Chapter One

-Who Said Three's a Crowd?-

Gaara sat in a booth, alone, his beer sitting on the table in front of him. He let out a long sigh as he took a hold of the neck of the glass and downed the last swig. He glanced over to a passing waitress and lifted the bottle, waving it a bit in the air. Getting the message, she nodded and walked off towards the bar.

Jade eyes shifted and looked around at the group. It was Naruto's twenty-third birthday party, and he had to admit that it was somewhat fun. He had come to Konoha for the event and gotten the chance to see all his old friends. Currently, they were celebrating in one of Konoha's more exclusive bars. It was nicely decorated, the interior showing class. The bar was loaded and set up in a trendy fashion. There was even a stage and a decent sized dance floor, so the drunk could let out their crazy should they wish.

The waitress came back and set another beer in front of the Kazekage, giving him a playful wink as she took the empty glass and walked off to serve the other guests. And absolutely everyone was there. All the teams from Chuunin Exams, his own brother and sister, and even some of the older teachers from Konoha.

Suddenly, he felt someone slide in right beside him, pressing against his side. "Gaara what're you doing over here all by yourself?" a sweet voice asked, her alcoholic breath warming the base of his neck. The redhead glanced down and was met by slightly clouded, but still beautiful emerald green eyes.

"Taking a break from the crowd." He replied coolly, sliding away from her and further towards the wall. But she only followed, turning more so that she was almost facing him fully. There was a slight pink to her cheeks, and she was looking over him like she never had before. "Are you alright Sakura?" he asked, almost sounding concerned.

The pink haired medic nodded, a smile coming to her lips as she set her drink down beside his own. "I just saw you over here alone and wanted to keep you company." She said, leaning towards him as she edged closer, her hand resting on his thigh.

Gaara's gaze shifted down the second her flesh touched the muscle, an undeniable pink coming to his own cheeks from the mere reaction it caused. "Um Sakura…" he trailed off, meeting her gaze once more.

"Yes Gaara?" she asked, batting her eyelashes as her lips curved in a smile, her face now inches away from his own.

He swallowed, cursing the booze for putting his body in such a vulnerable state. "Well…I'm just wondering what you're doing…" he trailed off, his eyes looking back down to his thigh, which she was now stroking with her thumb.

She chuckled. "I'm keeping you company." She replied, smoothing her hand closer towards his inner thigh and then back up, repeating the action.

"Oookay." He actually moved now, reaching down and grabbing her wrist. He pulled it up, though the action only pulled their fronts closer. "I can see that, but why?" he demanded, mostly glad she hadn't rubbed her hand up enough to feel the effect the touch had on his now aggravated member.

She pouted slightly and jutted out her lower lip, the act only making her look alluring. "Because I want to." She said simply. "Someone as sexy as you shouldn't be sitting in a booth all by themselves at a party, and I figured if you weren't going to go out there, I would come over here." She giggled, scooting even closer to him so that he was stuck between the wall and her. "You're body is so hot." She breathed out, pressing against him. "I love it."

Gaara turned his head towards the wall and tried to focus on the pattern that was carved into the wood. "Look Sakura, I'm flattered and all but-" he froze, feeling her hand back on his thigh, only much closer to his shame than before. "Sakura…" he warned, sounding breathless for the first time as he met her gaze again.

She threw her left leg across his lap, rubbing against his leg. "Yes…" she leaned forward and licked along his jaw. "Gaara?" she murmured in his ear, letting her fingertips brush against his arousal.

He took in a sharp breath when her fingers brushed over him and sent shocks up his spine, setting all his nerves on edge, which caused his sand to begin to swirl in the air. "You really need to stop…" he trailed off, lowering his hand over hers, before pressing it down flush against his groin. "Or you'll regret it." Who was he kidding, there was only so much a grown man could resist, and the few drinks he'd had were not helping him in the control of his body.

"Will I?" she asked cheekily, raising a delicate brow as her grip tightened slightly and she began to move her hand. "Because, I think I'm a glutton for punishment." She smirked, grinding her arousal against his leg once more.

The redhead couldn't help but let out a low groan, which only caused Sakura to smile in victory. He turned his head once more and hit his head against the wall in attempts to knock himself from this entrapment. "I'm sure you are…" he growled out, looking back at her when his attempt didn't work. He was still as hard as a rock, and the moistness he could feel through both fabrics was only making it turn painful from his denied need.

