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She couldn't move. Couldn't even breathe she was raking with anger. How could they keep this from me?! She thought. Her body radiated the intense hatred and anger she was feeling at the moment. She almost didn't believe that it was really him. I mean she'd heard about him in the news but never dreamed she would ever see him in person again.

"Bella?" Edward whispered softly.

"Do not talk to me," Bella growled. Edward took a couple steps towards her and held his hand out.

"Do you expect me to shake that?" As if.

Edward blushed slightly and dropped his hand. "Ah never mind then."

"Emmett Cullen how could you?" Bella felt betrayed.

"He's still my best friend Isabella Swan, he's completely welcome here."

Bella's jaw dropped, "well fine then! I'm leaving! I refuse to stay here with him!"

Bella marched over to her luggage and shouted into the kitchen. "Alice give me your car keys!"

Alice came out of the kitchen with Rosalie and her fiancé close behind. Edward sat down on the couch beside Emmett and said a soft apology to his best friend.

"Now Bella be reasonable please," Alice begged.

"I most certainly will not be reasonable! Damon we're leaving."

The pain registered across Edward's face for only a moment before fleeting away. Emmett saw this but decided to discuss it with him later.

"Darling you don't really want to leave," his smooth English accent rang in her ears. Bella knew he was right, she didn't want to leave. But after the hell Edward Cullen put her through she most certainly did not want to be anywhere near him.

"Damon please."

Damon nodded, "alright. Rosalie may we borrow your car so I might take Bella to the nearest Inn?"

Rosalie and Alice giggled at Damon's posh accent and the way he phrased that sentence. "Just don't do something I would do!" Rosalie winked and tossed her car keys over to Damon who grabbed Bella's suitcases and kissed her forehead.

Without a word Bella opened the apartment door and went out into the freezing cold and left Damon standing there looking after her. "I shall speak with her. I'm terribly sorry everyone," Damon followed his fiancé into the snow storm.

'"Well that could have gone better," Austin commented and got some eggnog from the kitchen. "Rose there's no alcohol in this!" Austin was petrified and poured some of liquor into the cup he was drinking from. "I'm offended at the lack of alcohol."

"I'm pregnant you idiotic moron!"

"Oh…right sorry then." Austin blushed a little and took up his spot on the floor.

"It's my fault." Edward pinched the bridge of his nose and leaned back into the couch. "I drove her away and ruined Christmas for you all. Emmett I shouldn't have come here."

"Oh shut up Edward, Bella is just being a priss. Damon will calm her down and bring her back tomorrow." Jasper informed him and pulled his little pixie wife onto his lap.

"Damon." Edward glowered.

"They've been engaged for a while Edward, you knew that," Emmett reminded him. Emmett sighed sadly knowing that Edward was still in love with Bella and seeing her with another man was the most heartbreaking thing that could even happen to his best friend.

"You'll get her back Edward." Alice assured him and gave Jasper a quick peck on the lips.

"You can't know that Alice."

"When have I ever been wrong?"

"Let's see; my birthday, your birthday, the club last week, the other day, and remember when-"

"Alright enough! But I am not wrong about this. You and Bella are soul mates I just know it!"

"Yes I mean look at the name you've made for yourself! A big corporate CEO," Rosalie slid onto Emmett's lap and patted Edward's shoulder. "All for her! Oh how romantic! Emmett doesn't even open the car door for me!" Rosalie glared down at her husband whose jaw dropped.

"Are you serious? You don't let me hold the car door for you!" The group snickered.

"Whatever," Rosalie turned back to Edward, "Try and talk to her tomorrow."

"She's engaged you guys! I lost ok?" Edward stood up slowly his face clearly giving away how much pain he was truly in.

"She seems happy with Damon, I mean they dated in High School before I came along and ruined her life."

"You didn't ruin her life Edward, you made her happy. You got her to stay with us in Forks. You kept her home and away from Damon. I've never liked him," Derek spoke up for the first time.

"And then I ruined any chance of marrying her!" Edward stormed off into his joint bedroom hell-bent on feeling sorry for himself the rest of the night.

