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July 28, 2011

by: Her Head in the Clouds

"Come on, come on!" Alex laughed.

She threw her arm out in front of her, making a big sweeping gesture to beckon more of the market children over to where she sat on a stone ledge. The schools in her world had a holiday for the long weekend and while explaining the meaning for a short vacation for students to Kuru was easy, it was getting her parents to believe that she was going to stay over at Amanda's for the weekend to study that was harder. Amanda was gone to Wagga-Wagga to visit an old cousin - so what better excuse was there to spend two nights in Manjipoor to visit the people? Answer: none.

When Kuru returned from his trip to buy her some local clothes for the stay (she had insisted since she wanted to feel 'more at home'), he smiled when the familiar chords of her acoustic guitar playing melodically throughout the area. He bypassed some shorter boys who were eyeballing the Princess' strange instrument, while the younger ones beside them had already flown into a frenzy of clumsy dancing.

"I didn't know you had brought that," he laughed genuinely as he went to place the pile of clothes beside her. "I brought you your outfits for the stay."

Alex looked up at him as she finished the frets and went to strumming a simple C-chord song. "Thanks for that! And well, at first I wasn't going to bring it but then I thought, my subjects don't even know me very well, so why not give them a taste?"

Kuru grinned and nodded his head in agreement.

"So I conjured up a little place-shifting spell and brought it straight from my room!" she beamed then looked out to the kids, her full attention on them now. With a laugh, she quickly switched to an F-major chord and sang aloud.

"You are my sunshine! My only sunshine!" she began and the a few of the kids yelled in excitement and danced livelier, spinning in circles and trying to sing along with her words. "You make me happy, when skies are grey!" As she continued to sing, more of the adults started taking notice of her actions and came by the twos and threes to gather around the stone ledge and the children. Unfazed by their gathering and ignored by the children, Alex smiled and continued singing. Some faces she recognised in the crowd, some she didn't; but it didn't matter. She was only here to be a part of their company, not impress them.

Kuru bounced on his heels, taken by the song's happy melody like the children, although he didn't sing - he was much too embarrassed of his own singing voice and he'd heard the song before. Plus, what would the villagers think of an elephant boy singing with the Princess? He didn't notice when on the little girls in the dancing circle ran over and went to grab for his hand.

"C'mon Kuru! Dance with us!" she yelled. Alex lifted an eyebrow at the girl's cute little offer and gave her a small smirk. Maybe Kuru knew her or, it was an obvious attempt to get a dance from him. Kuru blinked and looked to Alex briefly before giving her a wide smile and stepping into the circle.

He bent a little and held onto her hand as he spun her around happily. Another boy about the same age as the girl grabbed his other hand and swung it back and forth. Kuru laughed and joined in the jumping feet of the children, hopping on his shoes as they became as moving band of little shrieks and laughter. The villagers laughed and clapped along, swaying occasionally to the sound of the music. Eventually the other local music performers came through the crowd and hit their drums, blew their horns, and shook their bell tambourines.

The party was coming alive. Manjipoor only continued to grow on you the more you stayed.

And Alex, Alex just kept strumming with a smile on her face.

Much love, Abby~