Finally, Gaara lifted his hand and gripped her chin, tilting her head up so he could get a good look at her. "Don't think you can just get away with this any time you want." he said, before lowering his head to the side of her own and kissing her neck, doing the same to the juncture where her jaw and ear met.

"You'd be surprised what I can get away with when I want to." she whimpered, continuing to rub against him in her need. She nipped his earlobe then, before licking it and making a trail along his jaw, leaving her neck tilted so that he could still pay attention to it.

She could hear a low growl from deep within his chest, though it was muffled by his mouth on her skin. He bit down on her creamy flesh, earning a small cry from the deviant who was forcing herself on top of him. She stopped what she was doing to his member, raising her hand and grabbing his own, pressing it against her breast. Gaara pulled back slightly in surprise at her boldness, though after everything that she'd done so far, he really shouldn't be surprised. Sakura simply smirked, before leaning forward and kissing him, engaging in a make-out session.

From the back hall of the establishment, where the bathrooms were located, Ino stumbled out, raking her hand through her hair in attempt to smooth the tousled locks as a brunette followed her out, buckling his pants back up. He came up behind his blonde partner, placing his hands on her hips and kissing her neck as he ground his pelvis against her rear. "Kiba." Ino whined out, moving back against him. "We just did it three times." She whispered.

"I know." He growled out like the animal he was, smoothing one of his hands up her front and cupping her breast as they continued to walk. "But I still want you."

She giggled and pulled away from him, but not before turning in his grasp and kissing him sweetly. "In a sec baby, I just need a little rest. You know what you do to me." She murmured.

Kiba grinned, showing off his canines as he held her hand and kissed it before she pulled it from him. "I know." He nodded. "I'm gonna get a drink." He told her before walking off. She smiled after him and walked towards the crowd. She spotted Sasuke, sitting back in a stool at one of the high tables along the dance floor.

Ino took the seat across from him and gave him a friendly smile. "Hey Sasuke, enjoying the party?"

"Not particularly." He sighed, swirling his drink around a bit. "But it's not as lame as I thought it would be."

"Well that's good." she said, sounding genuine. "Kiba and I just fucked about three times in the bathroom." She sighed contently, snapping her fingers to get a waiter's attention. Her pale blue gaze darted from the Uchiha's and a devious smirk crept up her face as she ordered herself a drink. "And it looks like I'm not the only one who's going to get some tonight." She said, pointing past him. "Check out what Sakura just snagged herself."

Curious, Sasuke turned in his seat and easily spotted his pink haired teammate. His eyes widened when he saw who she was with, before narrowing dangerously. What the hell was he doing with her? This was completely changing his perspective on the stoic redhead, as well as causing something akin to jealousy stir in his gut. He didn't want Sakura to get anything from the redhead. In fact, if he had his way, he would be the only one getting something from the Kazekage.

He turned back to face the blonde, his frown still in place. "This is unacceptable." He muttered, before quickly downing the rest of his drink.

"Well then go claim your prize." Ino snickered, taking her own as it was brought to her. "They're kinda cute though." She smiled. "I think that red and pink mix is doin' it for me."

He thought about it, and a smirk came to his face. That was perfect. He would simply go put the moves on Sakura, therefore taking her attention away from Gaara. Then, Gaara would see what he was missing out on, and want him instead. Sasuke stood from his seat and slowly made his way over to them. In his drunken state, this plan was going to work.

He slid into the booth next to Sakura, his thigh hitting hers and jolting her out of her activities with the redhead on the other side of her. "Oh, hey Sasuke." She smiled, turning to face him slightly, not caring that Gaara's hand was still on her chest.

"Sakura, what are you doing, exactly?" he asked, giving her a curious look despite the answer being obvious.

Her smile brightened. "I'm keeping Gaara company while his hot body warms me up." She giggled.

The redhead leaned forward, resting his head against her breasts as he waited for her, his jade depths focusing on the one who was now interrupting his time with the little pink haired provocation. Sasuke was definitely catching onto the vibe that the other male was sending out, but he wasn't going to leave. Not until he had won.

"You know, I bet my body is hotter than his." The Uchiha smirked. "Since we have all those fire jutsu and whatnot."

Sakura perked up slightly at this. "Really? You think so?" she asked.

The ebony haired man nodded. "Oh yeah. You can even test it out for yourself."

"I think I will." She said, removing her leg from Gaara's lap and turning a bit so that her right leg was now slung over Sasuke's legs. He leaned closer to her, ignoring Gaara despite the difficulty it caused him, and placed his hand on her upper thigh, extremely close to her rear.

