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Neal was looking at the case file in the back seat of Peter's car. In the front were Peter and Jones. Even though Neal was looking at the case file he noticed the 'Welcome to Mystic Falls' and he figured that they better talk about the case. Neal wasn't exactly sure why he was here but he could tell that this was a small town… who knows he might find someone to take his find off of Sara.

"So Peter, why exactly am I here? I mean there is no forgery on anything and no art forgery or anything I just don't understand."

"Are you complaining? It might be a good distraction considering everything that has happened with Sara."

Neal looked down and kind of whispered "I don't want to talk about it but yeah that would be a good distraction… thank you Peter."

"Yeah whatever now… there have been six murders in the past two months in and around Mystic Falls. The mayor needs our help. We are meeting her at a local bar that is named 'The Grill' apparently it is very popular so it might be busy."

The three of them walked into the grill and Neal went straight for the bar. There was a girl with brown hair sitting at the bar. Her hair was straightened and she had her head in her hands. She looked upset. Neal thought maybe he could cheer her up. So ignoring Jones and Peter he walked up to the bar and motioned to the empty seat before talking. "Mind if I sit here?" He asked the girl.

She looked up and Neal noticed that she had been crying; she just nodded and looked down. Neal on the other hand sat down and just looked at her. She noticed that and started laughing. "I am so pathetic… I mean my boyfriend now my ex takes off with his other ex that was in love with both him and his brother at the same time and then she screwed them both over. To top it all off I even considered dating his brother."

"Yeah that sounds pretty messed up," Neal paused then continued, "that doesn't make you pathetic that makes him an idiot. As for considering dating his brother maybe you needed to fill that void you had and since his brother reminded you of him that you wanted to hold on to that part of him."

The girl looked at Neal and smiled; it was a weak smile but a smile nevertheless. "I'm Elena."

"Neal… Caffrey; I'm a consultant with the FBI's white collar crime unit."

"You're with the FBI? Are you here because of the murders?"

"Yeah I mean I don't know how much help I can be… I am only a consultant but I am going to try."

"Well Mystic Falls has been my home for my whole life. It is a pretty small town; hopefully you don't have any problems."

"So are you feeling better? When I first walked in you seemed pretty messed up."

"It has been a hard couple of years that's for sure."

"Yeah tell me about it."

Elena looked at her watch and realized that she had to get home. What she didn't notice was that her friends had come in and had seen Elena with a guy. There was Alaric, Damon, Caroline, Tyler, Bonnie and her brother Jeremy. "I have to get going but since my entire household just got here I am going to be home alone… lucky me." Elena said and ended it with a sigh.

Neal looked at the big group and took it the wrong way. "All of those people live in your house?" He asked her in disbelieve.

Elena let out a laugh that Neal loved. It was so soft and sweet. "No, no, no only two of them do. The taller guy who is bending over the pool table that is Alaric and the guy talking to the darker girl that is my brother Jeremy and talking to him is my best friend Bonnie; The guy now leaning over the pool table is Tyler and the really blonde girl is Caroline my other best friend and then the guy talking to her is the one I told you about. My ex's brother; that is Damon; Alaric and Jeremy are the ones that live with me."

"Wow so much to remember." Neal said with a chuckle.

"Yeah well it was nice to meet you Neal… Caffrey," Elena turned to walk away but he grabbed her arm.

"Why don't I come with you? We can talk… if you want."

Elena smiled at the gesture. "That sounds great." When the two of them left the Grill they got stares from Peter and Jones, a jealous Caroline, a curious Bonnie and a fuming Damon.

Once they got back to Elena's house they sat down and started talking.

"So tell me about yourself," Elena said to Neal. He looked down unsure of what to say next.

"Are you ok?" Elena asked him.

Neal looked into her eyes and told her the truth. "You should probably know the truth about me… the reason why I am not a full FBI agent and just a consultant is because… I am a con man and I escaped prison with four months left on a four year sentence."

To Neal's surprise Elena didn't seem scared by it. "I have seen and heard worse."

"So you aren't scared or something?"

"As long as you are not a serial killer then no I am not."

"I am not a serial killer." Neal stated making his point clear.

"Then I have no reason to be scared."

After they got that out of the way they just talked. Elena told him about her parents and how aunt Jenna died and it turned out that her uncle John was actually her dad. How she knows Stefan and Damon and how he left town. She didn't get into the specifics, obviously but she told him most of it. Elena talked about her friendship with Bonnie and Caroline and her relationship she had with Matt before her parents died.

Neal on the other hand talked about Mozzie and talked about the deal he made with the FBI and Kate and how screwed up her was for a very long time about her. He told her about Alex and how much of a great friend she was. Then he talked about Sara and how things just didn't work out in the long run and how it hurt him but he knew that he was going to get through it. He told her about his love/hate relationship with Peter. By the time both of them were done… it had felt like that had known each other their whole life.

Before they knew what was happening Elena was leaning in to Neal and Neal was leaning into Elena. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and he placed his hand on the lower part of their back they were just about to kiss when Jeremy's voice rang through the house.

"Elena! We're home!" He yelled as he walked into the living room. Neal and Elena had pulled apart as soon as they heard the door open. Jeremy saw Neal and stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh… sorry," Jeremy slowly dragged out and Alaric and Damon appeared behind him. Damon looked between Neal and Elena and it was obvious that he did not look happy.

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