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Chapter One- Dream

Rome was the greatest adventure Bella had been on. She had been in Rome for two weeks now along with her best friend's Harvey and Hannah. The curator at their museum sent them there to document the city of Rome for the museum.

Bella had gotten her dream job.

After graduating, she went off to Harvard and majored in Cultural Anthropology and Journalism. She then went on to receive her master's degree in Cultural Anthropology. After graduating from Harvard, she applied to the museum and was accepted into her dream job.

She was a Cultural Anthropologist for the London Museum of Natural History and Science. Her job entitled her to travel the world along with Harvey, a photographer, and Hannah, a journalist.

She had been home in London for merely a month before turning around and flying to Rome. Her previous adventure was Moscow, Russia. She loved the traveling and learning new things, but back home she had her fiancé whom she missed dearly.

"Bella are you alright?" Hannah asked from beside her in the taxi.

"Just lost in my own thoughts," Bella replied with a smile.

"I'm going to miss Rome. We simply must return immediately after we land in London," Harvey stated.

"Harvey we don't leave for another week." Hannah pointed out. Bella smiled at them.

"Yes but wouldn't it be lovely to spend Christmas in Rome?" Harvey retorted.

Christmas. Yet another holiday she would not be spending with her family. She would have her fiancé, but not her family. Ever since she moved to London, she had seen them once at Emmett and Rosalie's wedding, she was after all a bridesmaid.

Bella's phone began vibrating and she pulled it from her pocket and smiled.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hello love," a silky voice replied from the other end.

"I miss you," the words shot from her mouth before she could stop them. He chuckled lightly.

"I miss you too."

"Then it's a good thing I'll be home in a week." Bella smiled at the thought.

"A very good thing indeed." Bella sighed; she missed him so much it hurt.

"If we do a fantastic job here in Rome, I might be at home for a while longer this time." Bella knew her voice was full of hope.

"Maybe long enough to finally get married," Harvey whispered from her side. Bella elbowed him right in the stomach to which he glared at her for. "Uncalled for," Harvey whispered back.

"It would be perfect to have you home. I'll need a date to all my upcoming galas." Bella's brow knitted in confusion.

"What galas?"

"The one's I'll be required to attend now that we merged." Bella squealed in delight.

"That's amazing! I wish I could be there with you right now! I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you love. I must be getting back to my meeting now though. I love you."

"I love you too." Bella hung up the phone and turned to Harvey and Hannah. "Well?" Hannah asked eagerly.

"He merged!" Hannah and Bella squealed high-fiving each other. "That's great!"

"I just wish I could be there, you know?"

Hannah gave Bella a sympathetic look and ruffled her hair, "he understands."

The taxi stopped moving, announcing their arrival back at their hotel. The trio had been at Saint Peter's Basilica all morning. Bella exited the taxi first followed by Harvey and Hannah. "Gods, I'm going to miss this place." Harvey brushed away a fake tear.

The trio stepped onto the elevator and headed towards their suite. Bella and Hanna were sharing one bedroom while Harvey took the other. All of their equipment was spread out in the living room. "Goodbye five start hotel."

"Goodness gracious Harvey, we are still here for another week!" Hannah huffed smacking him upside the head.

Hannah and Bella went their separate way from Harvey once they entered their suite; Bella caught sight of her inviting bed and she practically flew on top of it.

Bella's cell phone started to buzz in her pocket.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Bella bear!" The person on the other line squealed.

"Alice, how are you?" Bella sighed, she missed her so much.

"Well I'm stuck in Seattle in a 4 bedroom apartment with Rosie, Emmett, Jazzy, Todd, Austin, and Derek. I'm about to kill them. And you're off gallivanting in Rome with your London best friends." Alice joked.

"Aren't the holiday's fun?" Bella giggled quite uncharacteristically.

"Give me the damn phone." She heard in the background.

"I'll give you one guess." Alice laughed. Bella could hear the phone being passed to someone else.

"Hey Rose," Bella smiled to herself.

"Hey sweet thang, having any fun?" We both laughed.

"Of course, even though I wish I could be in Seattle with you guys."

"And that hunky man candy of yours."

"Yes him too."

"Well we just wanted to call and say love you. I'll talk to you later."

"Love you guys too. Bye."

Hannah jumped onto her bed. She grabbed the remote control and turned their plasma screen TV on. She idly flipped threw some of the channels before stopping on Mean Girls. "Good lord, it's like I'm in high school again." Bella groaned.

"So I have a..." Hannah was interrupted by Bella's phone buzzing again.

"Hello?" She answered again.

"Hello again love."

"How did your meeting go?"

"It went perfect. I have an early present for you." Bella's fiancé was not one for topic skipping so this intrigued her quite a bit.

"Oh really?"

"Ask Hannah." He replied. Bella learned a long time ago to trust his word.

She turned to Hannah. She gave her a pointed look. "My fiancé says that you have an early present for me."

"The burdens I bare." Hannah giggled before pulling an envelope from her bag. She handed it to Bella with a smile. Bella smiled back and slowly opened the envelope. She pulled out the paper from inside and looked at it intently. It took her a few seconds to register what she was seeing exactly.

"I'm going to Seattle?" Bella asked astonished.

"Yes love. I'm flying out to Seattle tonight and you tomorrow. Guess you'll be stuck with me and your family for Christmas this year."

Bella, once again quite uncharacteristically, shrieked in happiness. "I love you both!" Bella jumped onto Hannah giving her a huge hug. "Love you too, I'll see you tomorrow. Night love." The line went dead and Bella held Hannah closer.

"This is the greatest Christmas ever! How did you two manage this?"

"Well I called Mr. Boss man and explained that you have been working really hard and deserve the holidays off. He happily agreed, then your fiancé emailed the ticket to me and I printed it out in the lobby. I'm awesome, I know." Hannah smiled.

"Yes you are!" Bella did a little happy dance around the room before jumping up and down on her bed. She finally sat down after thoroughly wearing herself out. The rest of the night, the pair watched old 80's movies that reminded them of their high school days.

The next day, Bella cheerfully packed her belongings. Harvey and Hannah would be taking the equipment back with them to London next week. Harvey managed to talk Hannah into staying the rest of the trip with him, even though the two had also been offered a shortened trip. Harvey was dead set on spending Christmas alone, whether Hannah stayed or not.

The trio loaded Bella's belongings into the back of the taxi and squished inside.

They chatted lightly about their trip here in Rome. Harvey's favorite was the gladiator quarters; he could such be a boy sometimes.

They eventually left Bella in the airport after making a rather large scene. Harvey called Bella his baby momma and said that he would miss her immensely while she traveled to Las Vegas to become a stripper and that Hannah, his deaf and blind sister, was getting married to a paralyzed man and leaving him as well. What made it better was that Harvey kept a serious face on the entire time. Hannah and Bella could barely contain their laughter.

Rosalie and Alice would be picking Bella up at Sea-Tac when she arrived later tonight. Bella was bouncing the entire way home until she finally took a xanax after 5 hours in which she promptly calmed down enough to fall asleep for the duration of the flight.