"So?" he asked lowly, trying to sound seductive.

She sighed. "I'm not sure, it's a pretty close call on that one."

Seeing this, the Kazekage's gaze narrowed dangerously at his friend. Sasuke and he had become pretty close over the years, but this was drawing the line. He was putting a move on his already claimed score. Not one to lose, Gaara placed his hands on Sakura's hips and pulled her back against him, burying his face in the crook of her neck as he bit at the sensitive flesh, leaving a red love mark. "Sakura," he growled out dominantly, letting his hands move to the front of her shirt. His fingers played with the hem, brushing against her exposed stomach once he snaked them beneath. "Don't make me punish you."

She moaned slightly, letting her head fall back to rest on his shoulder. "How would you punish me?" she asked, her emerald eyes beginning to glaze over with her lust.

The Uchiha frowned slightly, but he decided to persevere. He slipped his hand between her legs, cupping her womanhood. "Now Sakura," he drawled, nuzzling the other side of her neck. "Why would you want to be punished, when I can please you ever so greatly?" he said lowly, rubbing his hand against her warm sex. And though he wasn't exactly turned on by the gesture, he was turned on by how masculine Gaara was being in this moment. It was simply incredible, and he wanted to see how far he could push the redhead.

Said woman whimpered, moving her hips against his fingers that were now prodding at her through her clothing. "I like to be pleased."

Gaara's glare from over the pink haired woman's shoulder intensified, if possible. "I thought being punished pleased you." He whispered into her ear, smoothing his hand down into her shorts, feeling his fingers pass down the natural arch of her body before he felt firsthand just how wet she really was, and Sasuke's fingers still attempting to rub her from outside her pants. "I could make you feel amazing." He coaxed, slipping one of his digits into her inviting hole. She groaned, moving against both of their hands as she was filled with enough pleasure that it was making it difficult for her to think.

Sasuke gritted his teeth at the other man's tactics, and he quickly scanned his mind for anything else he could do to sway her over to his side. A thought came to him then, and as he continued to rub her from the outside of her clothing, he leaned forward and bit the side of her breast. Seeing her erect nipple through the cloth of her shirt, he surmised that this was one of the rare occasions his female friend had decided to forego wearing a bra. He smirked at the advantage his new knowledge had given him, before moving over and nipping it, earning himself a gasp of delight. "I bet I can fill you to the point of overflowing." He said against her chest.

"Ah." She said. "I-I-I-" was all that she was able to get out at the moment as her mind scrambled for the proper words. For what was a girl to do? Here she had her old crush and long time teammate finally giving her the attention she'd craved as a young girl, and yet, at the same time, her newfound crush and secret sex fantasy actually showing her that he wasn't gay. And they were doing it at the same time, a thought that increased her arousal tenfold.

Gaara looked over Sakura's shoulder, watching as Sasuke went for her breasts. Not at all pleased with the sounds the Uchiha was causing her to emit, he inserted a second finger, pumping them both in and out of her with as much swiftness as he could, given his hand was still in her shorts. But he would one up Sasuke as well with another move. The hand on her stomach finally moved up, pulling her shirts with it and took hold of her free breast, molding the soft mound in his hand as he pinched the bud between his fingers in a teasing manner.

Sakura's eyes widened at the sudden added pleasure, and she let out a cry. She sat forward slightly, pushing both Sasuke's face and Gaara's hand away from her chest, causing them to give her inquisitive looks. "Boys, this needs to stop." She said, almost sounding sober. "If you both want me that badly, then why don't we just go back to my place and continue this there?" she suggested. "I really don't think this is an appropriate setting."

Knowing that he had to keep up his ruse, Sasuke nodded. "Fine." He said.

"You mean I have to share?" Gaara frowned, not looking all too pleased with the idea.

Sakura smiled at him, reaching back and running her finger under his chin. "It'll be fun…" she pouted. At her undeniable façade, he let out a dejected sigh and met Sasuke's onyx gaze.

"It could be fun." The Uchiha suggested.

"Well I've never tried it before…" the redhead said, "so why not?" And with that, he wrapped an arm around Sakura's waist and reached out with the other and placed it on the only portion of Sasuke he could reach, which was his thigh.

The sand picked up around them and in the blink of an eye, they were gone from the bar and the party.

