's future, then it would be disastrous. Fortunately, he and his master could train him and maybe…just maybe they would finally be able to put an end to Mace Windu and his secret band of hunters. Without another thought, he picked the young boy up and jumped back to his ship. Wasting no more time, he made sure the kid was strapped in and he took off, leaving Naboo behind…