A/N: Well here we go again! Welcome all to Part 2 of The Songs of Our Lives.

If this is your first read, here's what happened: For a challenge, I was give ten songs with only the duration of the song to write a story in. I got hooked and started taking requests as well as writing to songs of my own that sparked my interest. The Songs of Our Lives: Part 1 is 200 songs long and I thought that was long enough, so now I am starting Part 2.

I am still taking requests for songs, so if you have a song that you love and would like for me to write you your very one H50 fic please send them to me and I will write. I will write to any song as long as I can find it, or haven't already used it. So let's get this show on the road.

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This fic was inspired partly by a little story that Qweb wrote and sparked my interest with the songs she used in it, as well as my own inspiration when I listened to the song, and then the idea hit me. I am writing a story right now called Kahuna Cowboy and in it a allude to a moment when Steve chases a guy into a banyan tree… this is that moment… and it really wasn't Steve but Danny lets him take the credit for it.

Wipe Out – Surfaris (2:47)

For: Qweb

Wipe Out

One moment things were calm, collected; cool enough in the brilliant afternoon sun on the island of Oahu, and then, the very next moment, they were running.

"Why," though Danny, "did they always have to run?" he asked himself as he and his partner shared and annoyed and exacerbated glance.

Down the beach, like a flash of something inhuman, Steve bolted after the suspect. They dodged surfers and bikini clad hotties as the sand rose and fell with every foot print they left in the soft saturated sand; past the tourists and up the beach where the rocks started and soon they would run headlong into the cliffs.

"That will slow him down," Steve though as he gained ground on the fleeing suspect.

But then with a suddenness that wasn't anticipated the suspect stopped, dead in his tracks, swayed and turned in the other direction before Steve could react and follow.

"What the hell," Steve yelled and bolted off again.

Now they ran down the palm lined boardwalk, past street venders and market stall, through a children's splash pad, soaking both Steve and the suspect in the process, with Danny no where to be found.

"Can't keep up, can you Danno," Steve thought as he continued through the streets of Waikiki in hot pursuit of his suspect.

Then suddenly, without warning and from out of no where a brilliant Silver Camaro screeched to a halt blocking the suspect's path and startling him out of his getaway. He panicked, jumped back and bolted once more without looking. Then he stopped, his path blocked by a giant banyan tree as his whole body collided with the massive trunk.

"Whoa, wipe out!" Danny laughed as the suspect sat dazed on the ground surly seeing stars before his eyes.

"Just another day in beautiful Waikiki," Steve smiled as a crowd started to gather around them. "But I had everything under control Danno." He added as he clicked the hand cuff shut around the suspect's wrists.

Danny shook his head, sighed and walked toward the gathering bystanders to shoo them all away as Steve loaded the still dazed suspect into the back of the silver Camaro.