They solidified in Sakura's bedroom, both Gaara and Sasuke landing on their feet as the redhead steadied Sakura against him, since she was a bit disoriented now. "Wow, that was cool." She smiled, pulling away from Gaara once she had her footing. Then she placed one hand on the redhead's shoulder, and the other on Sasuke's. "So," she began, looking between the two of them. "How would you guys like to do this?"

The redhead looked down at her, placing his hand on her hip and pulling her closer. "So long as I get your pussy, I don't care." He smirked.

"I'm good with that." Sasuke said, thankful that Gaara had chosen Sakura's main sex organ. This way he would still look natural, and still be able to be aroused.

"Excellent." Sakura smiled, reaching up and unzipping her top. She left it in place though, only allowing her flat stomach to be revealed as she walked away from the both of them and over to her bed. Sitting on the edge, she gave the two men in her room a sultry look. "Do I have to undress myself completely, or do I get some assistance?" she asked, raising a leg.

Sasuke, since he was closer to the bed, went over to her and took a hold of her foot, raising it up towards his shoulder. As he slowly slid his hand down her boot-clad leg, Sakura looked at Gaara and silently raised her other leg in his direction, inviting him to join them.

He let out a laugh and walked over to the two of them, placing his hand on Sasuke's shoulder and pulling the dark haired man back. "Sasuke, are you really going to let a woman tell you what to do?" he asked, smirking as he undid his vest and tossed it aside, quickly followed by his shirt. This caught the attention of both of them, their gazes zeroing in on the hidden muscles that the redhead had beneath his clothing. He reached forward and grabbed Sakura by the arm, pulling her back to her feet.

In one swift motion, the rest of her shirt was gone and joined with his own clothing. Sasuke, deciding to follow suit, grabbed a hold of Sakura's skirt and forced it down so that it fell around her ankles. And soon after Gaara pulled her tight shorts down, leaving her in nothing but her panties.

"Now," Gaara breathed out, leaning closer to Sakura and giving her neck a small kiss. But before she could enjoy it, he forced her down to her knees and unbuttoned his pants so that she was face to face with what she had been fondling earlier.

She looked up at him as she licked his tip. Then her hands came up and she pulled his pants down all the way. "Better." She smirked, before enveloping his member in her mouth completely. The redhead let out a small groan and fisted a hand in her hair, encouraging her actions.

Sasuke watched in complete fascination, his gaze riveted on the other man's erection. He felt his own arousal increase, and as he watched the two go at it, he undressed. Sakura glanced sideways at him, looking over his body appreciatively. The Uchiha walked over to them, stopping when he was next to Sakura. She reached out and gripped his member, pumping it while she licked at Gaara.

Gaara watched her swallow him, the entire act only making him harden in her wet mouth. He tilted her head back slightly, forcing her to look up at him. "Sakura, you are very sexy."

She pulled back, releasing him from her mouth so that she could speak. "So are you." She panted, bringing up her free hand and using that to pleasure him instead. She turned her head then and licked Sasuke, causing him to let his head fall back when her mouth surrounded him. It was just so wet and hot and moist.

After a few seconds of that, she pulled away and took off her boots. Then she stood and slipped out of her underwear, kicking it out of the way as she looked at Gaara. Then her gaze shifted over to Sasuke, and she couldn't help but let out a sigh. She was the luckiest woman in the world to have both of them aroused and ready in her bedroom. This was probably going to be the best night of her life. She looked back at Gaara and smirked. "I think it's my turn now." She said, sitting on the edge of her bed and spreading her legs, revealing her hidden flower. "Unless I have to do it myself."

"Nonsense." The redhead shivered, walking over her and grabbing her thighs. He pulled her against him, his member rubbing against her moist center. "This I would be honored to do. But we should make this a bit more threesome friendly, eh?" he arched what could be a brow, and wrapped his arm around her waist, picking her up and turning so he was now sitting on the bed.

Without giving her any warning, and feeling she was wet enough, Gaara gripped her hips and lifted her up as he positioned himself and slid her onto his shaft. He groaned out from the amazing expanded feel, his grip on her tightening. "Damn that's good."

"Oh Gaara." Sakura moaned, a shiver coursing through her body at the feeling of him stretching and filling her completely. She kissed him then, pushing him to lie back on the bed as she straddled him. Seeing that her anus was now revealed, Sasuke walked forward and rubbed his member against her crack. She whimpered, but didn't look back. She'd never done this before, but she knew that if she remained relaxed it wouldn't hurt as badly.