"Ok Damon isn't that bad," Alice spoke from her place on Jasper's lap. "He's really sweet! And that accent!"

Jasper's eyes narrowed. "Why don't you marry him then?" Alice rolled her eyes and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Jealousy is more Emmett and Edward's thing." Alice giggled when Jasper agreed.

"Guy's I have an idea." Rosalie smirked.

Bella drove to the nearest decent hotel she could find. Damon had insisted on him driving but Bella reminded him that driving in America was very different than driving in London. Damon was still put off that he couldn't drive but agreed with his fiancé none the less.

Bella grumbled about Edward being there the entire way to the hotel. And the entire time Damon got them a room. And the entire time Damon ordered room service. The only time she finally shut up was when she was eating.

"I mean really Bella you are taking this whole thing out of proportion."

"I am not! Are you taking their side Damon?" Bella's eyes narrowed.

"Darling you know I'm always on your side but it's only Edward Cullen. I mean you are reacting very strong towards this man," Damon finished sadly. He knew exactly what went on between him and Bella.

"Hate. Damon. I hate him." Bella growled around her food. Damon wrinkled his nose at her mundane behavior of talking with her mouth full. He knew she was just pissed off and that's what caused her manners to slip a little.

"It's Christmas Bella love, how about we just ignore him the remainder of the trip and enjoy the holidays with your family?"

Bella sighed and placed her plate outside their hotel door for the maids to pick up. She unzipped her suitcase in search for her favorite pajama's that had the ability to relax her.

"Oh you won't be needing those."

Bella turned to him curious. "And why not?"

"Because they will just come off again," and with that Damon pulled her onto the bed.

"I just want to see him happy again," Emmett stretched his arms out accidently almost hitting Rosalie in the face. "Bella can't just forget what they went through."

"She hasn't Emmett, she's still in pain from it obviously," Todd got up from his spot on the floor. Everyone was surprised to hear him say anything. Normally Todd is a man of no words. Todd however was rooting for Edward just as much as everyone else was! There was just something about that Damon that gave him the chills.

"Ok no more talking about it!" Derek shouted. "I'm sick of hearing about it! Rosalie just go along with the plan and no more discussing Edward and Bella for now! Let's just eat and call Bella."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement with calling Bella. Of course they all wanted to continue discussing the impending romance of Edward and Bella but Derek was right. They had a plan and it was sure to get Bella away from Damon and into Edward's waiting arms.

"Edward?" Alice gently knocked on the bedroom door. "We're going to eat."

"Not hungry."

"Please Edward? We all want you to come and eat with us! Rose and I worked really hard on dinner!"

"No Alice I'm not in the mood to hear more about Bella and her perfect fiancé!"

"We aren't going to talk about her, scouts honor! We swear we won't!" Alice knocked again and pouted.

"Edward Cullen come out here right now or so help me!"

Alice heard shuffling from the other side of the door and Edward opened to door. "Did someone put alcohol in the eggnog?" Edward smirked and ruffled Alice's hair. Alice promptly huffed and shoved Edward with as much strength as she could muster which wasn't enough to do any damage.

None the less Alice smiled and followed Edward into the dining room explaining that you had to add your own alcohol to the eggnog so that Rosalie could drink some, and herself.

"Alice! Have you told Jasper?!" Edward exclaimed and hugged his tiny sister.

"Has who told me what?" Jasper asked from around the corner.

"What I got Edward for Christmas, that's all!" Alice yanked Edward into a corner absolutely beaming.

Edward let his hands rest on her stomach, "I'm going to be Uncle Edward!" He was grinning from ear to ear just like the Cheshire cat.

"Shh! Edward you can't tell anyone, I'm waiting for Christmas morning to tell Jasper and then everyone. I only just found out myself."

Edward hugged her tight, though careful not to squish and continued to whisper congratulations to her over and over before Jasper finally came and found them. "Edward are you alright?" Jasper cocked his head to the side with a smirk on his lips.

"He's just upset about Bella, he needed a hug. Come now brother dearest!" Alice giggled and pulled Edward and Jasper into the dining room. Edward forced himself to stop smiling, as something good was finally happening in his life.