Sasuke spit into his palm, coating himself in the liquid so that it would be easier for him to enter her. He did this until he felt that it would be good enough, and then gripped his shaft, moving forward. He glanced at the other two, who were still preoccupied in one another's mouths, and then lowered a bit so that he was now rubbing against Gaara's hole.

He pushed against it a bit, prodding him slowly. The feel made Gaara's eyes widen and he shoved Sakura's front away from his, sitting up slightly. "What the hell are you doing." He demanded, glaring over the pink haired woman's shoulder.

The Uchiha's eyes widened and he pulled away. Well, this sucked, but he could still play it off. "Sorry," he wobbled a bit. "I think I had too much to drink." He slurred, making his act convincing as he moved his erection up to Sakura's rear.

"Just watch it." He said, laying back down and smirking back up at the pink haired beauty above him. "Are you ready to be pounded into oblivion?"

"God yes." She smiled excitedly. Her eyes widened then and her face contorted into one of discomfort as Sasuke entered her without warning. At the sound of her whimper, the Uchiha rubbed her lower back to try and soothe her. Despite him just using her for his own devices, he did care about her, and didn't want to be a complete ass just so he could orgasm.

"Relax Sakura." He instructed, feeling her anus tighten around him. "Try not to think about it, and it won't hurt as badly."

She nodded. "Okay." She said softly, laying her head on Gaara's shoulder as she tried to calm herself. It didn't hurt too badly, she hadn't been expecting it after all, but it was extremely uncomfortable. So much so that it almost overrode the pleasurable feeling from having Gaara fill her. Sasuke began to move then, and she grit her teeth, burying her face in the redhead's neck as she started to get used to the feeling.

Seeing her strained expression, Gaara began to move with Sasuke, pulling out when he pushed in and starting the alternating pace within Sakura. And he had to admit, not only was Sakura amazingly tight and hot, but the feeling he got from the odd movement on the other side of her walls made it even better.

Sakura closed her eyes, losing herself in the actions happening in her lower region. Now that they were both moving, it wasn't so bad. In fact, it was beginning to feel incredible, especially with the added sensation of always being pushed into. She moaned softly, joining in the movement of the two males as she rocked her hips back and forth. Sasuke grunted at the feeling, going even faster within her as he stared down at the redhead beneath his teammate. And it wouldn't even look creepy, because he could just be staring at Sakura for all he knew.

"Sakura." Gaara groaned as he slammed into her particularly hard. Their pace began to pick up and the Kazekage looked passed her at Sasuke, giving him a commanding nod for them both to rock faster. The Uchiha returned the gesture and grabbed onto Sakura's hips, his fingers over the redhead's. The smacking that could now be heard between the three bodies only seemed to make the act more erotic.

The pink haired woman was panting harshly now, her eyes glazed over with pleasure. Her grip on the redhead's shoulders tightened, and as she rocked, she also rotated her hips, adding to the intense feelings they were all experiencing. Sasuke moaned, and only because he wanted to be closer to Gaara, he leaned over Sakura and slipped his hands between the two's bodies, cupping her breasts and squeezing them. This made her let out a cry of delight, and she arched into his touch and Gaara's body. Their eyes widened, this slightly new position allowing for both males to go even deeper. "Yes." The Uchiha gritted, pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Gaara arched his own hips, slamming into his partner much harder and faster than before. The sweat from their bodies began to mingle. He kissed her neck, since she had once again taken to his and began to leave dark red marks on her once flawless skin. This was truly the greatest he'd ever felt in the act. But he couldn't tell if it was just because of Sakura, or all the friction going on between their groins.

Sakura brought a hand up and threaded her fingers through the Kazekage's hair, pulling on the red locks and turning his head so that she could press her mouth against his. Sasuke let his forehead rest on her shoulder as he imagined that it was Gaara he was pounding into at this moment. He wasn't going to be able to last much longer, especially with how vigorously he could feel Gaara moving within Sakura on the other side of her walls. The thought was enough to make him let out an elongated groan. The pink haired woman detached her mouth from the redhead, her breathing now becoming erratic, matching her heart rate. "Guys…I'm going to come." She announced.

Neither paid her any attention, both lost in their own pleasure. But Gaara knew he couldn't take much more of this either. If possible, both males increased their pace, wanting to reach completion as a whole. In the frenzy, Sakura felt everything in her give way as she screamed out, her release exploding from her just before Gaara and Sasuke let out their pent up loads into both her tight holes, filling her to the brim with their seed and joining her in her ecstasy with loud groans.



Everyone froze at the Uchiha's cry, forgetting the bliss they had just experienced in place of shock. Gaara's jade gaze met that of Sasuke's, and Sakura turned her head to look up at him as well. "Uh…" the ebony haired man said, visibly blushing at what had happened.

It was a few seconds longer before Sakura spoke up. "You know," she said softly, licking her lips to moisten them. "That actually makes a lot of sense."

"No it doesn't." The redhead argued, for the first time feeling uncomfortable inside a woman.

"Sure it does." She argued, turning to look down at him. "I mean, he spent almost three years being butt fucked by Orochimaru and Kabuto. And then after that was wandering around with a group of two guys, and a girl that might as well have been a man. And once he was done with that, he was stuck with Madara, and Kabuto once again. I'm just saying, I think Sasuke learned to like it."

Sasuke frowned, feeling somewhat embarrassed at her words, though they were true for the most part. "Sakura." He reprimanded, pulling out of her and standing straight. She sat up, but remained on top of Gaara as she twisted her body to face him.

"What?" she asked. "It explains why you never go out with anybody. And why you all of a sudden wanted to sit with me and Gaara, and why you were okay with my butt."

Gaara nodded, seeing the truth in her words, but remained on his back beneath the woman. His eyes widened then and he sat up quickly, almost making Sakura fall over until he wrapped his arms around her and kept her in place, but mostly only to keep his dick safe. "You were going for mine at first!" he accused.

The ebony haired man crossed his arms defensively. "So!" he said, sounding like a child. "I was just testing the waters, so to speak."

Sakura giggled. The thought of Gaara ever agreeing to let a man stick their penis in his ass was just ludicrous. "Well, I could have told you that was a no no." she shook her head.

"Seriously! My waters are off limits. I explore, I don't get explored." he said firmly, though he didn't look upset. "And I'm not gay. So…sorry, I guess."

Sasuke waved it off. "Well I figured that when you wanted Sakura's pussy so badly, but part of me hoped you were drunk enough not to care." He smirked. "What can I say? I like to take advantage of the situation."

"Hey, are we going to talk for the rest of the night, or can we do more stuff?" Sakura asked, looking between them with wide eyes. "I just want to know, cause' if we don't do anything soon, I'm just going to go to sleep. I'm exhausted."

"Because you're a pansy." Gaara murmured, earning him a hit from the woman on top of him. "Ow damnit, don't hit me. What do you want to do?"

She smirked, her gaze turning mischievous. "Well I know what Sasuke wants to do." She said, glancing over at said man.

His gaze narrowed. "Sakura…" he said, not liking the innocent look she was now sporting.

"I am not getting butt fucked." Gaara said firmly, giving them both a warning glare.

"So why don't you just fuck Sasuke?" she suggested, looking at him. "His waters don't even need to be tested." She snickered, causing Sasuke to wipe a hand down his face. She was never going to let this go.

The redhead growled out, his grip on Sakura tightening. He looked up at Sasuke, who for the first time looked so innocent. Gaara glared off once more. "And you came after Sakura just because you were jealous she was touching me?" Sasuke nodded, forcing himself to remain calm. He would not be embarrassed, not in front of Gaara.

"God damnit." He cursed, pulling Sakura off and setting her beside him. He got up and grabbed the last Uchiha's wrist, forcing him down over the bed, and ramming his still slick dick into Sasuke's anus. Once he was fully inside, he leaned down over the dark haired male. "You tell anyone about this and I will kill you, understand?"

Sakura squealed with delight, watching the scene with absolute awe. This was definitely the best night of her life. She'd been fucked by both Gaara and Sasuke, at the same time no less, and now was getting to see her dirty secret come to life. Her secret obsession of gay boys. Gaara looked over at Sakura, his expression mixed with annoyance and reverence. He had to admit, Sasuke's ass was just about as tight as Sakura's throbbing pussy. "You owe me for this." He told the female.

"I swear I won't tell anyone." Sasuke gritted, in complete bliss at the feeling of Gaara being inside of him. It was like a dream come true, and he would keep this memory close to him for the rest of his life. "Just fucking start moving." He ordered, glaring back at him. Sakura had to hold in a giggle as she got off the bed and walked over to Gaara.

"You heard him." she purred, slipping a hand between his legs from behind and beginning to play with his genitals.

Gaara took in a sharp breath and glared back at her. "Fuck you both." He said as he began to pull out of the tight hole he was now housed within. Without any mercy he slammed back into Sasuke, earning a cry from the usually emotionless man.

Sakura snickered, "You already have." She teased.

Sasuke wasn't even paying attention to what the other two were saying, instead he was completely engrossed in the sensations the redhead was causing him. His own member had already hardened once more, and being rubbed against the sheets in such a way, he just knew he was going to come again. Sakura she moved behind the Gaara then and lowered down to her knees. She stuck her tongue out and licked one of his cheeks, before sticking her face between his legs and licking his ball sack.

The Kazekage held back a moan from the two sensations, his speed increasing as he pumped into Sasuke's ass faster and much harder. He leaned forward, his lips brushing against the shell of Sasuke's ear. "I'll take you on your back if you beg." He smirked, loving the chance to demean the one he saw himself on par with.

"Uchiha do not beg." The ebony haired man gritted out, looking back at him. He wouldn't beg to change positions, he wouldn't. It didn't matter how wonderful it would be to get screwed by Gaara and get to look up at him at the same time.

Sakura stopped what she was doing and peeked around the redhead's body, looking at her teammate. "Come on Sasuke, do it." she whined, before a devious smile came to her face. "I'll suck on your dick during the whole thing." She sang out.

Sasuke glared at her, the thought becoming even more appealing. His dark gaze met Gaara's then. "Fine…please." He said, the rest of his words too muttered to be heard fully.

"I'm sorry." Gaara smirked, slamming into him once more. "I didn't hear that." He said, rolling his hips against Sasuke's ass.

The other man's glare increased. God how he was turned on by Gaara's behavior. "Bastard, will you please take me on my back." He asked, grunting as the redhead thrust particularly hard.

"Aw…look Sakura, Sasuke's a good boy." he teased, pulling out of Sasuke's inviting hole and flipping him so that he was on his back. He slammed back into him, still able to fit since the absence was too short for his body to form back. Gaara smirked down at the blushing face of the last Uchiha, Sakura peering over his shoulder and giggling.

"Sasuke, you're so adorable when you're being fucked."

His dark gaze turned to her. "Woman, shut up and service me like you promised." He ordered, pointing to his member.

She rolled her eyes and crawled next to Sasuke on the bed. She reached out and gripped him firmly, beginning to pump at a pace that matched Gaara's. Then she turned her head and licked the redhead's abdomen, before kissing and sucking it so that she could leave marks of her own on his body. Gaara smiled down at her, lowering his hand and running his fingers through her pink locks.

He lowered them further and grabbed both Sasuke's ankles, and lifted them up, thrusting in and out of the Uchiha almost as fast, if not more roughly, than he had Sakura. "I don't care if you suck him off," he told the pink haired woman. "But when he comes, I want him to cum on his face."

"Gaara, you're so mean." She said, kissing his stomach once more. "I like it." she smirked, before lowering her head and taking the ebony haired man's entire length into her mouth. He let out a cry of pleasure as he gripped the sheets beneath him in order to anchor him better so that he could move against Gaara's dick and Sakura's mouth.

"Holy shit." He breathed, throwing his head back. He didn't even care if he came on his face, nothing could ruin this experience for him. Their pace continued, Sakura's skill at blowjobs causing him to lose his mind as his ass was rammed over and over, relentlessly. Gaara lowered, spreading Sasuke's legs slightly, which caused his insides to tighten around his shaft. He groaned aloud from the feel, resting his forehead against the other man's.

The Kazekage opened his jade depths and stared into Sasuke's hazy onyx, but the man beneath could see the smirk on his lover's façade. "I wonder if you'd cum if I kissed you Sasuke." He mused.

Sasuke smirked in return. "It'd have to be some fucking great kiss."

Gaara chuckled and looked down, between their bodies at Sakura, seeing himself still pumping into the Uchiha. "What do you think Sakura? Do I have permission to share the lips you claimed tonight?"

She pulled her head from Sasuke's penis and looked up at him. "Well you've already shared everything else I claimed, so I don't see the harm in it." she smiled, removing her head from between their bodies and laying next to them. She looked up at Gaara then, meeting his gaze as she began to play with her breasts. "I wonder if I could get off on this." She mused, sliding a hand down her body and slipping three fingers inside of her hole. A gasp escaped her lips. "Yeah, I think I could."

Sasuke watched her as well, actually fascinated by his friend. "I had no idea you were so dirty Sakura." He said.

"I did." Gaara smirked, watching her with hungry eyes. Her body and movements actually made him harder within Sasuke. "Damn." He nodded appreciatively, sliding in with more ease now that his rock hard erection was meeting no force and continued to protrude into Sasuke. He looked back down at the face of the one beneath him now and released his hold on one of Sasuke's ankles, gripping his face and holding him still. "I guess we're better friends than you and Naruto are now." The redhead smirked, crashing his lips onto the Uchiha's, not allowing himself to think about the fact he was kissing a man. It seemed to be turning Sakura on, and that was well enough for him.

The ex-avenger moaned against the Kazekage's mouth, and threaded his fingers through his short locks. He shoved his tongue into his mouth, heating up their make-out session. This was actually too much for him to handle, as he really did come, his hot seed shooting up his stomach, some of it even hitting him beneath the jaw. Sakura watched all of this in awe, increasing the rate with which she was pumping her fingers inside of her. She brought her other hand down and began to furiously rub her clit, meeting her own end soon after, letting out another loud cry.

The redhead backed away then, pulling out from the Uchiha and straightening his spine as it cracked. He looked down at the two, a look of accomplishment coming to his face. "Well, I must say, looks like I win this round." He crawled onto the bed with the two who were still breathless. He placed his hand on Sakura's thigh and began to rub it soothingly. "I see you had fun too."

"Yeah." She sighed, smiling up at him. Her gaze lowered to his still erect member and her smile widened. "Gaara, you can finish inside me if you want." she offered, spreading her legs for him.

Oddly enough he returned the gesture, a smile of his own appearing on his face. He pulled her closer to him, though this time he was much gentler about it. He entered her slowly, marveling at the feel and how she seemed to suck him deeper into her. He wouldn't lie, being inside Sasuke had felt good, but nothing compared to a woman, especially Sakura. She felt perfect, still tight even though he'd already cum inside her. She moaned at the feeling and instantly began to move against him, not really for her own pleasure, but for his.

Sasuke just lay there, staring at the ceiling as he was still feeling the aftereffects of his bliss. Glancing at the two, he got up from the bed and went into the adjoining bathroom so that he could clean himself off. This way they had time to fuck some more while he was busy.

It didn't take too long for Gaara to release inside of her once more, though when he finally came, he pressed deeper into her, wrapping his arms around her and pressing her against his front. He loved how she felt. Her small but round breasts, her thin form, and the smooth feel of her skin. "Ah…God…" he groaned out, continuing to move in and out of her despite now being fulfilled.

Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck, nuzzling him sweetly. "You feel so good Gaara." She murmured, kissing his cheek as she pulled away so that she could look up at him. He smiled down at her, lowering and kissing her fully on the lips.

"You feel good too Sakura. I wouldn't mind if this right here became something routine." He said, his smile turning to a devious smirk.

She chuckled. "I thought you said I shouldn't get used to getting away with seducing you."

"Yes well…" he paused, still appearing amused. "I gotta protest somehow to show everyone I'm not easily swayed by such a lovely pink haired woman."

She kissed him once more. "What can I say? I'm good." she sighed.

Sasuke came out of the bathroom then and walked towards them. "Are you two done?" he asked, sounding back to his normal, stoic, self. "I want to go to sleep." He crawled onto the bed then and lay down on his stomach. Sakura laughed as she removed herself from Gaara. Some of their mixed juices slid out of her and down her inner thigh, and, feeling this, she reached down and scooped it onto her fingers, before licking them off.

"I like being filled with you." She muttered, turning around and getting on all fours so that she could crawl to lie next to the Uchiha.

"Ah, ah, ah." Gaara snickered, scooping Sakura up into his arms. "We both know now Sasuke would much rather sleep by me." He smirked placing her beside him as he took the spot between his two partners. He actually let out a yawn as he pulled the comforter over them. "God I'm fucking tired." He sighed.

The other two in the bed sighed as well. "Me too." The pink haired woman closed her eyes, beginning to drift off. Sasuke just muttered into his pillow, obviously agreeing with the two of them. Gaara turned on his side, wrapping one of his arms around Sakura's waist as he pulled her against him. His sand moved towards the light switch, and then they were all left in darkness.

The redhead glanced over at Sasuke, reaching his hand back and taking the Uchiha's in his own. It almost saddened him, the thought of loving with no chance of being loved back. So he would make it the best he could, though he would not admit that aloud. Sasuke turned his head and looked at Gaara, before giving his hand a thankful squeeze.

The trio fell asleep shortly after that then, all exhausted and spent from the multiple orgasms they given each other.